Annoying Creature

Some people are just born to be annoying little shit stirrers who use false info to their advantage.  For some strange reason Levi thinks he can abuse and harass others as much as he desires, especially if he dislikes said person.  I’m just glad many have observed this and now knows how he operates. As you can see in this set of tweets, no one was talking to OR about him, but he had to butt right in there to do a little harassing (shocking, I know).

He will badger someone, then delete the tweets. What he fails to remember is there are such things as screen shots. These screen shots of his tweets are nothing compared to some others I have acquired.

annoying creature

As you can see in this next screen shot, again no one talking to OR about him, yet once again he puts in his unwanted 2 cents.  Why?  Boredom?  Levi likes to use people to do his dirty work, as several of us have seen.  He tries to use some type of ‘status’ he thinks he has (snickers) to befriend them.  Some fall for it, some don’t..

Thank goodness Pops wised up recently, saw certain people’s true colors, and realized he was being used.  I hope Pops also sees that Levi has been using him to go after people he doesn’t like so Levi can attempt to keep his hands clean.  Smh at Levi’s sickness.

annoying creature 2

I put the above tweet in here just to show who he is ‘friends’ with.  Enough said.


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  1. Observer
    Jan 23, 2014 @ 23:33:26

    Levi Page is an ugly, little boy! \Everyone with his screen shots should send them to HLN. He and Jon make a great pair!


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