Making Fun Of Emotionally and Mentally Stressed Children?? Really??

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more disgusted with the horrible remarks the bully crew makes about others, this one pops up.  Are you serious with this crap????


HOW is it funny that these children in Steubenville, who were wrongly accused of be affiliated with the rape of Jane Doe at a party, are stressed out because they’re being harassed??  WHO is responsible for the false rumors that led to this??  Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee, Sam Cook, Holly Briley, Donna Fosnight, just to name a few.  And some of these women have children??  Dear God in heaven have mercy on them!

I have no idea who this Executioner person is, but judging by the language, I’d say it’s either a sock of one of the above people, or someone else who is involved with them.  Either way, I am completely outraged and disgusted by the disrespectful tweet mocking the children of Steubenville.

These children have been through enough abuse at the hands of Goddard and company, especially the innocent ones who were viciously attacked and their personal information plastered all over the internet. Why does this group continue to bully these children? Because they think it is funny? How is making fun of children funny? We all know damn well if it was one of YOUR children, you’d fight tooth and nail to make these bullies stop harassing them.

And to call every parent in Steubenville a bad parent is completely ridiculous!  I remember a blog about a certain parent in which their own child called them a nut case. So, before you start dissing on other parents make sure your own closet is squeaky clean.

And to the piece of crap who calls them self “Executioner”, karma is a bitch if you are, and you definitely are.  Go crawl back in the hole your ghetto ass emerged from.

List of sick minded people that RTed that trash is as follows: @Vestaswind @jimby1227 @SHERRIMAMA and of course, @misspell


Added this screen shot on May 20, 2013:



Prinnie, Not So ‘Princess’!

I am currently bed ridden due to an injury, so I decided to  do some surfing to pass  time. I  ran across some odd stuff in the past 2 days, but this is the one that caught my attention the most.

Prinnie wants all the “newer” people following her to think she is a great person and  does what she can to help others. However, I found a blog from 2 years ago that will tell a very different story.

As you read through this blog I found, you will notice that many of the same people mentioned are the very same group of bullies from the past few months.

What has me baffled is some of the crew have bad mouthed and back stabbed each other relentlessly, yet they still stick together like super glue. Talk about thicker then thieves.

For those who have not read Radio’s comment about Murt’s son:


I added the above screen shot to this blog to show that Prinnie’s ‘friends’ are just as sick minded as she is.

As a reminder, Murt’s son tragically passed away a few years ago. You would think people would have respect for a deceased child and sympathy for the grieving parent. Not this group! They thrive off making others feel like something that is scraped off the bottom of your shoes. Makes you wonder if they have their own personal issue with some (or all) of their family members. The only kind of people who could be so callous are people who don’t have a good relationship (or one at all) with their own child/ren or family members, so they take it out on others.

So, what if the child Murt claims as his son is not his bio son? That is no ones business. You do not have to be a bio parent to love and help raise a child. As long as Murt saw him as his son, then he was Murt’s son. However, by the reaction of Murt to that monstrosity of a shitty thing to say, I believe the child was biologically his. You can see by his blogs he still grieves for his deceased son and wife.


Now onto Prinnie. She too has no respect for a deceased child, or sympathy for a grieving parent:

sbdSBD’s child was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. How much more cruel can this gang get? Others in the bully crew have made comments like: “Murt you are probably the one that killed your own son and wife.”, as seen below.

Other Nasty Comments by Prinnie ‘friends’ About Murt’s Deceased Son and Wife

To show how far back Prinnie and her crew of bullies’ harassment goes:

tox post 2

tox post

This statement from 2009 still very much holds true about Prinnie. Most recently, Prinnie and crew have caused a lot of problems for the town of Steubenville and its residents. Obviously this is a pattern of hers.

I wish those who support Prinnie would wise up and see her for what she really is: stalker, liar, bully, cyber-bully, etc etc etc.. For those of you who supported her in the Steubenville case, and did her dirty work, you’re pretty much screwed. The damage is done, you are at fault (because it could never be her fault) and now she sits back and watches the attacks on you and says/does nothing to defend you. You are now left to defend yourself while she is free to move on to the next case. It is very obvious she does not care what people say or think about you as long as she gets the all the glory for “her work”.

