You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up

I will let these ridiculously stupid tweets speak for themselves:

stupid tweets 1

stupid tweets 2

stupid tweets 4

stupid tweets 3

stupid tweets 5

stupid tweets 6

stupid tweets 7

stupid tweets 8

stupid tweets 9

Here is what they look like: dog_chasing_tail-1


Paranoid Much?

Radio thought she would be funny and @ me with a link to one of its blogs.. *yawn*


NEWS FLASH RADIO that tweet had NOTHING to do with you. If so many people wouldn’t have you blocked you may have been able to see the rest of the conversation. Wait you already knew what the conversation was about:


RB = Roseanne Barr. Many of the Steubenville locals are asking if RB can be charged for going on national tv, newspapers, magazines, talk shows etc and repeating the lies that Goddard and company added to the rape case to gain attention.


LMAO That is what happens when you eye fuck someones time line who is tweeting with others who have you blocked. You can not read the full conversation. Serves you right.

Looks like Radio is running low on blog hits so she has to  bring in her best 2 blog hitters, YES, I said 2. Murt and I have been ignoring Radio and she had nothing to blog about. So apparently she trolled our time lines until she found something she thought she could sink her teeth into. Jokes on you Radio! WOOT!

Updated June 2, 2013

yawn blog


hey Nikki

What’s Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander!

For those of you who follow and think what Radio says is funny, you need serious help.

Radio finally admitted to being a bully, even though we already knew that.  I don’t know about you, but I do NOT find this tweet the least bit funny.


What’s good for the goose is good for the Gander, right?

I was reminded of times Radio did not like what was being  said about people she knows.

Can we say hypocrite? Attacking Sam

Radio questions

Now a screen shot out of Radio’s blog:

Quote from R blog

Can’t wait to see who Radio is going to scold for this one:

trout slap

Role Reversal

Whoever is behind the @RadioNewzBlog is blowing up their time line because ‘how dare Murt say and/or support another person who is hinting that Radio may be the one who kidnapped and/or is hiding Haleigh Cummings somewhere’.

uumm..  Really??  How many times have you accused Murt of much worse??  Kidnapping, murder, pedophilia, stalking, and the list goes on and on.

Also, not too long ago McKee and Radio were saying Murt is the one who kidnapped and/or killed Trenton Duckett?

Here is one example:  McKee F-F Games  There are more articles about this if you’d like to search her name in this blog.

Radio – You and your bully friends thought it was funny to accuse Murt of such a hideous crime.  Now that you are the one being accused of the very same crime (in a different case) it isn’t so funny any more is it, Radio?




If you go to Levi Page time line he is also blowing a fit about what Murt and Tim H had to say about Radio and the Haleigh Cummings case.  Am I the only one who is wondering why Levi is freaking out about this?

Things that make you go HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM….

Strange Happenings

I was provided a screen shot off of Radio’s blog. The person that sent it thought it was Radio blogging about herself. As I read thru it I knew better. Here is the screen shot provided:


I realized it was Radio writing a blog about or for someone else. At first glance it made no sense, then I remembered a blog we did in regards to a woman claiming Murt is stalking her with a drone.  Yep, you read that right…. stalking her with a drone.


Along with the screen shot of the blog came a screen shot of a comment:


I Googled the screen name mysterymom7 and found this blog: Zero Prophet Blog

What a surprise, this person has made many claims of people stalking her.  How does the bully crew find these people??  Good grief!

Another surprise, she too is banned from WebSleuths. It seems all the people that get banned from WebSleuths end up over at Radio’s blog. I wonder how Radio likes WebSleuth’s rejects….

Oh wait! Radio was banned from WebSleuths too! LMAO!

FYI Cristin, Murt only had one child and that was a son, who is deceased.

New Recruit

Well it seems McKee and company found themselves a new recruit to go after Murt.

Jeff – before you get involved with that group, I suggest you read through this blog. They’re nothing less than complete nut cases (and that is being nice). With all the millions of people on twitter, only 6 people seem to have a problem with Murt.  And what a surprise that all 6 are in one group.

This bully crew already tried getting Anonymous to go after Murt, but they quickly caught on that it was nothing more than personal vendetta and jumped ship. I would suggest you do the same before they drag you down with them.


What makes me laugh at the above screen shots is this Jeff guy is calling Murt a dumbfuck for tweeting at 3-4am, yet he’s tweeting back to him??  Oh the irony!  That right there should tell you something about this fool.

McKee has been trying for YEARS to have Murt arrested for the disappearance of Trenton Duckett and she has FAILED every time because he is innocent as stated by the local law enforcement there.

What is wrong with being involved with looking for a missing child? Isn’t that what good people do is help others? As far as I know NONE from that group has ever been involved in looking for a missing child. They just sit behind a computer screen   bitching about others who have been involved with searches and what they did ‘wrong’.

They will tell lie upon lie just to start drama in their pitiful lives. When it comes to attacks on Murt, McKee seems to always be the leader of the pack. She is beyond obsessed with him. She is like a scorned lover going after an ex. If I didn’t know any better I would think she was madly in love with Murt and he turned her down, so that is why she lashes out at him.

So to Jeff I would like to say….. RUN, JEFF, RUN!!!!  Before it is to late!!

Really Radio?

I was shown this post by Radio:

get well

First I thought it was a kind gesture on Radio’s part. Until I was shown the rest:

You are here: Home » Smack » Get well wishes out to @BringItAlready
Get well wishes out to @BringItAlready
April 4, 2013 | by Radio | Smack

OMG! How serious of an injury could Nikki have sustained?? LMAO!! LMAO!! But we wish her a speedy recovery anyway from whatever has her down! Sure she will be up and around soon! :mrgreen:

Really Radio? Are you really that cold hearted and mean?

I am confined to bed for a least 3 more weeks. I can barely do anything for myself. I have to depend on my family to help me so I can heal. I have done serious nerve damage to my neck. Even the simple task of getting out of bed to use the ladies room causes me terrible pain.

I can’t even hold my brand new granddaughter because of the tingling in my arms. All they can do is lay her beside me so I can talk to her. I can’t hold her, feed her, change her, NOTHING!

I am allowed to sit up and eat and go to the bathroom. Other that those 2 things I must remain still and on a special heating pad that cools off every 15 minutes and heats up again for 15. The pain killers and muscle relaxers and other medicines they have me on keep me drugged most of the day. When I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks they will let me know if I can return to my normal activities or if I will have to remain bed ridden longer.

My husband bought me a special laptop tray that be put across my lap while I am propped up so I can use my laptop a little.

I have seen you say some really mean things but this one is a low blow. They can’t even guarantee I will ever be 100% better. I may have caused permanent   nerve damage. If that is the case my every day life will be a living hell. I may never get rid of the tingling in my arms.

I have sat up long enough to address this. Now back to bed I go.

Updated April 5, 2013

Radio’s response to my sister’s blog:


Trash like this explains how/why the whole crew gets along so well.

Updated again March 6, 2013

Pot Meet Kettle. Does your blog serve any purpose? HELL NO. At least this blog shows proof of what is said.  You have no room to call another blog useless. Your blog is filled with more hate then all the blogs combined that you say are useless. hateful

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