Caylee Anthony supporters vs. Everyone Else?

I am sure many of you have seen the outpouring of public support for Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings. Caylee supporters want justice for her murder; Haleigh supporters are looking for a missing child. It’s wonderful they both have supporters, but the Caylee supporters have been accused of “being obsessed with a dead child that they have never met”. However, the Haleigh supporters don’t seem to know Haleigh either.  I’ve seen several tweets to Caylee supporters from certain Haleigh supporters to “give it up and move on”. Why??  NO child should be forgotten!  These people have enough to pick at their own noses when they call Caylee supporters obsessed.

Why is it ok for one group of people to want justice for one child but another group is not allowed to want the same for a different child?

They want the person(s) responsible for the disappearance of Haleigh to be brought into a court of law and prosecuted for the crime. The Caylee supporters want justice for Caylee too. Why is one child more important than the other?

Facebook page for Haleigh Cummings: 245719058526

EVERY abused, missing, murdered child deserves justice. It’s a shame some people use these cases to get on TV and talk shows to boost their personal ratings. Once the child is no longer of any ‘service’ to them, the child is once again victimized by being ‘thrown away’. Haleigh is still missing and Caylee’s murderer walked free; where is the justice for either one?

These are not the only two still seeking justice. What about Lisa Irwin? She too seems to have been forgotten about by social media.

Facebook page for baby Lisa: LisaIrwinUpdates

If other murdered children got the same injustice Caylee did, would it be right for the Caylee supporters to tell the people seeking justice for those children to forget about them and move on? Absolutely not!

Madeleine McCann also has a huge support group, including Profiler Pat Brown.

Facebook page for Maddie….. 148501098553303

Has anyone told that group of supporters to forget about Maddie and move on? Not that I’m aware of.  So why target the Caylee supporters? Thankfully Caylee Anthony didn’t die in complete vain. One good thing that has come out of her death is Caylee’s Law. As most (or all) of you know that law now makes it a federal crime to not report a missing child within a certain amount of time.

There’s also Kyron Horman, who is still missing, last seen by his step mother. Kyron also has a large group of supporters. Has anyone told his group of supports who want justice to “give it up and move on?”  Not that I’m aware of.

Facebook page for Kyron: 125336750831264

Isabel Celis is still missing too, kidnapped from her own bedroom. Has anyone told that group of supporters to forget about Isabel and move on? Not that I’m aware of.  I’m sure you can see where this is going…

Facebook page for Celis: FindIsabelCelis

What is the major difference between these cases? Caylee’s remains were found. I believe if Caylee wasn’t thrown in the swamp just a few 100 yards from her grandparents home, she too may still be a missing child.

No one child’s life is better than the other. Every one of these children deserve justice. Caylee’s supporters have been the most vocal because her killer walked away free to live her life with barely any consequence.  That stirs up a lot of anger, which we’ve seen in other cases where the guilty party walks away with minimal or no consequence at all.

Instead of bashing, name calling, attacking others thru fake twitter/facebook accounts, trolling etc., why can’t everyone just leave those alone who you do not like or agree with and do your own thing? The more time spent fighting is less time being used to support and locate missing children. Use your resources for good, not to find personal information on someone and threaten them with it. So much more could be accomplished if everyone worked together to get justice for these children.

Here is a website that lists the thousands of other missing children. What can you do to help?  Find out.

Why I started this blog.

There are several ‘myths’ floating around about this blog, so I decided to clear a few things up.

First of all, thank you to those who have contributed to this blog by sending me info/screen shots to post.  Also thank you to those who have commented in support of what I am trying to do, which is expose the game playing liars who are out for their ’15 minutes’ of fame at all costs.

That being said….

I was contacted by a friend a couple months ago and asked if I could help them with some folks who were bullying/harassing others and posting people’s personal info on public forums, such as blogs, facebook, and twitter.  I wasn’t really into social media, so I hesitated to help, knowing I would have to put some work into watching these nasty little critters on social media sites.  I decided to check out the blog and was completely astounded; they had taken bullying to whole new level.  I then decided to sign up for twitter and facebook to check things out further.  It took me an entire 2 days to decide something needed to be done to ‘debunk’ these pea-brained sewer rats, all the lies they ‘blog’ about, and the disgusting disrespect and disregard they have for human life in general.

Why get involved with debunking people I don’t know or have even heard of?  Simple:  I was bullied as a child by an adult and it was devastating.  I DO NOT tolerate bullying in any way, shape, or form.  I will be the first to step up and flush your assess out of the sewer to expose you for who you really are.  How dare you attack innocent people publicly just because you have personal beef with them.  Those of you involved with this fiasco should be ashamed of yourselves for using a murdered child’s name to promote your own sick games.  I await the day karma bites you in the ass; and it will bite you in the ass.

I’ve also seen comments from one Holly Briley saying this blog was set up to ‘tarnish her good name’ blah blah blah…  First of all, don’t flatter yourself.  This blog was not set up just to shower attention upon you, which you obviously crave, whether it be positive or negative.  Secondly, it’s pretty apparent you yourself tarnished your own name by inserting yourself into the situation with the BS story of ‘finding the first casey video diary’, crying wolf when RadioNewz posted your personal info for all to see, then you turn around and start doing that exact thing to those who piss you off.  You and your ‘cronies’ are low life trolls who have nothing better to do then tear others down to make your miserable selves feel a little better about your boring lives.  How sad.

Moving on… this is my response to a comment that was left on one of my articles:

“That is the purpose of this blog; to expose the lies and games some are willing to play for the ‘almighty dollar’. It sickens me to see people dance all over Caylee’s grave. And not just Caylee; children are murdered every day and most of those families don’t get the justice they deserve. This particular case has brought out more evil and nastiness in folks than I have seen in a very long time, so I decided it was a good place to start.”

As I stated above, this is just the start of exposing those who want to play games and hurt innocent people in the process.  Rest assured, there will be others who come out of the woodwork.  I will continue to gather all info sent to me and post it in one neat package on this blog for all to read.  I will NOT post any personal info about anyone that is not available via public websites.  I have been sent several pieces of info that I have not posted because there is no back-up for it.  If I receive back-up, it will be posted.  This blog is not, and will never be, part of a blog war; frankly, I have better things to do with my time then blog against another blogger who obviously lacks intelligence.  I have a wonderful, beautiful family I enjoy spending time with whenever possible, which is why I only post about once a week.  Maybe some of you should go spend time with your own families, instead of trolling daily and letting your anger fester, which tends to make you spew out ignorance.

Thank you for reading 🙂