Here is the blog I found with a lot of info on Prinnie: The Bitch Pill

Another sickening blog on Radio ripping apart Murt’s deceased son: Radio’s Cyberbully Rant

Clearing Up Misunderstandings

Alexandria Goddard blogged about the Steubenville rape case. I have no problem with that. My problem is she allowed others to post extremely threatening comments about a minor on her blog. Some of those comments were graphic and very uncalled for. Then we later find out the kid being attacked on her blog wasn’t involved with the rape. Did he know about it? I cannot answer that; I was not there.

Next comes the lawsuit by the child’s parents for the comments on the blog. Then in jumps others screaming Prinnie was being sued for her right to Freedom Of Speech, which was not even close to why she was being sued. She was being sued for allowing the comments to be posted. The kid in question was a MINOR. How would any of you parents feel if this was your child being bashed on social media? Several comments suggested that Cody have his ass kicked, among other much more nasty things I refuse to repeat here. If I would allow death threats like that on this blog I would be called a bully, among other things. But it is ok for them to talk about a minor the way they did? Because of the bully crew every piece of personal info on that child was posted, including his picture, parents names, address, phone number, even a picture of the house he lived in with his parents. Really??

The ones who went around screaming Prinnie is being sued for her right to Freedom Of Speech were the very same people who left those mean comments. No wonder they didn’t want the lawsuit to continue; their identities would have been revealed and it would have shown the world their true colors. Most of the people who left those comments have children of their own. So it is ok for them to abuse someone else’s child as long as no one knows who they are? Hell no!

Enter the fake Anon accounts. They took it upon themselves to post personal information on people that had not even been charged in the case. Then all hell broke lose. The bully crew then thought they were all that and the fake Anon accounts were used to scare and try to intimidate others from voicing their opinions. Some of us refused to back down. I am sure you have read what has been done to and said about those of us who fought back. Murt suffered more wrath than others. They threatened to dox him, hack his computer, hack his emails, tried to get him listed as a pedophile, threatened to go to the police AGAIN and accuse him of kidnapping/killing the Duckett child.  Why?  To cover up the truth.

Enter the video published by KY. Was that video recording one of the dumbest things those kids could have done? ABSOLUTELY! Does making a dumb video give just cause to be harassed and stalked by supposed adults? NO!  They are still minors no matter what anyone thought of that video. The only thing that video did was show how stupid teenagers can be when in the company of their friends and possibly under the influence.

Enter the comment that Jane Doe was urinated on. I still have not figured out where that came from.

Enter the picture of Jane Doe being carried by 2 boys. As far I have know she was not carried like that from party to party. There is also speculation that is not her in that photo. Then somehow the story of her being locked in the trunk of a car and driven from party to party came into play. Later it was found to be not true. But that didn’t stop the bully crew from repeating it over and over again until they were blue in the face. Reminds me of the saying “thou doth protest too much”.

Now to the biggest thing that upset me. The entire bully crew tweeted, blogged etc about who THEY thought should be arrested, charged, fired, kicked out of school, etc. Even after the sheriff spoke at the rally saying evidence, such as the video, was already in the hands of the authorities and it was determined those kids were not involved. That still didn’t stop the bully crew, they kept going on and on about what THEY thought should be done and to whom. What gives them the right to play judge and jury to these people?

Some of you have questioned why I blamed Prinnie for the actions of the rest of the bully crew. Simple; Prinnie is the one who wrote the articles, she is the one who allowed the horrific comments to be posted. When all the accusations starting flying (i.e the video, the picture, the urine rumor) she never once said “let’s wait and see where the evidence leads”. No, she engaged and allowed the crew to keep spewing their lies regarding a situation they knew very little about. Why do I believe she did that? To gain an audience she has been so desperately seeking for many many years.

The bully crew has also attacked people on twitter that are residents of Steubenville, employed by the school, or a parent of a child who attends SHS. What gives them the right to do that? Once some of the locals started fighting back the bully crew found out who was behind certain twitter accounts and exposed personal information about them. And that is the right thing to do?

