Freedom Of Speech

I am all for freedom of speech until certain boundaries are crossed. Such as in the case of Prinnie. They want you to believe Prinnie is being sued for blogging about the story. That is NOT the case at all. Prinnie is being sued for allowing people to comment on her blog and accuse a young man of rape that had nothing to do with the case AT ALL. Some of the comments can be taken as threats to do bodily harm, that is not covered under freedom of speech. That can be considered as a terrorist threat, which is now a felony, and a federal one at that.   That is why all the Prinnie supporters are calling foal on the release of the ID’s of the people that left those nasty comments. If the parents of this young man ( minor child) win the part of the case where the ID’s can be revealed many if not all of them could face federal charges.  Prinnie and her group of vile supporters tarred and feathered an innocent young man that had nothing to do with the rape case Prinnie blogged about. I do not fault Prinnie for blogging about the story, I fault  Prinnie for allowing those comments to be posted on her blog and for her adding insult to injury by commenting back.

This same group of vile commentators now want to try and call foal because the law suit now involves subpenas to have the ID of the vile posters exposed and also be brought to justice.  In which they should be. It seems the ones running around yelling “Support Prinnie” are the ones that left those comments and do not want others to see who the nasty people really are and face federal charges.

An online poll was taken and many believe the ID’s should not remain anonymous.

If this group of people are not brought to justice for their actions, who are they going to target next? It could be your sister, brother, niece, nephew, best friend, neighbor, etc.

I did a blog a while back revealing the comments left on the blog:

This is what the Prinnie supporters do not want you to see. In all their rants of Freedom Of Speech, they never ONCE showed anyone a copy of the comments. No one is going after Prinnie for blogging the story, it is the comments that were left.

This is also the same group of people that on their own personal blogs posted others personal information such as Name, address, telephone number, spouses name, work place, work place phone number and address, email addresses, and the list goes on. They have even posted pictures of a mans minor children. After confronted by an anon member the picture was later blurred.

I will do short blogs or reblogs about this case as details become available.