Proof Of Fake Accounts

When my sister and I started doing research for this blog, we were given some pieces of info we could not find proof/screen shots of. Now that we have gained the trust of many who are tired of the harassment, stalking, and bullying, my in-box is full of all kinds of screen shots and links to proof I need.

I was informed Jon Briley went after a man who goes by the name of Robert Frank, although no one seems to know the exact reason why. I do know Robert Frank started a petition regarding Caylee Anthony and Federal prosecution of her mother, which Jon and Holly both refused to sign. They claimed Robert Frank was collecting personal information on the people who signed his petition. Sound familiar?

I was also told Jon made a fake FB account under Robert Frank’s name. This info was given to me a while ago, but I didn’t have anything to back it up. So, that piece of info sat on the back burner, until I was sent this:


In a recent article I mentioned how Robert Frank had been stalked, bullied, and harassed to the point he left FB. I could not say much about it, because I didn’t have the proof I needed to go into it more. However, this morning I was provided with this blog written by Robert Frank explaining some of the things Jon has done to him: Robert Frank Blog

Perhaps Robert Frank has more info he can give me. Time will tell 🙂


Caylee Support Page

I finally got the correct name of the Caylee Support Page Holly was once an admin on.  Personally I think it’s beautiful. It’s obvious the previous owner put a lot of heart into making this page: Caylee Support Page

After Holly’s admin rights were removed, her and Jon opened their own Caylee Warriors page. My understanding is this new page was opened a little over a month after they posted the video, and just before Holly started blogging for Radio. A lot of people have questioned why Holly did a 360 and joined the bully bashers in such a short amount of time; unfortunately I can not answer that question. The only thing I can think of is she saw no ‘future’ in supporting Caylee, as it would not give her all the attention she so desperately longs for.

I’m not sure why Holly & Jon opened that page, because at that point many of their friends were furious with them for lying about so many things.  Maybe because she was no longer the center of attention and wanted to try and gain everyone’s trust back so she could be?  All of their former friends I have spoken with are disgusted with the Briley’s through and through. I have not found one former friend with anything nice to say about them. They are so disheartened that Holly now calls the very people who bashed them her friends.

This is a screen shot I was sent to show when the Briley’s opened the new page:

Caylee Page

From what I’m told, Holly and Jon have turned on everyone who was no longer any use to them, and as we all know, this resulted in them posting personal info about these former friends.  It disgusts me (and many many others) how they went about bullying and harassing those who did not agree with them or questioned their motives.  It’s blatantly obvious now why they did that… So their little schemes wouldn’t be brought to light.

Now they ride the coat tails of people they believe will get them more attention. I am sure once this rape case in Ohio is over, and everything goes quiet there, Holly will dump her current ‘friends’ and find a new coat tail to ride. From everything I have seen over the past year, this is Holly’s m.o.

I have also found at least 4 Facebook accounts with previous friends/supporters names on them. I know these are fake, as these people have given me their real facebook url. I’ve also seen Twitter accounts done the same way.  These are easy to pick out, as none of the former friends of Holly & Jon use their real name anymore (I’ve been told this by many who DM me). Real name posted=fake account.  My guess is Holly & Jon set these ghost accounts up so they can friend/follow former friends/supporters and try to collect more personal info on them.

As we have all witnessed first hand, Holly likes to scream she is being stalked and harassed. Looks like Holly and her husband Jon are the ones still harassing people, even to the point of chasing some of them off Twitter and Facebook.

If you think the Briley’s are innocent, think again.

Here is a refresher on their nastiness:  Threats Made

I will NEVER Comply.

#KnightSec may think they have won by shutting up one blogger. This is one blogger you will NEVER shut. None of you scare or intimidate me. I have sat by and watched you and your scummy cohorts go after innocent people. No matter if the truth was provided you continued to spread your lies to get a certain person attacked, harassed and stalked.

Then we move on to the Ohio rape case. #KnightSec and the scum that brought them into this lie, will all see their day come. Many of our blogs are being watched since we provide the TRUTH! Something you wouldn’t know about  if it bitch slapped you in the face.

If you want the true story about the Steubenville Ohio rape case read the blog I will provide.  He also provided much information about all the lies that were made up just to bring national media into it.

