Why I started this blog.

There are several ‘myths’ floating around about this blog, so I decided to clear a few things up.

First of all, thank you to those who have contributed to this blog by sending me info/screen shots to post.  Also thank you to those who have commented in support of what I am trying to do, which is expose the game playing liars who are out for their ’15 minutes’ of fame at all costs.

That being said….

I was contacted by a friend a couple months ago and asked if I could help them with some folks who were bullying/harassing others and posting people’s personal info on public forums, such as blogs, facebook, and twitter.  I wasn’t really into social media, so I hesitated to help, knowing I would have to put some work into watching these nasty little critters on social media sites.  I decided to check out the blog and was completely astounded; they had taken bullying to whole new level.  I then decided to sign up for twitter and facebook to check things out further.  It took me an entire 2 days to decide something needed to be done to ‘debunk’ these pea-brained sewer rats, all the lies they ‘blog’ about, and the disgusting disrespect and disregard they have for human life in general.

Why get involved with debunking people I don’t know or have even heard of?  Simple:  I was bullied as a child by an adult and it was devastating.  I DO NOT tolerate bullying in any way, shape, or form.  I will be the first to step up and flush your assess out of the sewer to expose you for who you really are.  How dare you attack innocent people publicly just because you have personal beef with them.  Those of you involved with this fiasco should be ashamed of yourselves for using a murdered child’s name to promote your own sick games.  I await the day karma bites you in the ass; and it will bite you in the ass.

I’ve also seen comments from one Holly Briley saying this blog was set up to ‘tarnish her good name’ blah blah blah…  First of all, don’t flatter yourself.  This blog was not set up just to shower attention upon you, which you obviously crave, whether it be positive or negative.  Secondly, it’s pretty apparent you yourself tarnished your own name by inserting yourself into the situation with the BS story of ‘finding the first casey video diary’, crying wolf when RadioNewz posted your personal info for all to see, then you turn around and start doing that exact thing to those who piss you off.  You and your ‘cronies’ are low life trolls who have nothing better to do then tear others down to make your miserable selves feel a little better about your boring lives.  How sad.

Moving on… this is my response to a comment that was left on one of my articles:

“That is the purpose of this blog; to expose the lies and games some are willing to play for the ‘almighty dollar’. It sickens me to see people dance all over Caylee’s grave. And not just Caylee; children are murdered every day and most of those families don’t get the justice they deserve. This particular case has brought out more evil and nastiness in folks than I have seen in a very long time, so I decided it was a good place to start.”

As I stated above, this is just the start of exposing those who want to play games and hurt innocent people in the process.  Rest assured, there will be others who come out of the woodwork.  I will continue to gather all info sent to me and post it in one neat package on this blog for all to read.  I will NOT post any personal info about anyone that is not available via public websites.  I have been sent several pieces of info that I have not posted because there is no back-up for it.  If I receive back-up, it will be posted.  This blog is not, and will never be, part of a blog war; frankly, I have better things to do with my time then blog against another blogger who obviously lacks intelligence.  I have a wonderful, beautiful family I enjoy spending time with whenever possible, which is why I only post about once a week.  Maybe some of you should go spend time with your own families, instead of trolling daily and letting your anger fester, which tends to make you spew out ignorance.

Thank you for reading 🙂


21 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lulu
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 16:04:18

    Every article is about the “Brileys” so how can you say it isn’t. Unless you are a teenager, why not stop this BULLSHIT, be the bigger person and move on. I have had enuff of you two bashing each other….


    • The Big Bombshell
      Jul 02, 2012 @ 17:40:33

      Lulu – If you read through my blog you will notice every article may ‘involve’ the Briley’s, but it certainly isn’t ‘all’ about the Briley’s. It’s unfortunate they feel the need insert themselves into these situations to ‘get their name out there’ and try to hang on to the 5 minutes of minimal local ‘fame’ they had. Hopefully this will be over soon, and we can all move on to more interesting topics.

      “Be the bigger person and move on” is great advice for those who continue to single out others, call them names, and post their personal info on the internet because of some silly vendetta they dreamed up. Very childish indeed. Unfortunately I don’t think they are capable of doing anything different with their ‘blog’.

      Also, I believe you missed something else I stated in the above article – “This blog is not, and will never be, part of a blog war.” This includes ‘bashing’ others. I refuse to stoop to the level of bashing; I simply pass along information provided to me so people have the opportunity to decide for themselves what they want to believe.

