Why The Blocks

I blocked close to 500 followers. Some one on my followers wanted to spy and send screen shots to a few people. So now it is time to play a new game called:


I will start adding people back one at a time. But a few will never be allowed back.

A Violation Of Trust

Thank you MURT for contacting me. It just proves our whole point of this blog. How low they would go to get screen shots of stuff that was not intended for their eyes. I have them ALL blocked and my account locked for a reason.

If they do not want to be called out for the bullies they really are maybe they should try locking their accounts too. Would save us all a headache from be reminded of their vile crap.

Altered Comments

Side Thought..

It just occurred to me that for the second time it just over a week I have seen Radio say something nice. First there was this:


Then there was this:

rape comment

Careful, Radio… Keep this up and you may ruin your reputation. LOL!

Questionable Behavior

Rape has been a popular topic since the Steubenville case made national headlines. Many rape victims have come forward to tell their stories. Rape is a very serious, vicious crime and is not to be taken lightly. There is one “victim” who has come forward about being raped, but several are questioning the story, as it seems to keep changing. I will get into that story further down, but would like to address the below comment first.

This comment that was left by a woman on her boyfriends blog:

rape comment1

You would think the bully crew would have sympathy for a rape victim, but it appears that is not the case.

Here are some of the mean, nasty, vile comments addressed to Sheryl, who left the above comment:






If you are wondering why this woman is being bashed so badly by this bully crew, it is because the woman who wrote the comment in the first screen shot I posted is Murt’s girlfriend. She supposedly made a comment that woman deserve to be raped because of how they dress, look, act etc. The only thing Sheryl did wrong in that comment was she did not use the word “stereotype”. Anyone with common sense would know that is what she was trying to say. Sheryl is up  in years and I am sure that word escaped her. As wrong as it is, that comment is used all over as a stereo type of why woman “deserve” to be raped. So they used her lack of one word to attack, bash, trash Sheryl simply because she is Murt’s girlfriend.

Then on Murt’s blog these comments were left:

Vile comment 2

vile comment

What the hell is wrong with these people?? They are always saying some of us bloggers have no life and that is why we blog about them. HELLO? Want to talk about no life? You have a life and I can describe it one word: “lowlife“. These kind of remarks are disgusting!

Here seems to be the ring leader of the drama. I have asked around and she is NOT part of the regular Anon group. So my guess is it is an account made up by one of the bully crews friends to try and intimidate others.  It does not, and will not work with me.


No Anon would act like this. This persons action are a red flag in knowing they are not true Anon. Anons also have respect for others. As you can clearly see, this person doesn’t even have respect for a genuine rape victim.

Radio, I hope you sincerely mean this. We may not always get along but if you do mean this from your heart, I am sure Sheryl appreciates it:

rape comment

If only your “friends” were a bit kind. I guess somewhere down deep you do have a heart. If you would show that heart more often instead of bullying, we would have no reason to write about you.

Some of the people who have followed Donna on twitter are questioning if she is telling the truth about being a rape victim. She never mentioned it before, and now all of a sudden she is screaming it from the roof top?

Dj's bio

When someone said to me they wonder if Donna is telling the truth, of course I asked why they would say that. As I said before; rape is a very serious, vicious crime and is not to be taken lightly. This persons reply was “I have followed DJ for awhile, and up until the Steubenville case and her friendship with Prinnie, Donna never said a word about being raped.” So, I asked this person for proof of what they were saying about Donna.

I will not reveal who this person is, but they provided me with 3 different screen shots. At first I did not understand what they trying to prove. So there were many emails back and forth until I understood it.

The first screen shot is:


Second one:


Third one:

Donna rally

While reading these tweets I still did not understand what the person was trying to say, so asked this person to explain.

In first screen shot Donna said she was raped 30 years ago by a family member. In the second screen shot she says she doesn’t sleep the night before she goes to her therapist, because she has to talk about the rape. In the third screen shot Donna is in front of close to a 1,000 perfect strangers, which was being live streamed all over, telling her story of being raped.

They have questions about Donna never saying anything about being raped, to saying she was raped 30 years ago, to saying she doesn’t sleep the night before going to see her therapist, to a Steubenville Jane Doe rally and telling thousands of strangers she was raped.

Now I was starting to see the picture. If you go to Donna’s timeline every other tweet is talking about her being a rape survivor but she can’t talk to her therapist one on one?

I know I will take a lot of heat from the bully crew for this blog, but I put my big girl panties on, so I’m ready. LOL!

I am not saying Donna is lying, it’s just that all of this back and forth with her story seems a bit odd.

Luckiest Man Alive

Radio has been busting on Murt for a long time calling him all kinds of vile names. Once Murt no longer reacted to Radio’s slander, he/she decided to start going after people associated with Murt.

