More Proof Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous Is A Lying, Scamming Fraud

First we would like to say we are happy to see Don Carpenter doing so well after his awful stabbing ordeal.

Since he has been back, he has been hard at work exposing Deric as the fraud many of us knew he was. Don has resources many of us do not and we would like to thank Don for his hard work and dedication.

Here is a twitlonger Don sent out yesterday:

don ky

It’s sad some people are in jail because of Deric’s selfishness. The ones who deserve to be in jail (like Deric and a few others) are still free to troll the interwebz. Maybe one day their wrong doings will catch up with them and they will soon find themselves on the inside of a jail cell looking out.

We too have been working at exposing Deric for the fraud he is, as you’ve seen in previous blogs we’ve published. We have used many screen shots of him begging for money for such things as dog food, groceries, rent, medicine, etc. Him asking for rent is rich, seeing as how in his interviews he states his girlfriend inherited that home from her family. Yet another lie.

The wepay that put many into a tail spin was the account that was supposed to be for his “lawyer” to defend Deric from Federal “charges”. As if yet, Deric has not been charged with anything. There have been many tweets about his lawyer being pro-bono, so why was there a need to set up the wepay account for his ‘attorney fees’? There has also been the question, “what will happen to that money if Deric is never charged”? According to Deric and his lawyer, the money will be returned to those who donated. We shall see if that actually happens. My guess is they’ll find some way to spend it on non-existent “legal fees”.

The twitlonger posted above should make you wonder why Deric is still out of jail with access to the internet. Many raids have been conducted and many have admitted it was because of their involvement with Deric . That has ‘snitch’ written all over it. Unfortunately anyone who donated, or signed his silly little ‘petition’, are in danger of being looked into by the FBI as well.

Don also wrote an article about the many false statements Deric has posted: Did Ky Anonymous purposely mislead the Steubenville protesters?

Dons article states many of the same things this blog has been stating for months. Because we called Deric and his minions out we have been called liars, we’ve been bashed on other blogs, trolled, harassed, etc, but it appears we were right along. We are thankful that people like Don are interested in finding the truth and have been digging to get to the bottom of all the lies that are being put out by those selfish people with personal vendetta’s.

Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous Egofagging Again!

You would have thought RollingStone magazine would have learned their lesson from all the back lash they got when they put the Boston Bomber on their cover this month. Now they are trying to make up on the profits they lost when many stores refused to sell their magazine for the month of July.

It seems Rolling Stone magazine is a glutton for punishment.

Ky egofag

I hope Deric discusses all the lies he and many others added to the case.  That will help his case (not).

Then in pops a radio station:

KY egofag 2

Just a little FYI to @Q92 – there are much more important things in the news that you could be covering besides someone egofagging for some type of ‘fame’.

Prinnie, Not So ‘Princess’!

I am currently bed ridden due to an injury, so I decided to  do some surfing to pass  time. I  ran across some odd stuff in the past 2 days, but this is the one that caught my attention the most.

Prinnie wants all the “newer” people following her to think she is a great person and  does what she can to help others. However, I found a blog from 2 years ago that will tell a very different story.

As you read through this blog I found, you will notice that many of the same people mentioned are the very same group of bullies from the past few months.

What has me baffled is some of the crew have bad mouthed and back stabbed each other relentlessly, yet they still stick together like super glue. Talk about thicker then thieves.

For those who have not read Radio’s comment about Murt’s son:


I added the above screen shot to this blog to show that Prinnie’s ‘friends’ are just as sick minded as she is.

As a reminder, Murt’s son tragically passed away a few years ago. You would think people would have respect for a deceased child and sympathy for the grieving parent. Not this group! They thrive off making others feel like something that is scraped off the bottom of your shoes. Makes you wonder if they have their own personal issue with some (or all) of their family members. The only kind of people who could be so callous are people who don’t have a good relationship (or one at all) with their own child/ren or family members, so they take it out on others.

So, what if the child Murt claims as his son is not his bio son? That is no ones business. You do not have to be a bio parent to love and help raise a child. As long as Murt saw him as his son, then he was Murt’s son. However, by the reaction of Murt to that monstrosity of a shitty thing to say, I believe the child was biologically his. You can see by his blogs he still grieves for his deceased son and wife.


Now onto Prinnie. She too has no respect for a deceased child, or sympathy for a grieving parent:

sbdSBD’s child was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. How much more cruel can this gang get? Others in the bully crew have made comments like: “Murt you are probably the one that killed your own son and wife.”, as seen below.

Other Nasty Comments by Prinnie ‘friends’ About Murt’s Deceased Son and Wife

To show how far back Prinnie and her crew of bullies’ harassment goes:

tox post 2

tox post

This statement from 2009 still very much holds true about Prinnie. Most recently, Prinnie and crew have caused a lot of problems for the town of Steubenville and its residents. Obviously this is a pattern of hers.

I wish those who support Prinnie would wise up and see her for what she really is: stalker, liar, bully, cyber-bully, etc etc etc.. For those of you who supported her in the Steubenville case, and did her dirty work, you’re pretty much screwed. The damage is done, you are at fault (because it could never be her fault) and now she sits back and watches the attacks on you and says/does nothing to defend you. You are now left to defend yourself while she is free to move on to the next case. It is very obvious she does not care what people say or think about you as long as she gets the all the glory for “her work”.