      If you don’t like what I write, you are more than welcome to stop reading it 🙂


  2. Annie
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 19:20:42

    I was personally bullied by HB. I tried to tell her to leave me alone, but she just kept coming at me so I decided to just let her write what she wants and hopefully one day she would get tired and go away Forever!!!
    I enjoy reading your posts and as far as the Brileys they know the truth is coming out that is why they keep making sure to report everything and anything that has there name on it.


    • lovmykc
      Aug 07, 2012 @ 23:01:51

      Everyone has been in Holly, Radio, Levi & there croons, Aim of fire. Saddly they are woman in late 40s and one in her 60s acting like, some kind of
      HighSchool drama Fest children.

      I can honestly say I feel no pity or sympathy for anyone acting like a child. All of them are NEW to twitter. Sad day when you do this to make yourself feel better.

      Check Twitter stats here http://www.howlonghavei.com/


  3. Joyce
    Jul 02, 2012 @ 22:49:04

    Let me tell you that the brileys are VERY dangerous people. holly just posted my personal information on her blog. She thought she was smart tracking my IP address. I am NOT done with her now. If I can have her prosecuted for it, I will. I already have calls in to the authorities.


  4. April
    Jul 03, 2012 @ 01:51:18

    Lulu – While people like Blaiss were actively promoting the boycott today, Holly chose to out someone she said threatened her, write for a blog, and tweet all about it. If Holly was indeed threatened, why did she spend so much time on twitter rather than report the threat to law enforcement?

    While others were either boycotting or trying to get answers as to why the non profit was dissolved and where all the money went, Holly chose to scream, look at me! look at me! on twitter.

    Holly seems to be someone in desperate need of attention that will pull anything necessary to get that attention.She claimed she was resigning, but I don’t buy that for one minute.


  5. Kat
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 16:24:32


    I’ve been observing the whole media gong show involving Amelia, Holly and Brianne. I researched each one’s claims about each other….and thought of all of them, she seemed legit. She kept records, documents, screen shots. She seemed to be the only one who could back up her claims.

    Well, on Radio Newz. I was called out as being Brianne, herself. It’s kinda funny but it made me realize how an innocent gesture to help someone out can turn on you in an NY minutes.

    I posted on Radio Newz and Holly’s Busted Bitches blog….explaining how wrong they were, to compare my ip with Brianne’s…..not to mention they have my email address. I have a family of my own. I understood Holly’s position to protect….but it went too far. I didn’t connect all the dots. Some of the players I thought were Brianne when in fact, they were Holly’s team. So, it looked like I was dragging down Holly’s supporters. I also posted a couple of times, without putting my name on the comment. I didn’t think the post would go through, so I’d post again. The ones I didn’t have a name form, showed up as ‘anonymous’. A few other’s have posted on Holly’s site as anon, as well. I never thought those anon comments would post. They did, as well as the ones posted under my name. So now, Kat and Anonymous are really Brianne, in their delusional world.

    Funny…I went to great lengths to keep an eye on Brianne. I posted her tweets in case she locked up and deleted. I also have family in the RCMP. I told Holly I’d be happy to ask for their services if she still felt threatened.

    Was any of this taken into consideration when I was slandered and in their minds, was clearly Brianne? Nope. The posts I send Radio and Holly’s blog that they were wrong and to check their facts don’t show up on their pages.

    I’m not longer taking sides. My point is this….don’t buy into other people’s sh*t. These people are on a one way track and no kidding, it’s made them so paranoid, they can’t see the forest from the trees.

    Holly and her cause, which at first I thought was honourable since it was for Caylee, has lost complete credibility in my eyes. All of them need help. Yes, Holly believes she’s being bashed by you because she’s a basher herself. What you see in others is a reflection of yourself…..and do I EVER hate double standards and hypocrites. She composes a site to bully…but calls you out on the same issue?

    Good luck with that one. These are people who know nothing about loyalty, integrity, dignity, respect OR boundaries.

    You blew it Holly. Anyone who’s tried to help you….you chased away. The real problem isn’t Brianne….it’s you. Get help, focus on your family and get the hell of the net. It’s turned YOU into minion beastly Brianne.

    Love and peace to all of you!


  6. Kat
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 16:37:30

    PS…sorry for my poor editting skills. Love your page layout


  7. Kat
    Jul 09, 2012 @ 17:11:41

    Me again.

    Going through your blog. This is a tasteful site and I applaud you for your efforts in establishing the truth rather than personally attacking anyone. Nothing wrong with calling it as it is and I’m happy to see you have the decency to draw lines where personal information is concerned.

