Paranoid Much?

Radio thought she would be funny and @ me with a link to one of its blogs.. *yawn*


NEWS FLASH RADIO that tweet had NOTHING to do with you. If so many people wouldn’t have you blocked you may have been able to see the rest of the conversation. Wait you already knew what the conversation was about:


RB = Roseanne Barr. Many of the Steubenville locals are asking if RB can be charged for going on national tv, newspapers, magazines, talk shows etc and repeating the lies that Goddard and company added to the rape case to gain attention.


LMAO That is what happens when you eye fuck someones time line who is tweeting with others who have you blocked. You can not read the full conversation. Serves you right.

Looks like Radio is running low on blog hits so she has to  bring in her best 2 blog hitters, YES, I said 2. Murt and I have been ignoring Radio and she had nothing to blog about. So apparently she trolled our time lines until she found something she thought she could sink her teeth into. Jokes on you Radio! WOOT!

Updated June 2, 2013

yawn blog


hey Nikki


Can’t Stop Laughing!

This is priceless:


Many hours later I am still laughing. Yes, Michelle, I’m sure thousands of people are knocking on your door asking for help. You make a bigger fool of yourself every time you send out a tweet like this.

As we have all seen, everything Michelle gets involved with is full of drama, lies, and hate. Looks like people have wised up and stay away from asking Michelle for help. The latest Anon op was cancelled due to Michelle and Prinnie posting the personal cell phone number of a sheriff: Caught Red Handed  Then Michelle tried to claim she got the number elsewhere, but was caught in that lie too: Caught Red Handed Part 2. As you can see in the screen shot provided in the blog Michelle and Prinnie are the one who authored and published the pastebin. Soon after, Anonymous withdrew the op: Anonymous Withdraws From Op Due To Interference By 3rd Party.

I find it funny Michelle thinks people spend a lot of time defaming her.

Note to Michelle:  You defame yourself every time you tweet.

Something Interesting

I was doing some research and I ran across an article that caught my attention: Haleigh Cummings 5 year old

Since I  have never followed the Haleigh Cummings  case nor did I watch the whole trial of Casey Anthony I didn’t know Rev Richard Grund was involved with both cases, so naturally I was surprised.

This is an insert from part of the blog:


Richard Grund discusses Haleigh’s disappearance

Post by mom_from_STL on Mon Jun 22, 2009 11:30 am

Todays panel consisted of the Barrett’s, Art Harris, Ms. Pickles, Denny Griffin, and William Cobra Staubs.
Today’s unexpected guest was Richard Grund. This poor man has to deal with both cases, his son Jessie is one of the ’scape goats’ that Baez and his seven legal dwarfs are going to try to pin the murder of Caylee Anthony on. While the chances of success are zero, it does mean that Jessie Grund has to be put through the microscope for no good reason. I like Richard Grund, he is a good man, he is also a man of the cloth. Hardly the Muslim fanatic, more the gentle person that you grew up with that was the local vicar, parson, or whatever name you would like to apply.
I have not tried to contact Jessie as I do not want to taint the prosecution case. Richard Grund also cared enough about the Haleigh Cummings disappearance to ask, as a personal favor,”Cobra will you look into this”?


The other person in common is a man called Cobra Staubs. This is a person who has been on the receiving end of many hate blogs. There are a few people that despise Cobra. I will not list the people but you can surely find them with a few searches. I don’t know what Cobra did during these 2 cases to make him so hated, I hope I will get some answers via the comments section of this blog.

Both the Haleigh Cummings and Caylee Anthony cases have been included in conversations such as human trafficking and sex trade. The big difference in these cases are that Caylee’s remains were found, but Haleigh’s have not. Could these 2 cases be part of a much larger picture?

The other part of this that made me go hmmmmmmm is, there are groups who want certain people quiet. It seems the ones who are seeking the truth about these two girls are the ones being silenced.  My question is, Why? This leads back to my earlier question, are these 2 cases part of a much larger picture that someone does not want exposed?

Please remember to visit the site for missing children. There maybe one in your area you can help save: The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

Making Fun Of Emotionally and Mentally Stressed Children?? Really??

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more disgusted with the horrible remarks the bully crew makes about others, this one pops up.  Are you serious with this crap????