Then Holly, who was involved with posting Cody’s personal info and the name of Jane Doe, tweets a picture of Jane Doe passed out on a floor (looked like a kitchen). What gave her the right to post that picture? This girl is a MINOR and a VICTIM! Holly is the same person who blew a fit saying her GROWN kids are off limits from being talked about. Wait a minute… She can attack minors but her ADULT children are not to be talked about? Hello hypocrite! You keep saying “my kids are off limits, my kids are off limits” yet you attack other people’s MINOR children. Unreal!

Now Prinnie wants to travel to and fro to talk about Freedom Of Speech? She started all this drama for Steubenville by her actions, or lack thereof. Once again it goes back to the attention as a “writer” she has craved for many years. She does not care what problems she has caused for anyone, as long as she gets noticed. She is not the first one to write about this case, nor will she be the last. It was the lies that her and her ‘friends’ added to the story that attracted the attention, so of course she went along with it.

I still can’t fathom why people support Prinnie, especially after everything that has come to light about her lies to get attention. I too want justice for Jane Doe, but I want to see it done legally, not how others think it should be done.

I was asked what bringing up Prinnie’s background is going to prove. First of all, I am not the one looking for the information. There are several Steubenville locals who are interested in this, and have the means to acquire the info. They are fed up with the actions of the bully crew, to say the least. Since Prinnie is the one who wrote the blog that brought out the rest of the crew, and was once a local of that area, she is the one everyone is looking at. The information I have blogged about has been sent to me from people who claim to be from Steubenville. In some of the emails they have stated they wish the drama would just stop; give the local authorities a chance do their job. They have asked me to show what kind of person is behind all the drama. Some have even said Alex thinks this is her way of washing away all the horrible things she has done over the past several years, and continues to do. I feel the people of Steubenville have the right to be heard, therefore I posted the info that was sent to me by them.

If you are upset with my thinking, so be it. I believe everyone has the right to be heard and I am happy to be the voice who defends the innocent.


Pretty much every0ne knows Holly has tried, and will continue to try anything she can to have this blog and Murts shut down.  Why?  I think we all know that answer.

What she failed to ‘mention’ is that she got flagged for posting our blog site URL’s while bitching about us on the WP help site. She told everyone she was going to report us to WP, but she never told anyone what WP’s reply to her was.

Apparently she told WP we were exchanging IP information, but what she did not tell them is that we both got a threatening comment left on our blogs within minutes of each other from the same IP address. Yes, Murt and I did discuss if it was the same IP address and if it was spam or a legitimate threat. Neither one of us ever posted that IP and have no intentions of doing so.

Here is Holly’s epic fail in all its glory:

Epic Fail

I asked Murt if he ever received paper work or a phone call from LE regarding Holly’s complaints against him or his blog; he has not.  I wonder why… Could it be she never did because all the proof against her in this and other blogs?  Hhhhmmmm…  It’s obvious she was lying to get her way, but it didn’t work.  Her ‘complaint’ was posted in November 2012 and we are now in March of 2013.  Go figure.

As far as this blog goes, who are you going to serve papers to, Holly?  Santa Clause? The Easter Bunny?  Not one time have you (or your bully buddies) provided any kind of actual PROOF as to who runs this blog.  It’s fun to watch you all spin your wheels tho.

So, now it’s my turn to say what you’ve said to me several times:  Put up, or shut up.  Let’s see your ‘proof’.  Unfortunately for you, I put up the proof every time.  Your turn 🙂

Family Time

Instead of Jon and Holly harassing people on the internet, they should find other things to do. They are both getting careless.

Look at the timing of these 2 post. Just 9 minutes between Holly tweeting her blog post and Radio tweeting her own blog post.  This has happened many times between Levi and Radio too, which was brought to everyone’s attention in a different blog.

whats wrong

In case you missed it in the other blog, here it is:



Now where have I seen this tweet before??  Oohh, I remember now…

Hollys TL1

It seems Radio is not a single person, but a blog site used by many to spew their hate and lies. I think we’ve figured out the main driving force behind Radio. Will discuss that in a future blog.

