True Bullies!

Have you noticed every time something does not go Holly/Radio’s way she gets ‘attacked’ or ‘death threats’ are sent to her? My guess is these are written on her blog, by herself, to gain sympathy.  I mean really… who would be stupid enough to throw something like that out there on a public blog?

Anyway, breezing thru a couple time lines, and seeing what I’m about to show you, truely disgusted me.  I will never understand why some people throw words around like it’s no big deal, when in fact, it’s very disrepectful to the special needs community.

Notice a common word in the next few screen shots:


























And look who proudly retweeted:







And you people claim to be advocates for children?? Good thing none of you are true advocates; those poor children would be in serious trouble 😦

The Fakes And The Frauds

After posting the article asking why the Caylee Supporters get picked on so much, I was sent a few interesting dm’s.  I am told the reason they’ve been picked on is because they’ve been impersonated?  I had to ask for an explanation on that one.

Apparently new twitter accounts started popping up within the last year with the hashtag #CayleeWarriors in their bios and tweets.  Some of the people using this hashtag started pelting random Casey supporters or media outlets/personnel with nasty angry tweets, while claiming to be a Caylees Warrior.  Of course this labeled them as vicious irritants attacking others for no legit reason, other than they had personal beef with them.

In addition, several ‘alias’ accounts started popping up on Facebook as well.  These profiles would float around from page to page slamming media folks on a personal level, while calling others out on the Casey and Caylee support pages.  Who even has time for that?

To make matters worse is when a once proclaimed Caylee Warrior decides ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and starts attacking people for no apparent reason. Little did Holly know it was just a septic field.  Bummer.

Now it seems everyone that is a true Caylees Warrior, and avid Boycotter of Casey making any money off the murder of her daughter, is now open to full blown attacks. From name calling, to stalking, to posting of personal information, and everything else in between.

Remember when Holly was outed for attempting to extort Kim P?  You’ll like this one:

Holly accusing “Amelia” of extortion.

But wait… there’s more.  This is the latest one:

How many more people will she accuse/blame for the very same thing she got caught doing? Did someone run out of writing material?  yawn

Recently I breezed thru Holly’s blog.  I know, puke, right?  Well, it seems Holly is obsessed with Melissa’s son. Why?  Does she know him? Has she ever met him? Does she know to what degree he is disabled? I know several disabled people that can take care of themselves. Holly claims she’s going to call child services on Melissa. What proof or evidence can Holly provide to child services? That would be interesting.

Just because Melissa has talked about her son on twitter does not open the door for people to blog about the child. I have to admit, reading this obsession of Holly’s with Melissa’s son is creepy. Yikes! Restraining order table for one?

Yesterday I saw Radio had tweeted ‘Melissa made it in to the newspaper headlines’.  I was curious what she was referring to, so clicked on the link to check it out.

uuhh.. That particular ‘newspaper’ section is by Holly & co, dear.  Hello!  DOH!  LMAO!

I am telling you, Holly & co. have totally flipped their lids. BUT, the entertainment is priceless 🙂


For those of you worried about your personal info being plastered all over Radio’s blog, worry no more.  I damn near fell over from laughing when I read this:

Yep they ran their own blog right into the ground!  Woo hoo!
I guess that blows all those theories that Radio was setting Holly up for a big fall. Instead they cut their own arms off, so to speak. I like to give credit where credit is due 🙂

Report bullying, stalking, and harassement to:

More and more people are DMing me that the Briley’s have harassed and/or stalked them, therefore I thought it appropriate to post contact info for their local law enforcement offices so you can report their actions to the proper authorities.  I have already contacted both, and from what the officers told me, many others have as well.

Washington Court House Police: 740-636-2375 Phone, 740-636-2379 Fax.

Fayette County Sheriff: 740-335-6170 Phone, 740-333-3589 Fax.

Sheriff Stanforth email:


A petition has also been started to call for action from law enforcement: holly-briley-law-enforcement-take-action-against-holly-briley-re-harassment

Holly has gone way past the point of simple harassment and stalking. She made it her lives mission to destroy anyone and everyone that does not agree with her.  This is unacceptable!!

The only way to stop these internet bullies is to stand up to them. By contacting her local law enforcement and signing the petition you are saying NO MORE BULLYING!!!!!

COMPLETELY DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of you who still talk to Holly, here is a taste of how cruel she really is. There are no words to explain how disgusting, nasty, and mean this is. I believe this is an all time low, even for Holly.


I hope all you Holly and RadioNewz followers/supporters can sleep well tonight knowing how horrible they were to another human being!!

This should show you why RadioNewz and Holly get along so well.  I am completely speechless right now!!


Saddened Heart

While doing some research for this blog I ran across a profile that saddened my heart to its core. I stated from day one I would not post any names on this blog, other than those who have publicized their own names via media, bullying, etc.  I refuse to involve innocent people in this blog.

That being said, this young mans facebook profile is public and he has written several status updates saying he wishes everything would end, wishes things would just explode and go away, and that he drinks a lot to ease the pain. I wanted so much jump through my computer screen and give him a huge and tell him “life does get better with time”.

If I feel this way about a complete strangers child, you can understand why I feel saddened not to see this persons parent(s) giving comfort. How can his parent(s) read their sons page and not help him?

As a parent myself every time my kids are upset or hurting I do everything in my power to comfort them. It may be through the internet, texting, calling, or going to their house. It appears that the only support this young man has is his internet (or facebook) friends. I do not know if these ‘friends’ are also his friends in ‘real life’.

I truly hope this young mans parent(s) see this and reach out to their child before it’s too late. I don’t care how upset you are with your children; when they are in pain, a parents comfort is what they need.

The bio of this person speaks volumes of their self esteem. Why would such a young person see them self in such a negative way? Has he been dubbed a ‘drama queen’ therefore ignored?  Either way, there are some serious cries for help on that facebook page that need to be addressed, and soon.

Sorry I used this blog to post this, but I had to get it out after reading all those posts crying out for help.  I do not know him, but I hurt for him nonetheless 😦