Oh Pity Me By Michelle McKee

It seems Michelle McKee had a twitter fit the other night night. Lets start with screen shot #1. retrackMichelle seems to want Joey Ortega to retract what he said about her. Wonder if Michelle is going to retract everything she said about Joey Ortega, Murt, Joseph Monks, and everyone else she called a stalker, child molester, kidnapper, killer, lied about etc.

Screen shot #2

MM melt down

How many lives in Steubenville have you destroyed? How many innocent names, addresses, phone numbers etc did you and your crew post?

Screen shot #3

MM melt down 2

Did you give a flying f*** when you attacked them? Did you care about the welfare of the innocent people you posted personal information about? You guys trolled their TimeLines to find reasons to attack them. I’m sorry, what did your profile say and what did you tweet not so long ago about Steubenville??

Screen shot #4MM melt down 3

Well, shit damn, Michelle is getting a taste of her own medicine. Now maybe Michelle knows how Murt feels with the fake PM’s you posted. You even went as far as turning them over to the police department to try and have him arrested for kidnapping and possibly killing Trent Duckett. You are mean, vial, and toxic.

Screen shot #5MM melt down 4Michelle, people do not hate you for who you are, but for what you are. You lie, you seek attention by any means, you are all about me, me, me. Just a piece of advice, why don’t you put your past writing skills to good use? Who even has the energy to waste on hating others?? Oh wait…

Screen shot #6MM melt down 5

Once again this goes back to all the horrible things you said about many innocent people. As hard as they tried to stop you from slandering and libel, you would not stop. You went on for years about certain people, and to date you still continue to do so. Why do you feel your life is more valuable than others? If it’s all lies, why not prove it? You’ve never even tried to. That speaks volumes.

Screen shot #7

MM melt down 6

Again, everyone you have attacked had to endure your wrath every day. They too have to see the blog and comments written about them.  I hope this makes you see what you yourself have done to others and stop your destructive behavior.

Screen shot #8

MM melt down 7

You have spent years  ruining the reputation and lives of others. If you would not have behaved in the manner you did, nothing bad would have been said or written about you.

Screen shot #9

MM melt down 8

You are a POS in their eyes due to your actions. You need to learn to take the blame for your own actions. No one but yourself caused you to do the things you have done. Finally Michelle speaks the truth….

All these tweet were supposed to have taken place while Michelle claims to have been drinking. She is complaining about the Steubenville locals being trolls and that they hate her. Soon after she logged back on she tweets this:

WTH do you expect people to think of or say about you when you constantly send tweets like this out? Michelle you need to get a gripe.


Radio I have a question for you. Has Michelle ever really had good credibility?


KY Has Illegal Wepay Funds?

There has been a lot of talk about Deric and his defense lawyers pulling some shady stunt. Many people have contacted the wepay site that Deric is using to collect defense funds. In an earlier blog it was stated that the wepay for Deric is illegally being used:  KY No Longer A “Star”

Some  people who have contacted wepay received this reply:

BNuk25FCEAEpind.png large

It was kindly brought to Deric’s attention that what his lawyer is doing is against wepay TOS.


Notice the date of June 25, 2013 on above screen shot.

Today it has been brought to my attention that Deric left a post regarding his wepay account on his Facebook page:


Then there’s this….

BNxRntFCIAEMdK6.png large


Updated on Nov 7, 2013

Anti-KY WePay Shutdown

Ironic Tattoo?

So I decided to Google the meaning of the tattoo in the pic Prinnie tweeted of her wrist a couple days ago and this is what I found (please be sure not to have food or drink in your mouth before reading further)…

Semper Veritas – Latin – Meaning:  Always the Truth


Prinnies tat


I think we all know “always the truth” is far from what Prinnie is.  Just ask the people of Steubenville.

Where was her truthfulness then? To date Prinnie has not given any type of apology to all those innocent people she and others unnecessarily hurt. If she wants to be “truthful”, then let’s get on with it already!

Am I the only one who is reminded of another “infamous” tattoo that was just as sickening??

Caseys tat

Neither of them have ever owned up to their lies that destroyed innocent peoples live… Oddly enough, both act as if they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Michelle McKee’s Pedo Obsession

Michelle has been on many rants, as we’ve all seen. Her favorite rant seems to be calling every male who has pissed her off a pedophile.