Lee Stranahan  you can also follow him via twitter @Stranahan

At first it was just KYanonymous. After awhile more and more #KnightSec accounts kept popping up. So all my helpers sat and watched these new accounts just waiting for them to screw up. And many did. Someone DMed me Prinnies step brothers FaceBook account and there was the answer. All the new #KnightSec accounts were coming from the friends list of Prinnies step brother’s FaceBook account. Many of the pictures of his so called Anonymous friends pictures were saved and compared to some of the faces and masks to those that were photographed with Prinnie and her BFF’s. I have a ton of side by side photos of them. Or compared with other Anonymous people that were photographed.  I will not post them in here.

I also have many of the real names to go with those photos. If these bull shits games do not STOP all that info may accidentally be leaked out. I am not the only one that has the info. So if you think by attacking my computer you will stop the information being leaked, you are sadly mistaken. I have an awesome support group. Everything I have on everyone is also stored by others just in case something happens to my computer.  My blog is also backed up. So if it just happens to go down, it will be restored.

I am sick of these scum bags lying about people just to get them attacked. The truth was provided to #KnightSec  and you refused to believe it. #KnightSec if you want the truth of a few of the players, read my first few blogs. There are also other blogs where Anonymous was lied too and attacked for telling Holly not to post pictures of minors. She tried to lie her way out of it, but he had already seen the article. The minor children were very much exposed. Screens shots of what happened are further back in this blog.

Now on to the Ohio rape case again. I lost count of how many minors KY and the crew posted. They posted names, addresses, phone numbers, pictures of their house, birth dates and the list goes on. That is what brought me to believe KY is not a true Anon. So I asked around and it was confirmed by many. It seems KY and Prinnies brother concocted this whole #KnightSec to try and scare people away from exposing the truth of what they did. I will not be scared away.

Now onto Holly’s husband Jon. When they had the ‘no money for murderer’ FaceBook page, Jon asked in the open for their over 5,000 members to post pictures of their children and/or grand children. That is why Jon and Holly are trying to get a certain person to be added to the pedo list. So that way all the attention will be taken away from Jon for asking for them. Now he has a blog about children, he also helps someone on their child abuse ( I believe it is) FaceBook page. Every single thing  Jon does or has done has always had something to do with minors. Something that should  make you go hmmmmmmmmmmm!. Oh yes Jon we also know about the FAKE #KnightSec twitter account you made. Or is it #NextSec now? I lost track of the changes made to that account. You may think you are smarter than everyone else, but trust me, you are not!

After this blog gets published, Holly will once again start her rant of who she THINKS is behind this blog. If you think I am joking just watch her twitter timeline. Holly gets obsessed with people and she will not let go. There is also proof of that in this blog too. I could not figure out why Holly hated this one person so bad, so i started asking around. It seems the person Holly hates use to have a support Caylee Anthony facebook page. At one time Holly was an admin on that page. When Holly flipped her lid the owner removed Holly as an admin. Now Holly is trying to pass personal information about this person around in hopes she  can get more information. From what I have been told, the owner of the Caylee page has been off twitter and facebook for close to a year now.

Holly keeps going after me on twitter and her blog in hopes I will do what so many others she has bullied have done; give up and leave. Good Luck with that. I will not leave and let you continue harassing and stalking others without me around to call you out on it.

In closing I would like to provide a screen shot I found on Roaseanne Barr’s time line. Remember the guy on Dr Drew said that Ky and Prinnie and the rest have committed at least 9 felonies. Well someone on Roseanne’s twitter confirmed it.


Battle Royal!

I was sent this via tweetpic and damn near spit my drink out..

Let me get this straight Sandra; you do NOT want to get into a battle royal with anyone on twitter, but YOU are the one that started the Ohio rape case lies. As the lies grew and became more and more you did NOTHING to check the facts. You just kept posting the comments and tweets and RTing the tweets. You allowed the personal information to be posted of minors and you did NOTHING! You wanting to protect the victim is fine, but you also put a lot of other minors in danger by NOT doing any research. You and your friends got a students kicked out of college! Do you know for a FACT he had anything to do with the rape? Was he involved in the rape? Was he there for the rape? How would you like if your child was accused of doing something and not ALL the facts were out, yet and your child got attacked by social media as these kids did? Did you even stop to think “what if” this was my child how would I want it handled? Your BFF whined and cried when her ADULT children where talked about but yet she’s right beside you posting personal information about MINORS, and that was ok?

By your own actions you will probably never become a true journalist. A true and GOOD journalist ALWAYS gets the facts and makes sure that ALL the facts are true and accurate. You did none of this.   You and your friends wrote and tweeted what ever you wanted no matter if it was true or not, or who it may hurt.