    I hope to get to know some of you! Be blessed ❤


    • Applause
      Jul 09, 2012 @ 21:18:06

      Anyone who doesn’t leave their name or support Holly is automatically Brianne in Holly’s eyes. Goes to show how quickly Holly will turn on a person and attack them. If Holly is as innocent as she claims then why is she so defensive? She says she is defensive because she is “sticking up” for herself – I say Holly is defensive because she knows she’s busted. It was just a week or two ago that Holly tweeted about speaking to the RCMP about Brianne. Hours later Holly tweeted that she lied about that and those tweets quickly disappeared. I wouldn’t be surprised if law enforcement were keeping an eye on Holly. Holly loves to twist the truth and exaggerate things and I agree with the above comment – the problem isn’t Brianne, nor Robert, nor Joyce. The problem is Holly and she cannot take any responsibility for her actions what so ever. I think this page should be handed over to law enforcement agencies in all jurisdictions from where the people Holly has harassed live. That way they can see what Holly is all about, since she has no problem lying and filing false police reports. I don’t see Brianne, Robert, Joyce, et al blogging daily about Holly like Holly does them. If anything, Holly is proving what they’ve all being saying about her all along: that Holly is a WHACK JOB and clearly a loose cannon. If any of these people wind up dead, the first person I’d look at would be Holly Briley.


      • Kat
        Jul 10, 2012 @ 02:58:28

        Applause, I’ll take your excellently assessed comment and add…that all of them are trolls, which is why they are drawn to each other. Like attracts like, quite often. I don’t know her personally. I only know what I’ve observed on line….as well as Brianne and whomever is going after others they feel threatened by.

        Have you noticed these people are threatened by anyone who takes the high road? They feel powerless and less in control of their destructive outlashing. I really believe the only thing to shut em up and shut em down…..is simply not comment on their pages anymore. The only ones who do comment on those pages are the ones involved in those sites….who have some sort of empty investment in it.

        I’m ashamed of myself that I allowed myself to buy into Holly’s anger and her cause. I would like to put that all behind me. I see minions popping minions…and it’s become so easy for them to blame each other and their gaggle of alter egos, it’s no wonder it’s become the sh*t show it is now. One party blames the other for multi social media sites….whilst posting on their own. It could be humour if it wasn’t for the fact there are truly innocent people in the middle of this cyber internet warfare.

        Prov. 23:7…. for as he thinks within his heart, so he is.

        The anger and rage these trolls feels were inside them long before their internet antics surfaced. These are all unhappy lives, off line.

        God bless you and your journey, friends!

      • lovmykc
        Aug 07, 2012 @ 23:08:35

        NO Tweets are ever deleted or locked up go to http://www.topsy.com top of page click tweets then type the twitter handle in the search box.

  8. Kat
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 03:03:23

    PS…I suspect she lied about the RCMP involvement, b/c I have family who are RCMP. I made this known, offering my help if I could. (sometimes it’s who you know…lol).

    They could easily look into her ‘alleged’ complaints. I never asked any of them to look, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt I called her bluff, unintentionally. Since she’s admitted she lied, there’s no point pursuing it. I won’t send RCMP or LE on a wild goose chase. I did encourage Holly to keep calling the RCMP detach in Burnaby. She never responded or indicated she would do that.

    How about that?!