HOW is it funny that these children in Steubenville, who were wrongly accused of be affiliated with the rape of Jane Doe at a party, are stressed out because they’re being harassed??  WHO is responsible for the false rumors that led to this??  Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee, Sam Cook, Holly Briley, Donna Fosnight, just to name a few.  And some of these women have children??  Dear God in heaven have mercy on them!

I have no idea who this Executioner person is, but judging by the language, I’d say it’s either a sock of one of the above people, or someone else who is involved with them.  Either way, I am completely outraged and disgusted by the disrespectful tweet mocking the children of Steubenville.

These children have been through enough abuse at the hands of Goddard and company, especially the innocent ones who were viciously attacked and their personal information plastered all over the internet. Why does this group continue to bully these children? Because they think it is funny? How is making fun of children funny? We all know damn well if it was one of YOUR children, you’d fight tooth and nail to make these bullies stop harassing them.

And to call every parent in Steubenville a bad parent is completely ridiculous!  I remember a blog about a certain parent in which their own child called them a nut case. So, before you start dissing on other parents make sure your own closet is squeaky clean.

And to the piece of crap who calls them self “Executioner”, karma is a bitch if you are, and you definitely are.  Go crawl back in the hole your ghetto ass emerged from.

List of sick minded people that RTed that trash is as follows: @Vestaswind @jimby1227 @SHERRIMAMA and of course, @misspell


Added this screen shot on May 20, 2013:


More Trouble For McKee

She will never learn to keep her mouth shut.


In the above screen shot Michelle outed a person that was once part of #oprollredroll.

She also threatens to give out the IP of a licensed Private Investigator:


Response by Amy Burch:


Michelle also went on the attack of a Prosecutor:


One day Michelle will write a check her ass can’t cover.

Even the IRC Trout Bot agrees. LOL

trout slap 2

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander!

For those of you who follow and think what Radio says is funny, you need serious help.

Radio finally admitted to being a bully, even though we already knew that.  I don’t know about you, but I do NOT find this tweet the least bit funny.


What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander, right?

I was reminded of times Radio did not like what was being  said about people she knows.

Can we say hypocrite? Attacking Sam

Radio questions

Now a screen shot out of Radio’s blog:

Quote from R blog

Can’t wait to see who Radio is going to scold for this one:

trout slap

#Anonymous Withdraws From Op Due To Interference By 3rd Party

Unfortunately I was not surprised in the least to see this pastebin regarding Jake Limberios pop up on Twitter today:

OpJusticeForJake. For Immediate Release
May 14, 2013
We are Anonymous.
This will be the final communication from Anonymous regarding this matter.
Anonymous entered this situation in an attempt to gain justice for a family who we feel has been deeply wronged by the system. Our feelings on this have not changed, nor will they. Anonymous continues to support and care for the Limberios family.
Unfortunately we have found the waters of this case have been stirred too heavily by a third party for us to continue active involvement with any hope of making a positive difference. Activities have been conducted, one very small example being threats made against a newspaper, by an individual falsely claiming to be affiliated with Anonymous. Anonymous believes that these actions have been so poorly considered and executed that the mere suggestion of our involvement has irreversibly damaged our ability to bring about meaningful change in this case.
It is therefore, with great regret,  after no small amount of discussion and soul searching, that Anonymous announces that OpJusticeForJake is disengaged, effective immediately.
We Are Anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Email Contact: (will be disabled with 7 days)
Twitter contact: @OpJustice4Jake (will be disabled with 7 days)
Gee…. I wonder who could have possibly made the threats…. hhhhmmmm….
As we previously blogged (here: caught red handed & here: caught-red-handed-part-2) Michelle decided it would be fun to publish the personal cell phone number of one of the detectives working on the Jake Limberios case, which resulted in harassment and death threats towards him.  In addition, Michelle would throw out random threats via public tweet to various people involved in the case if she didn’t like something they were doing/saying (you can go to her time line and see for yourself).
Let’s just hope Anonymous has learned their lesson about getting involved with Michelle, or any so-called ‘ops’ she joins.  Obviously she does nothing but destroy their efforts in seeking justice for victims.  It’s sad, really… 😦

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