If you listened to the guy on Dr. Drew from the other night, you and your friends committed at least 9 felonies. I don’t believe your worries are over. All those parents of all those kids that were innocent and not there that you smeared all over the internet, they can all come after you. Your Freedom Of Speech will not cover your butt in posting personal information on minors and harassing them as bad as you and your ‘friends’ did. Everyone’s threats to minors are very well documented.

So my advice, Sandra, would be to pick a better group of friends. The group you have now can land you in jail for a very long time. Even the threats made to/against MURT can be pointed back to you. Once again as a writer/blogger you have done nothing to stop your friends from lying about MURT. You never once said those PM’s were fake. You know he didn’t kill the Duckette child but yet you allow your friends to continue running their mouth.

Just a little reminder of an old saying “Let your Consequence Be Your Guide”

Here is an article about the lies that were told. This is all on your shoulders Sandra:

Non Facts About Rape Case


One thing that jumped out at me in this screen shot is you saying “truth or not”. That speaks volume about you.


Lee could not have said it any better, as many of us feel the same way:


A Few Screws Loose?

I woke up this morning to emails of screen shots from Donna’s twitter page. She tweets that Murt has sent a rapist to her house to rape her daughter. How in the hell would Murt know who Donna’s rapist was? For those of you buying into her stories, you’re just as whacky as she is.


Now for her next story. She is still claiming Murt had something to do with the Duckette and Anthony case. Her mouth runs faster than a bad case of diarrhea. Donna also accuses Murt of setting up some billboard donation fund. I went back and read the story of the donations for Caylee’s memorial, and Murt’s name is no where to be found in there.


Now lets see who is really trying to scam money:


Last, but surely not least, here is KY asking for money for a speeding ticket.

Speeding ticket

As many have already seen, KY has more twitter accounts then most people have undies. Are we supposed to believe that this is not KY asking for money for himself?

The blog I am going to post was written by Murt. It’s obvious Donna got her information from Holly. I have not come forward and identified myself for a reason, and it is my right to remain anonymous. Holly and crew will keep blaming and accusing different people of running this blog until they think they have the right one.

Being Accused

After what I’ve been hearing/seeing on the news, that group of bullies/stalkers may want to pack their bags and head for the hills. Seems law enforcement is out to get them.

Dr. Drew Show

According to John Zeigler, they have committed at least 9 felonies. That is a lot of time behind bars.

Found the original post by KY asking for donation money for the billboard:


Donna continues her lies. She will not give up. Here is MURT being attacked again because of Donna AKA @DJay1031. All MURT did was post a few pictures of the occupy. And right away Donna SCREAMS i am being STALKED but yet she was at the mic on a LIVE USTREAM at the occupy. I am thankful for the people that have the common sense to see right through the lies of Donna and her cohorts.


Trying To Get MURT Killed

That vile group of creatures, who can not even be called human beings, are trying to  get MURT killed. The ‘group’ is Holly Briley, Prinnie, Michelle McKee and Donna. I forgot to add these are all KY’s BFF’s. Speaks volumes, doesn’t it?



If you support this group of animals, keep supporting. These screen shots will be turned over to the proper authorities.





















How They Stalk and Lie

I will be posting screen shots to prove how this group are the stalkers and harassers. They all flock together and gang up  on one person at a time. They even make up fake Anon accounts to attack people. If the rest of the Anons are real or not, i do not know. But if they are real, you are either blind or dumb not to see what is going on right in front of you.



You see who RT the screen shot above.

How is posting pictures of an occupy rally be harassment? Didn’t you guys support the rally?




HUH? Try English next time please.


Who are the ones sending out and RTing all the tweets about MURT?


Yes Dona I found a blog from Michelle McKee dating back to 2007 harassing MURT. Posted a few blogs back.


Do I see a personal threat made here? Since Roseanne is in this tweet too, and it looks like Roseanne tweeted it first. I will make sure the proper people see this. HUGE money can be made by a lawsuit on such a  public attack. Thank you for the proof. I will go to Roseannes TimeLine and grab the original tweet.


Last but not least, another attack. Hey Supersteve2dope why don’t you ask your new BFF”s where all those documents came from that they put into a MURT doc. All of them are faked and/or photo shopped. So why don’t you be the big man and ask MURT for the proof that they are faked. He has all the proof. To be honest MURT doesn’t need to explain anything to you. Keep on with your bad self. It will all come to an end very soon. Remember Big Brother is always watching 🙂Liar11

Here is a blog by a person that has known MURT for a long time. She is also attacked by the vile group. If you can not see what is going on now, you are as blind as a bat or as dumb as a rock. McGreggor

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