OMG I’m Totally Busted! LMAO!

I wasn’t going to write an article about this, but I couldn’t resist as this had me ROFLMFAO!!!!!

Below is a screen shot of my tweet on Radio’s blog.








As you can see I did not post which UNI the IP came from, so looks like I caught the eye of the guilty parties.

Every time someone leaves a comment on a blog, the owner/admin sees the IP and email address used to post. That’s why certain people on Prinnies blog are VERY nervous; the IP’s and email addresses used to post those vile comments are documented.

Yes you can use a fake email address; yes you can use a proxy to throw the blog owner off regarding your IP location. However, the authorities have the ability to get right through the smoke screens and know who really left that comment.

I have a screen shot of the IP used, along with other info needed by user to log in.  I am going to contact the UNI and give them a copy of it and let them know someone is using their computers, or masking their IP, so the blame falls on them.

Have a great day 🙂


Lawsuit comment release

This is why Prinnie is really being sued. She is NOT being sued for writing or talking about the rape case, she is being sued for the comments she had placed herself and approved comments.

People are being mislead as to why the lawsuit was filed. Some are scared because they were one of the people who left a vile comments. So they will do anything, include lie to everyone and anyone that will listen. This lawsuit is NOT because of the reporting of the case. It is ALL about the comments left, nothing more, nothing less.


Status update: Dec 16, 2012 Prinnie lawsuit update