Michelle’s “Woe Is Me” Bullshit

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I came across a fun little “woe is me” blog of Michelle’s, which of course she claims is ‘the truth’ (LOL), so I am adding the REAL truth here:

Why did the Steubenville rape case need national exposure? Without it, I don’t think there would have been a snowball in Hell’s chance that all those who assaulted Jane Doe, photographed her, and stood by doing nothing to help her, would have ever been held accountable for their actions, and inaction as it were, in a court of law without the eyes of the world focused upon them and our Nation breathing down their neck.
– The boys were arrested and the investigation was underway before you got involved.
The persistent, unrelenting online harassment of Jane Doe by the bourgeois trash within what is left of Steubenville would have gone unnoticed and the bullying would have likely continued, which could very…

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Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous Egofagging Again!

You would have thought RollingStone magazine would have learned their lesson from all the back lash they got when they put the Boston Bomber on their cover this month. Now they are trying to make up on the profits they lost when many stores refused to sell their magazine for the month of July.

It seems Rolling Stone magazine is a glutton for punishment.

Ky egofag

I hope Deric discusses all the lies he and many others added to the case.  That will help his case (not).

Then in pops a radio station:

KY egofag 2

Just a little FYI to @Q92 – there are much more important things in the news that you could be covering besides someone egofagging for some type of ‘fame’.

Michelle Mckee is/was Minerva?

Late last night a member of our team found a screen shot that was stored on their computer. When it was brought to our attention it triggered a memory of a blog written by Minerva on Radionewz:


More of that conversation:


Notice the date of April 28, 2013?

Fast forward 24 hours to April 29, 2013:



Notice both Minerva and Michelle called DJ the shit stirrer and accused DJ of the one stalking Murt? Consequence?

Let me refresh Michelle’s memory of what she said about Murt:


Did DJ make the MKMFL2 to stalk Murt? We will never know who was behind that account. It could have been anyone close enough to the area that we got the IP from. It could have been anyone from the Akron area playing as one of Michelle’s puppets.16572_10201649458262886_1823787562_n

We have now learned Michelle has been the puppet master to many in order to have Murt stalked. We have also proven that Michelle was also involved with the fake chat room postings.

How can Michelle blame DJ for Deric getting in trouble with the feds? It was his own fault for getting involved with Michelle. She has no one else to blame for Deric’s troubles but herself.

Michelle McKee’s Nightly Rant

I don’t know what caused Michelle to go on this rant…

MM rant

MM rant 2

MM rant 3

MM rant 4

I also saw a new rant about Murt. You’ve all seen those type of screen shots in previous blogs, so I will just post this one.

MM rant 5

Michelle, I do not know why you hate Murt so much, but why don’t u just block him?  You block each other, easy peasy.  You 2 need to stop this feud, it is not healthy. Everyone else has left him alone, but you refuse to do the same. I will personally ask him to block and ignore you if you can lay off him.

Instead of fighting and looking for drama, why don’t you put your writing skills to good use and start your own crime blog? I have read your work on Cold Blood and you have a talent writing. Use that to your advantage. I bet if you did that, you would find you have some things in common with Murt. You both like to try and get to the bottom of crimes and there are many crimes out there that are not getting the attention they need. For example a 17 year old young man was murdered in the same fashion as Trayvon, but because everyone was focused on Trayvon the other young man never made the news.

Instead of all this fighting can’t we find a way to all work towards a common goal? Get cases heard that need to be heard by blogging, not trying to start ops.  You have over 5,000 twitter followers, we have 1,000’s that read our blog but don’t follow our twitter account due to the fear of being attacked. I am not sure how many read Murt’s blog, but just think of all the good we could all do together.

Think about it Michelle.

One question I would like an answer for is why did you only ask Donna to leave Murt alone?  Everyone knows you, Prinnie and others have done plenty to harass him.  Why can’t you all leave him alone and move on to more productive issues?

MM tweet

Deric aka KYAnonymous Caught In Another Lie

This blog will need few words. His actions speak for themselves.


Don Carpenter’s inquiry: BPeGe8OCEAImzYs

Don Carpenter’s blog on this issue: Deric Lostutter/ Ky anonymous lying about Steubenville Grand Jury?

Deric will never learn.

Response to Don Carpenter:


Taste Of Her Own Medicine

Apparently Michelle got a small taste of her own medicine last night and didn’t like it one bit:

grand daughter


What about all the innocent people from Steubenville that you, Goddard and KY posted  addresses, phone numbers, family member names, pictures of houses?

Maybe Michelle should take her own advice. Leave people out of it that have nothing to do with this.

ask 1

Did you bother to ask Jane Doe if she was really urinated on, defecated on, kidnapped, locked in the trunk of a car, raped at more than one party, etc before you, Goddard and KY kept spreading those lies about the case? NOPE!


You should know all about this Michelle, because you are still posting lies about people you dislike.


You have to keep defending yourself due to your greediness of wanting to be front and center. That’s what we call a selfish attention whore.


Really Michelle?


More of Michelle famewhoring and blasting Anons for your reading pleasure (more articles in this blog if you search her name):

Requested By Michelle McKee

Oh Pity Me, By Michelle Mckee

What Michelle McKee Really Thinks Of Anonymous

Michelle Yapping and Threatening Again

More Strange Happenings

Over the holiday week it seems a lot happened. The biggest shocker was the closing of Radio’s blog. I am sure some are happy to see it gone. No one knows why it was closed, many rumors are floating around, but I will not post those rumors.

I was informed since Radio’s blog has been closed, @ExecutionerReal has made threats to pick up where Radio left off:


What is odd about this list in the above tweet is Radio and Executioner seem to hate the same people.  Murt, McGreggor and Holmseth were all involved with the Haleigh Cummings case. I don’t know much about who Tammy is, so I do not know where she fits in. Radio hates me (Nikki) for some unknown reason. I have never had anything to do with the Haleigh Cummings case, so that one is lost on me. This leads me to believe that whom ever Radio and Executioner are/were, are very much involved with the Haleigh Cummings case.

The tweet above was sent out 3 days after Radio closed down its blog. By the sound of the above tweet whoever it is, is  going to attempt to open a new blog to go after said individuals. The only reason I can think of why I am being attacked is because of my twitter connection with Mlee and Murt, and of course our blogs defending Murt against false accusations. We would like to again thank the Anons that looked into Murt and proved he was not a pedophile, as some have claimed he was.

Apparently this is the twitter account associated with the ‘new blog’:



As far as the unleashing of anger on Deneale, I am clueless. Who ever Executioner is seems to be a very unhappy, miserable person in general.

Then I come across this:


Someone just prepared everyone to report him for violating WordPress TOS! OOPS!

Recently 2 names were given to us, which our team will be researching. One person specifically has a personal grudge against Murt. If the information given turns out to be legit, it will explain all the personal attacks on Murt and expose who is behind the nasty blogs. It is also believed that it’s possible the 2 names given could be working as a team.  If that’s true that explains things even more.

In words of Murt….

Stay tuned!

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