      Jul 10, 2012 @ 16:23:36

      Sorry \”Kat\”, but you can\’t take credit for this one. The only thing I will say in response to this is based on what RCMP told me themselves, Holly was not even communicating with them when she claimed she was. She tweeted something along the lines of, \”I spoke to RCMP about Brianne, they said she\’s busted and confirmed her fake suicide stunt!\” and actually NAMED a specific officer. I brought this to the officer\’s attention, and it was confirmed to me what I already suspected: Holly was lying. She didn\’t speak to them, they didn\’t speak to her, and it was already verified that I hadn\’t posted on Facebook since the day BEFORE. So someone created a FB page/user with my name/photo. Holly was told to retract her statements re: RCMP (I assume because what she did/tweeted likely could have landed her in some hot water, ESPECIALLY when using the RCMP) and that\’s when she tweeted that she had in fact lied about it and tweeted that she was \”sorry.\” Prior to this, back in January, she even filed a false police report against me saying I was \”uttering threats\” and that I told her I was \”crossing the border to hurt her family\” …what Holly DIDN\’T know was that I wasn\’t anywhere NEAR the border as I DIDN\’T HAVE A PASSPORT at that time. LMFAO. Something law enforcement was ALSO able to confirm. What\’s going on between Holly, myself, and the others that Holly is attacking, is a CIVIL matter. The times I have contacted law enforcement was when I felt threatened…ie: when my address was posted on Holly\’s old website NoMoneyForMurder.com, along with my phone number… but of course Holly twists the truth and says *I* did that to her when, well, that\’s another LIE. Just like she photoshopped an e-mail claiming it came from me along with photoshopped a Facebook comment claiming it was from me, and when she did that she didn\’t even spell my last name CORRECTLY. She also lacks proper use of punctuation, so it\’s easy to point out when she\’s BSing/photoshopping (although now that I\’ve pointed out this error I don\’t doubt that she\’ll correct it.) I also love how Holly conveniently doesn\’t underline the part of the police report posted on her website about how her LEO\’s told her to CEASE communicating with me. Just the part where I was advised of the same. HOW CONVENIENT! I\’ve always offered from the getgo that if anyone wants me to hand over my computer, my phone, etc., then I would. I welcome any investigation into Holly\’s baseless claims. She thinks I don\’t have a lawyer, but I\’ve even given the name OF my lawyer to law enforcement. I can\’t wait until I take her to court for this mess. She\’s screwed with my life, with other people\’s lives, and needs to be held responsible in a court of law.


  9. Kat
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 19:45:08

    Brianne, you want to involve the RCMP….really? The more one blathers and embellishes, the more they lie (just like your role model, Casey Anthony). I’m no fan of Holly Briley. You two are one in the same, as far as I’m concerned. You’re looking for allies here. I pray the owner of this blog and its poster use discernment and google your name.

    What goes around, comes around. Just as much as Holly Briley will be a defendent, so will you.

    Never too late to go back and right your wrongs.



  10. Kat
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 19:46:41

    PS…..who’s the member you spoke with at the Burnaby detachment? We can clear this up quite quickly.


  11. LilRascal
    Jul 10, 2012 @ 20:04:51

    Holly does post people’s names and where they live on her radio blog. I commented there and she got my information from my email address. She then proceeded to post it. We cooked up a plan to show that what she blogs about is BS. She took the bait WITHOUT checking if it was fact or not. It seems to me that her and her husband are trying to shut down all anti-casey anthony pages by starting fights between it’s members. Now who do you think would want these pages taken down or discredited? My opinion? casey anthony, her defense team and anyone that is WORKING FOR THEM.


    • Kat
      Jul 10, 2012 @ 22:09:23

      I hear ya Rascal. I don’t doubt you since you’re the victim of their deceit and vindictiveness.

      Brianne Chantal Patterson has (allegedly) done the same, based on victim statements I’ve read on many sites. Holly and Jon Briley along with Brianne Patterson are all cut from the same cloth.

      I don’t know if the Briley’s are working for anyone. It seems more like personal vendetta to me. Tit for tat, sort of thing. The worst mistake is underestimating any of these cyber nuts.

      My heart goes out to the victims who’ve been unfairly slandered, dragged (or drug..lol) into the war, and feel the personal lives are at risk. THAT IS A LINE, if ever crossed with me, they would regret.

      Y’all are great advocates for anti cyber bullying and stalking…but I also ask that you use discretion, caution and discernment when confronting these mindless eating machines = sharks. Double standards. Hypocrites. No respect for boundaries, authority or good old fashioned kindness.


  12. Nicky
    Jul 11, 2012 @ 03:03:54

    It is all double standard with Holly. She professes to be the victim, when she is, in fact, the perpetrator. She is a wicked, old frump that sits on her butt all day bashing people on her computer. Funny thing is, her cohort, Radio, who bashed her at the beginning of the year is now her buddy. These two old hags should get a life!


  13. oppyrich@yahoo.com
    Jul 12, 2012 @ 03:12:59

    Does anyone know who is writing this blog?


  14. JustMe
    Jul 16, 2012 @ 04:48:41

    How do these women get your name and addresses? Do you just hand them over to anyone. The thing most people learn when they get on the internet, is never give out your full name or your address, and never your telephone number. As far as IP addresses, you can trace them to an area, but never to an address. Only LE can trace them to an address, and they have to go through your server. I live in Nothern Virginia and my IP can show up in Maryland, DC or Virginia.

    Why am I here reading? Because I have been on a couple of forums with Radio in the past, and am trying to figure out what she is doing? She is up to something or she has really lost it. She has never been interested in the Caylee case. She never posted on any of the threads for Caylee on the forums we were on. She followed the HaLeigh Marie Cummings case and only that case.


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