Abusive Tweets Deleted. Surprise!

Levi Page seems to think it’s funny to stalk and attack someone that was not even talking to/about him.  Again.

As soon as Murt tweeted he was glad to be home, Levi jumped all over Murt. It was completely unprovoked and unwarranted. He has been doing this for months, but this time I caught them before he deleted the tweets.  As usual, as soon as he was done being abusive, he deleted his tweets.  I love screen shots 🙂

Levi abuse

Levi abuse 3

Levi abuse 2

It is clear that Murt never once tagged Levi, nor did he even mention his name. So it is easy to see Levi is stalking Murt.

Does Levi have Murt on some kind of alert for when Murt tweets? Time will tell. I will continue to post these blogs until Levi stops stalking and harassing innocent people who have done nothing to him.

Levi also uses others to do his dirty work, as I proved in a previous blog.  You’re certainly not as smart as you think you are, Levi.  Keep it up 🙂

You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up

I will let these ridiculously stupid tweets speak for themselves:

stupid tweets 1

stupid tweets 2

stupid tweets 4

stupid tweets 3

stupid tweets 5

stupid tweets 6

stupid tweets 7

stupid tweets 8

stupid tweets 9

Here is what they look like: dog_chasing_tail-1

Annoying Creature

Some people are just born to be annoying little shit stirrers who use false info to their advantage.  For some strange reason Levi thinks he can abuse and harass others as much as he desires, especially if he dislikes said person.  I’m just glad many have observed this and now knows how he operates. As you can see in this set of tweets, no one was talking to OR about him, but he had to butt right in there to do a little harassing (shocking, I know).

He will badger someone, then delete the tweets. What he fails to remember is there are such things as screen shots. These screen shots of his tweets are nothing compared to some others I have acquired.

annoying creature

As you can see in this next screen shot, again no one talking to OR about him, yet once again he puts in his unwanted 2 cents.  Why?  Boredom?  Levi likes to use people to do his dirty work, as several of us have seen.  He tries to use some type of ‘status’ he thinks he has (snickers) to befriend them.  Some fall for it, some don’t..

Thank goodness Pops wised up recently, saw certain people’s true colors, and realized he was being used.  I hope Pops also sees that Levi has been using him to go after people he doesn’t like so Levi can attempt to keep his hands clean.  Smh at Levi’s sickness.

annoying creature 2

I put the above tweet in here just to show who he is ‘friends’ with.  Enough said.


No brainer who is behind or involved with account. Right Michelle McKee?


All I Can Say Is WOW!

A few minutes ago this came across my TL:


So I RT’d it.  As soon as I did that, all hell broke loose with this tweeter, who decided it would be fun to attack me for some reason.

racist attck

racist attack 2

As you can see we were following each other, but after this last tweet, I want nothing to do with that drama seeking individual.

racist attack 3

We have never had a problem with each other until now.  No idea where this came from, but apparently there are much deeper issues with that one.  smh

More Rubbish By Sam Cook

I was asked to put a blog together to show more rubbish Sam Cook spewed out. These are text messages sent between Sam and an ex friend of hers over the past day or so.





Let’s not forget the “mammabear” user name Sam used to comment under on a certain blog. You can read her comments here: https://thebigbombshell.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/lawsuit-comment-release/

I have read several tweets that Sam Cook was telling everyone she was personal friends of the Steubenville Jane Doe and her family. She’s even texted some people and said “she was sitting in their house” right then. Apparently this is not true, as the family said they’ve never met her, or even know who she is.

I hope others are starting to see that the Steubenville case was NOT about Jane Doe, but was a personal vendetta against people of the town that were disliked for one reason or another. Including teachers, law enforcement, lawyers, locals, etc.

It’s very saddening to see there are those who had to “jump on the bandwagon” for the littlest bit of attention. Is your life that empty? Apparently so. Very, very sad.

Did Hell Freeze Over? Are Pigs Flying? :)

Earlier today many of us got a very unexpected surprise. A person that once sided with one of Prinnies BFF’s finally saw the light. Sam Cook was handed her ass by a person who once supported her and the rest of the bully crew.

Hell froze over

Many of us are very happy to see that people are now opening their eyes and understanding what creatures like Sam Cook have been doing to innocent people.


I too have been a victim of Sam Cook. She made these fake twitter posts.



Anyone who has talked to me on twitter, phone, email, text etc knows I don’t talk like this. I hope that @_Oheyits_K now sees that I did NOT tweet this to her.

I hope as time goes on, many more people open their eyes and see what is right in front of them. Will we all be BFF’s sitting around a camp fire singing Kumbia? Doubtful, but at least we are now on the right track.

making a mends

Thank you Pops for seeing the light. Maybe others she has harassed and threatened will now come forward.

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