Back to the title of this blog… Holly you really need to start paying more attention to your husband. This should explain why (doh!):

Jon, Jon, Jon… When will you ever learn you will never be able to hide behind Anonymous?  They know what you’re trying to do and are watching you.  smdh

Still Spewing Lies. Surprise Surprise.

Here we go again… I read an article on Lee’s blog, then read the comments.  What do I see?  More lies being told, of course.  Here is Lee’s blog: Lee Stranahan

Now to address the lies Ms. Briley posted in her comment on Lee’s article:

1) No one said a word about you until you started writing for Radio’s blog and posting everyone’s personal information on there who stood up to your bullying. People started fighting back and you did not like it. Now all of a sudden you want to play the victim? Get off your high horse.

Not to mention, you recently published your previous best friends name all over twitter along with her twitter handle (I have the screen shot, but will not post in here, as to protect what’s left of her privacy). So why did you do that? Let me guess; she wised up and finally saw your true colors and ran like hell. I still have the screen shots of her begging everyone to follow you. She stuck up for you through thick and thin. She blocked everyone that was against you and still continued to defend you through all the video BS and so much more. Then you turn around and post her real name and where she works all over twitter? Certainly proves what I, and others, have been saying about you all along.

2) It was Radio who exposed your kids, which has been proven in this blog already. Here is a reminder:

Radio admitting Holly's son is Amelia




3) The only college that was contacted was the University Of Akron. The reason is because someone was using their IP to leave threatening comments on this, and other blogs. So yes I did contact them and emailed them the screen shot of it.







Oddly enough, a few days after the report was made the nasty comments stopped from this IP address. I wonder why?

4) Everything in THIS blog has been backed up with screen shots and/or links to public info on the web. So you can’t lie out of it or claim we made it up.

5) This is soooo laughable: “including trying to implicate me peripherally in a murder!” Where have I seen that stated before? Oh yeah Michelle McKee posted that in a tweet when threatening Murt just the other day about taking some files to the FBI telling them to research Murt for the murder of the Trenton Duckett. You seriously need to start coming up with your own material. *yawn*

6) If you have this so called medical training, as you stated in the comment on Lee’s blog, then get off your butt, go get a job and stop stalking and harassing innocent people on the internet.

7) That took some balls to comment on Lee’s blog after you and your cohorts trashed and bashed him to no end after he outed you all for lying and adding fake evidence to your blogs about the Ohio rape case. You’ve proved what a liar you are once again.

In closing, ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!


Shady Business

Many have been questioning all these new Anon twitter accounts that are popping up. Anyone who follows Anonymous knows most of the ones popping up to “rescue” Prinnie, Donna, Holly, and Michelle, etc are friends of theirs taking cover under the Anonymous name. Clue number one: Anonymous does not get involved in personal vendetta issues, especially between bloggers. Yes, anyone can be Anonymous, but true Anons don’t act like douche-bag egofags.

SO where did all these ‘new’ anons come from? That question is very easy to answer:  From M.s Goddard’s brother’s FaceBook page, along with a few others who opened Anon twitter accounts.  Isn’t that right Jon?

Now, before Ms. Goddard and her ‘mom’ go running at the mouth again about not having siblings:

BCoB1BaCIAE6Whr.png large


Here is another thing a true anon will not do without LEGITIMATE PROOF:


More Threats

Anon threat1

Here is what TRUE Anonymous does. Much respect for Princess.



This is the smack down Holly got the first time she lied to Anonymous and tried to get them involved:


One would think Holly learned her lesson about messing with Anonymous. Remember the old saying, “A hard head makes a soft ass”?

Since the true Anons didn’t want to get involved, the bully crew did the next best thing (or so they thought): they started Anonymous twitter accounts to try and scare people. To bad some of us caught on from the beginning, or they may have been able to keep up the act a little longer.

Then I come across this gem. For once one of them was honest and said they were fake LOL!


This screen shot should prove how sick this group really is. Why would anyone want to be involved with people that have this kind of mind set? This shows complete lack of morals. How can anyone say these kinds of things about another human being? Shows just how low this bully crew will go.


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