Threats Made

In another post I was talking about Rob Hensley being a criminal.  I also posted 2 links to show the connection between Rob Hensley and the Briley’s. Seeing as birds of feather flock together, the next few post should be no surprise.

Holly herself should be arrested for some of the things I am about to post.

RipOff report

The threat below was made about a person on twitter named Pudders99.

cyberbullying report file

Another cyberbullying report made

Holly threatening a lawyer

Another on line threat

Threats made to Kim P

Even Holly’s husband gets in on the action

Then I came across this article.

Here is an article explaining what Holly did to Kim Picazio….. casey-anthony-leaker-holly-briley-caught-attempting-to-extort-high-profile-lawyer-kim-picazio How dumb can a person be to try and extort a lawyer?

Below are screen shots of death threats made, while Holly sat there and said

nothing.  Makes her just as guilty!  Yes everyone may say Brianne is a stalker etc., but being part of a death threat to someone makes you guilty by association if anything happens to that person.

And here is a shot of Jon asking people to get a hold of someones profile picture so he can make a fake Facebook page with it……  Talk about trolls.. the Briley’s seem to be the biggest trolls on Facebook and Twitter right now.

Here is a ‘real time tweet’ from Brianne about her being scared Holly will harm her in some way.

If you look for the Briley’s boycott Facebook page you will notice it has been taken down.  If you follow or see Holly on twitter, you will notice she no longer boycotts anything, including Baez’s book which is set for release in July.  But what you will see her boycotting over and over again is Amelia.  If they truly want to stop Baez why does all of this matter about Amelia?

Casey video diary leaked! Who is telling the truth Holly Briley or Cheney Mason? |
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