Abusive Tweets Deleted. Surprise!

Levi Page seems to think it’s funny to stalk and attack someone that was not even talking to/about him.  Again.

As soon as Murt tweeted he was glad to be home, Levi jumped all over Murt. It was completely unprovoked and unwarranted. He has been doing this for months, but this time I caught them before he deleted the tweets.  As usual, as soon as he was done being abusive, he deleted his tweets.  I love screen shots 🙂

Levi abuse

Levi abuse 3

Levi abuse 2

It is clear that Murt never once tagged Levi, nor did he even mention his name. So it is easy to see Levi is stalking Murt.

Does Levi have Murt on some kind of alert for when Murt tweets? Time will tell. I will continue to post these blogs until Levi stops stalking and harassing innocent people who have done nothing to him.

Levi also uses others to do his dirty work, as I proved in a previous blog.  You’re certainly not as smart as you think you are, Levi.  Keep it up 🙂


3 Comments (+add yours?)

    Jan 28, 2014 @ 22:58:00

    I really do not understand this deviant behavior by Levi. He seems rather concerned about my small blog which, according to another blogger, gets less than four readers at any one time. I did notice, however, that when Levi does one of his attacks and mentions my blog, I have a spike in hits on those articles about him. When he does not mention my blogs about him, nobody reads the articles.
    It seems rather counterproductive to make twitter posts that do just the opposite of what he wants.
    I guess he is not the genius he claims to be.


    • Bully Buster
      Jan 29, 2014 @ 13:30:58

      Any publicity, coming from bad or good is free publicity…it is just a shame it’s coming from a individual like Levi…do you think your spike in readers is actually Levi himself? Hitting your page over and over again just to read about himself. …I do not know Levi personally, nor do I want to know him….but seems to me he has a rather large ego…you know what they say about a man that has a large ego!!!! They are compensating for a small you know what…..rotfl…


  2. Observer
    Jan 31, 2014 @ 23:51:12

    Such a gigantic ego for such a puny, little boy!


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