At What Price, Fame: The High Cost of Re-Victimization and the Steubenville Rape Case


by Amy Lynn Burch

Published on April 29, 2013 @ 10:32pm

With the verdict decided and justice served, I sit here at my computer some six weeks later contemplating the potential aftermath of the Steubenville Rape case. Although, I am satisfied that the correct judgment was rendered I cannot help but wonder how much damage was done to the case and all parties involved due to social media manipulation and the meddlesome behavior of those claiming to be members of the hacktivist group “Anonymous”. I’ve written before that I believe one blogger in particular has used the Steubenville Rape case to further her own personal agenda. I contend that she has a personal axe to grind, if you will, as respects the powers that be in Steubenville. By powers that be I mean specifically law enforcement of Steubenville and also Big Red football which has been suggested by others including…

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Information Should be Free, Right???


The following Facebook Private Messages were exchanged between Joey Ortega and Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 between 7:05pm and 7:21pm (PST) regarding Anonymous’ involvement in what has now become known as The Steubenville Rape Case. These messages are published by permission from the recipient and respondent, Joey Ortega. It should be noted that the typos and grammatical errors made by both Goddard and Ortega are left intact to preserve the integrity of the messages with the exception of the “Anonpaste” link which has been removed to preserve the identity of, and to avoid, by this writer, the wrongful accusation of a potentially innocent party. A redacted version is provided at the end of this post:


Joey Ortega

the photo we decided to put up on your site was the blacked out one, right?


Alexandria Goddard

yes I pixelated the victim


Joey Ortega


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Michelle McKee’s New Partner In Crime

How does the old saying go? If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. Well that’s what Michelle seems to be doing, but this time she brought in a new player:

Pedo lie

It is no surprise Cristin is friends with none other than Michelle McKee. Michelle just never learns. She involves one person after another to take the heat off herself.


Where have we all heard the “my kids are involved” line before? Oh yeah, on just about every one of the bully crews twitter time lines.


Christin – my advice to you is stay away from that whole crew. They are going to get you tangled up in their games, etc, and you will have no way out. Michelle is a TRUE stalker, just read our blog roll.

Oh and just for the record:


Even a person that was once on Michelle’s side saw through your BS lies.

Tell’em Amy B

Amy B


Amy B 2

BJDt6rcCcAExhKL.png large

Amy B 3


BJDwoDICEAA5--j.png large

Amy B 4

Amy B 5Amy B 6

Amy B 7

Amy B 8

KUDOS to Amy Burch. Please check out Amy’s blog on our blog roll too.


Interesting Blog Find

While looking for an article on line, I came across this blog: Michelle McKee ICB

Interesting blog

By looking at it you can tell there have been no blogs written. The interesting part is, if you put your mouse over the member photo, this blog was started by a Rob McKee.

This is one of Michelle’s very own family members. Read the bio line of the blog. That bio speaks volumes of what her own family thinks of her.

This is not the first time one of Michelle’s family members have done this. Murt has also written 2 blogs containing emails he received from one of Michelle’s family members.  One of which can be read here: MURT’s Blog

To the ones who say, or have said, that Michelle is being picked on for no reason, please read the blog by Joe Monks. His article is in the blog roll section. There are many other blogs/articles written about the abuse they’ve endured from Michelle McKee. There many other blogs listed too about the harassment, stalking and lying that entire group has done.

I also stumbled on this:

petition for MURT

Notice the date is from 2009. This proves yet again that Michelle and company have been harassing Murt along, just as he has stated many times.

I don’t understand what Michelle has against Murt, but she sure has her panties in a bunch about him. She goes on rants and tweets about him almost every day.

There is no end to what Michelle will do to get attention and have others attacked. The reason for her doing so is beyond our realm of thinking.

Funny Tweeter

I don’t know who this tweeter is, but many of their tweets have me ROFLMAO. aronck2

This person in between some of the funnest tweets also raises some really good questions:

good question

Radio questions

Radio comments

Prinnie rallies


Again McKee’s F – F Games

She will never learn to shut her pie hole.

Remember, this is the very same person who claims to “fear” MURT.  But she talks about him every day.

Again 1

Again 2

The truth is finally being exposed. Every tweet off her fingers is a LIE!

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