Attacking an #Anonymous Member

I directed a member of #Anonymous to a blog in which Holly posted pictures of minor children. She tried to lie her way of it, but the blog was seen and read before Holly was confronted about it.




Instead of Holly admitting she ‘made a mistake’, she decided lying to this person was a much better idea.



Those who were brave enough to venture into that snake pit to read the blog in which Holly posted the minor children’s pictures, could clearly see they were minors.

Then there’s this commenter, who seems to have diarrhea of the mouth.  Notice what he/she says about special needs people.  smh

Once again he/she is accusing the wrong person of running this blog, so I blacked out the name.











The Anon member asked Holly in a DM NOT to post pictures of minor children, so she blogged about how she was being threatened and posted a screen shot of the DM.











After the Anon member confronted Holly, she decided to try and get this particular person in trouble with his fellow Anon members:









When those complaints fell on deaf ears, she decided to try a different route and post a link about Murt to the very same Anon member who confronted her.




Thankfully, some Anon members have read through my blog and know what Holly and Radio have been spewing is nothing but BS.

Then, just when you thought Radio and Holly couldn’t say anything more ignorant, they prove me wrong.  Backpedal much?










When will the bullying and lying end with these people?  Probably never, as it seems they are proud of how they harass the innocent and drag minor children into their mess.  So very sad.


Practice What You Preach!

Holly and Radio have whined and cried about grave stones being used on people’s posts on twitter and/or FaceBook pages.  Their ‘buddies’ have also commented on their blog about how ‘deplorable’ it is, blah blah blah..

This is one of the complaints:










Here is a tweet Holly posted:







Look familiar? By Holly’s own admission, she was once an admin on that Caylee support Facebook page she was b*tching about.  Now who do you suppose posted that grave stone picture?  hhhhmmmm..

Then I ran across this:





Anyone want to guess where I found this little gem?  This was posted by none other than Holly’s husband, Jon, on his personal blog.  Perhaps you should clean out your own closet before rummaging around in someone elses’.

Silly little trolls.