Here is the blog I found with a lot of info on Prinnie: The Bitch Pill

Another sickening blog on Radio ripping apart Murt’s deceased son: Radio’s Cyberbully Rant


Just when you thought you have seen and heard it all, Radio gears up her vile fingers.

There’s a saying that fits Radio to a T: “Of All The Things I have Lost, I Miss My Mind The Most”.

With permission from @Blaiss, I will show what Radio posted about her.





By the way, Radio had the audacity to put the name of my blog in her rag blog, but Blaiss knew I didn’t write it, nor provide any of the information.










Now, if you go to the clerks website you will see there is a disclaimer:







You must have the authority to log in to obtain the personal information Radio somehow got her hands on. Now who does she know that would have that kind of access? Whom ever signed in to provide this document to Radio, IF Radio didn’t do it herself, is going to be in some serious hot water. I can’t wait to find out who gets busted for this!

In the words of MURT…

Stay tuned 🙂

Latest scam for money

Well, well, well…Looks like Holly is out to get money any way she can. Surprise surprise.

Seems she is going after Amber Goodhand of Radar On Line and Jane Velez-Mitchell. How can you sue someone for reporting the news? Everyone knows there was a youtube channel/account named ‘caseycansing’ under the name Holly Briley. All JVM and Amber Goodhand did was report what they had seen. So many people have tried suing news stations, magazines, etc, and have failed. Seems everyone has caught onto Holly’s scams and want no parts of it, of her. I’m guessing Holly has resorted to making threats of law suits because her cash cow (Casey Anthony) is no longer ‘putting out’. Oh poo 😦

Here is what any judge would say about Holly’s law suit:

UPDATE 9/27:

Holly claimed a DMCA on her blog which I did a screen shot of. I found it rather funny. In order to file a counter claim you must provide certain information. As of yet WordPress has not pulled the picture. When they do, it will still be out there for others to view of her scam. Here is the email I received on how to counter the claim. NICE try Holly. It really gets under your skin that you can not figure out who is writing this blog.

Blogs By Others

I found a few articles written by others, which coincide with what I’ve been saying since day one: The Briley’s (and ‘friends’) are nothing but low life bullying trolls.  So, I thought I’d share what others have written about these bullies.

This article was written by a very talented blogger, Chelsea Hoffman:

I also came across these – the first one listed was written 9/11/12:


Here are some comments left on the various blogs:

Look at the date this article was posted; shows how long this has been going on: expectme-lmao

Side note: For those of you who do not know, the below screen shot is of @HollysHere A.K.A Holly Briley husbands twitter account. This is the man you have read about in many of my article asking the followers of their ‘Boycott Casey Anthony’ Facebook page (which no longer exist) to post or send him pictures of their children and/or grand children. And he writes a blog about missing/abused children?  As I said before, one word comes to mind when a man asks folks to send him pictures of young children.  That is creepy and very scary.

The Fakes And The Frauds

After posting the article asking why the Caylee Supporters get picked on so much, I was sent a few interesting dm’s.  I am told the reason they’ve been picked on is because they’ve been impersonated?  I had to ask for an explanation on that one.

Apparently new twitter accounts started popping up within the last year with the hashtag #CayleeWarriors in their bios and tweets.  Some of the people using this hashtag started pelting random Casey supporters or media outlets/personnel with nasty angry tweets, while claiming to be a Caylees Warrior.  Of course this labeled them as vicious irritants attacking others for no legit reason, other than they had personal beef with them.

In addition, several ‘alias’ accounts started popping up on Facebook as well.  These profiles would float around from page to page slamming media folks on a personal level, while calling others out on the Casey and Caylee support pages.  Who even has time for that?

To make matters worse is when a once proclaimed Caylee Warrior decides ‘the grass is greener on the other side’ and starts attacking people for no apparent reason. Little did Holly know it was just a septic field.  Bummer.

Now it seems everyone that is a true Caylees Warrior, and avid Boycotter of Casey making any money off the murder of her daughter, is now open to full blown attacks. From name calling, to stalking, to posting of personal information, and everything else in between.

Remember when Holly was outed for attempting to extort Kim P?  You’ll like this one:

Holly accusing “Amelia” of extortion.

But wait… there’s more.  This is the latest one:

How many more people will she accuse/blame for the very same thing she got caught doing? Did someone run out of writing material?  yawn

Recently I breezed thru Holly’s blog.  I know, puke, right?  Well, it seems Holly is obsessed with Melissa’s son. Why?  Does she know him? Has she ever met him? Does she know to what degree he is disabled? I know several disabled people that can take care of themselves. Holly claims she’s going to call child services on Melissa. What proof or evidence can Holly provide to child services? That would be interesting.

Just because Melissa has talked about her son on twitter does not open the door for people to blog about the child. I have to admit, reading this obsession of Holly’s with Melissa’s son is creepy. Yikes! Restraining order table for one?

Yesterday I saw Radio had tweeted ‘Melissa made it in to the newspaper headlines’.  I was curious what she was referring to, so clicked on the link to check it out.

uuhh.. That particular ‘newspaper’ section is by Holly & co, dear.  Hello!  DOH!  LMAO!

I am telling you, Holly & co. have totally flipped their lids. BUT, the entertainment is priceless 🙂

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