Last night @aronck did a BlogTalkRadio show with Joey Ortega and Joseph Monks. Joey and Joseph have both been on the receiving end of Michelle’s pedo obsession, along with others. Joey gave a list on the show of others that Michelle has called a pedo. She will go on and on and on to anyone who will listen to her sick tirade. As many of you know she has been after Murt since 2008. You would think after 5 years she would have given up, even after Anonymous told her Murt has been looked in to and NOTHING was found (Words From A Wise Anon), but noooooooooo… Not Michelle, she keeps going and going. She reminds me of the Energizer Bunny, but a tad more stalker-ish…


All joking aside…

Here is the link to the above referenced BloTalkRadio show hosted by @aronck: Steubenville Today

Michelle has attacked females too, but calling a man a pedo is worse then anything she can say about a female.

pedo 2

pedo 03

pedo 3

When Michelle could no longer get under Murt’s skin, she enlisted the help of a “friend”


When DJ made the comment that Murt and his friend were sending a guy to her house to rape her daughter, Michelle had to get in on the action too:


Murt pedo 1

Now this screen shot would be a surprise, NOT. Look who was involved with the ‘doxing’ of Murt after Michelle told Anonymous Murt was a pedophile:

Murt pedo

More threats to Murt by people affiliated with Anonymous:

AnonThreat FF5

This one still baffles me. Why does it matter that Murt’s dog likes to throw around baby bottles in his pen?

MURT dog

Even Murt’s rival admits they never thought Murt was a pedophile:


In closing, no blog about Michelle would be complete without one of her vile tweets:


KY No Longer A “Star”

When Deric/KY came back on twitter stating he was raided by the FBI many people rallied around him and donated money to his defense fund. As the days went on, many saw the true intentions of Deric when it came to the Steubenville case and he lost the support of many.

low turn out

Drop The charges against Deric Lostutter/ Ky Anonymous Rally in Columbus, Ohio Has Low Turnout

Now his wepay for his defense fund is in question:


7. Prohibited Activities

This is the amount that Deric’s defense fund is supposed to have raised to date:


A few things that have many up in arms are; 1) He asked for money for food and gas. 2 ) As shown in one of our  previous blogs Deric was showing off a new Anonymous tattoo. 3 ) Also shown in a previous blog, Deric gets rude with people once they have donated money.

Deric has sunk his boat by his own actions. People that once rallied with him in #opredrollred have now shunned him. People who once supported him via blogs etc,  now have a different view of Deric.

This just in, 200,000 people may now be at risk of being looked into by the FBI because they signed Deric’s petition: Petition To Stop Case Against Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed Rapists Garners 200,000 Signatures


Man Removes His ‘Anonymous’ Mask After Steubenville Rape Trial

What happened to all your supporters Deric?

Problems Caused By Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous

A few days ago I saw a tweet saying an Anon got raided by FBI due to connection with Deric/KY. It’s a shame that so many got sucked into the drama of a lie filled stories. Some, on the other hand, deserve what they get.


Tonight a blog about this came across my TL. Here is the blog: AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI

It is really sad Deric/KY wanted attention and fame so badly he didn’t care about anyone but himself.

If anyone knows, or has proof of another person being raided or arrested due to Deric/KY, please @ me and I will add it to this blog.


Could Michelle McKee Be In Serious Trouble?

Very seldom do I visit Radio’s blog, but when I saw this tweet by @Judicious1_, I had to go look.

MM in trouble 5

To my surprise, Radio wrote about the harassment of Michelle McKee against a blind producer:

MM in trouble 2

MM in trouble 3

Here is the video by Joe Monks:

Very rarely do radio and I see eye to eye, but this is one of those rare occasions Radio and a commenter hit the nail right on the head.

Here is what is in the (screen cap) from the blog:

MM in trouble

Here is a copy of a comment left on Radio’s comments, all I can say is HALLELUJAH! Someone else finally sees how nasty Michelle truly is:

MM in trouble 4

Here is the link to Radio’s blog if you would like to read it: Joe Monks, Blind Filmmaker, Overcomes Many Obstacles

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