First Radio called Murt’s girlfriend a house whore:

house whore

Murt made a funny blog about a camper he has and said he is ready for #ophide. Blaiss is from the same area as Murt so she tweeted for Murt to pick her up on his way through.

Well the quietness didn’t last long… As soon as Radio stalked Murt’s timeline, she wrote this  blog:

Road Whore

If Murt has all these whore’s, he’s certainly getting more action than Radio is. Maybe that’s the problem… she isn’t getting any action. I would suggest you visit an adult store. Maybe you wouldn’t be so mean and nasty from being frustrated.

All I can say is,  GO ON WITH YOUR BAD SELF, MURT!!

Maybe this person should join Radio at the adult store:


If Prinnie, Donna and Holly are in witness protection. it sure isn’t because of MURT. They put them to protect the rest of the public from those loons.

Death Threat

I do not agree with how Prinnie handled the Steubenville rape case, but I do have a heart. This screen shot was given to me by someone who received it in an email a long time ago. I asked if I may show it and was told I could. Prinnie used to go by ‘Princess’.

Donna blog comment

This proves a few things:

1 ) How mean and vile Donna is.

2 ) She was the owner of ‘From The Desk Of Murtwitnessonelive.com’ website that was set up to unjustly defame Murt.

3 ) Her hatred goes back years, and still continues to this very day.

I asked what this comment was all about. In a nut shell Prinnie and Donna got into a huge fight. Prinnie served Donna with a Cease and Desist notice. Donna did internet searches until she found where Prinnie lived and called the police on her. Shortly after that confrontation is when Donna tried to post this comment on Murt’s blog. He rejected the comment so it was never published, therefore Prinnie never saw it.

Donna now wants to be buddy buddy with Prinnie because Prinnie has gained attention. I feel Prinnie has the right to know how Donna really feels about her.

This may have been done a few years ago, but as we have all witnessed, Donna has serious anger issues. No telling what she’ll do if she gets mad at Prinnie again. If Donna’s hatred for Murt has been going on for all these years, I doubt she changed her feelings towards Prinnie. She just hides it better now.

I was also informed the reason Donna hates this blog so much is because she once too had an anti-bullying blog, which was used to call out people she believed were bullies. This blog does the very same thing.  The difference is, Donna is on the receiving end this time and does not like it.

Just To Clarify

This has to be the most ridiculous tweet I’ve seen out of Donna to date. (and there are many to chose from)


I have not, nor ever will, support a rapist.  However, what I do support, along with many others, is “innocent until proven guilty” and our “constitutional right to a Fair and Speedy trial”.

What that bully group did to the town of Steubenville and the residents there was ruthless and completely uncalled for. They added lie upon lie just to gain attention of anyone they possibly could. The false ‘evidence’ they added had NOTHING to do with the alleged rape case. What these bullies have done is get innocent people attacked, personal info posted about them, and a student forced to drop out of college.

I completely agree some of the things these young people did following that horrible incident was very immature and ignorant. Like the making of “she was so dead” video and the tweets posted. Both were completely uncalled for.

I would like for each person in that group to comment on what they would do if the shoe was on the other foot.  What if these were your kids acting like this and a group of bullies attacked them?.  I can answer that… ALL HELL WOULD BREAK LOOSE! I admire the restraint the people of Steubenville have had and that they’re taking care of business the legal way.


Still Lying

Hey Donna give it up. Everyone will know in a few minutes about your latest lie.

Here is the IP address of a person that made a vile twitter account about MURT.

Akron Uni

Here is the account she made defaming MURT that came back to the Akron Uni IP:


This tweet was earlier today:

Donna Office

Now just a few minutes ago you tweet this:

Donna lies

SO NOW DONNA WHICH LIE IS THE TRUTH??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Shut Up

Looks like Donna can also add short term memory loss to her long list of other illnesses: This screen shot was out of this blog: Still Spewing Lies

Contact college

Please tell me again where I said I called the Akron Uni? I emailed them a copy of the IP being used to harass people, as did others. I would like to know how you plan on suing someone you have no identity for? You are taking Holly’s word as to who she “thinks” I am. Since I am not the person she clams, that lawsuit is going to blow up in your face and will cause you even more problems.


Donna when that lawsuit is done, please keep us informed on how it went. ROFLMAO! This is going to be interesting to say the least.

Update On Feb 21, 2013

Donna decided to leave a comment on my blog, so i will be kind enough to share part of it with you. The rest of it can be read under the comments section. Here is part of what she had to say:


But here is the gut busting laugh part.

Work First she works there, then she don’t. Then she works there again, then she don’t. She goes up and down more that a yo-yo.

OMG i can’t stop laughing. I can’t wait till one of her bully crew points out to her how dumb she is making herself and the rest of them look.


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