Scrambled Anyone?

I personally have not been on twitter very much for a couple weeks. I may pop on for 5 to 10 minutes here and there, then leave and go back to my real life. Even being gone does not stop these scrambled egg heads from blaming crap on me:

scrambled 2

This next screen shot had me rolling:


If you take notice this account is blocked on my end. Now why would you think I blocked this account? Because they tried to follow me and I noticed they associate with the bully crew.

scrambled 4

Scrambled – What bullying comments did I tweet about you? None.

I blocked you the moment you tried to follow me on twitter because I want nothing to do with your choice of ‘friends’. I told batcat (or something like that) the very same thing when they too got blocked. I don’t tell people who to follow or not to follow; that’s completely childish.  I told you why you were getting blocked from my twitter account. Big difference.


There is more than one person who authors this blog, but we all post under the same name.  Also, I am not the only one who has access to the @bringitalready twitter account. We are a team who works together and have each others back 🙂

Now back to my real life. Maybe you little trolls and bullies should try it, hm?



Again With The BS Lies!

I woke up this morning to this screen shot in my in-box.  Read these 2 tweets VERY carefully.


So I popped on over to topsy real quick to check this out, and what did I find? Pay close attention to the hash tags.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10










I think my point has been proven… again.

What is Radio on?

I was not going to address this issue, but since it looks more and more like Radio is on something… For some strange reason he/she is trying to drag me into a case I have, nor ever had, anything to do with.  Why would I call Kim P about a case I know nothing about? If I want to know more about the Cummings case I can google it myself. I  do not need to call anyone. I do not know Kim P, so I am sure she would tell me all about it. *eye roll*

I think it is about time that anyone having anything to do with this case suggest that Radio be investigated. Who ever is behind that twitter/blog does not want certain information to come out. It’s like Radio is trying to hide something about the Cummings case.

Radio has more than once accused Murt of abducting/killing the Duckett child. Could this be Radio’s way of saying he/she had something to do with the disappearance of the Cummings child? Could they be leaving a bread crumb trail about themselves in their involvement with the disappearance?

This is starting to sound like an old saying, “Those that are doing the accusing, are the ones doing the actions”

Here is what Radio said to me, which I am still confused as hell about:


The reason I have decided to address this is because I saw this article posted. I know Kim has had some problems with Cobra. The attacks on me happened just days before this article was posted:  Finally Some Justice For William Cobra Staubs?

Some very interesting posts in here on how Radio works. Helps us somewhat understand Radio’s actions. This is 2 years old and it seems nothing has changed. John Gohde on Wikipedia Trolls Pay close attention to screen shot #4. That seems to explain Radio’s actions very well.


Really Goddard?

This article by Alexandria Goddard makes me want to hurl. I hate to even post the link on my blog, but in order for you to understand why it makes me sick, you will  have to read it:  More Goddard BS

If you notice she says “I did it for this reason” or “I did it for that reason”. Really Goddard? When are you going to finally admit you did it for ‘fame’?

1st blogger

What you failed to have reported in this article is, most of the tweets were teens being stupid. You also failed to report that you stalked and harassed these MINORS. Also failed to admit you posted names of MINORS that were not there. Epic Failure Of Goddard

Three particular quotes caught my eye:

1 – “Soon locals began contacting me stating that they believed there was a cover-up into investigation of the charges.” Could those people who contacted you have had something against Steubenville and the authority figures there and that’s why they contacted you and said that? hhhhmmmm….

2 – “I was targeted for speaking of that which should not be spoken.”  Um, no… You were targeted for lying, stalking/harassing of innocent people, and adding false information to the story.

3 – “I was so worried about my anonymous commenters being retaliated against if their identities were revealed.” Come on now, everyone already knows you made several of those anonymous comments yourself. You were only protecting yourself like the selfish person you are.

You allowed your cronies to bash and attack a MINOR. You are the one who allowed the death threat comments on your blog directed towards a MINOR. You are the one who added LIES to the story to gain more attention. You did not ‘break’ this story. You did nothing but repeat a story the local news station broke. Even the sheriff said “the evidence, including the video you claim you found, has been in the hands of the police and prosecutors office for months”.

Original breaking story posted: 2:22 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2012:  2 juveniles arrested in connection with alleged sex assault in Jefferson Co.

This screen shot floated across my time line yesterday. It proves Prinnie knew she was in deep shit and started cleaning up her blog. smh

BF6DgH5CAAAUS7t.png large

If you did not do it for the fame, you could have simply turned over the screen shots you had to the sheriff or prosecutors office and let them do their job.

But noooooooooooo…. You sat back and watched the bully crew, including all the fake Anons, post their laughable “dox” info with names, addresses, phone numbers of innocent people, including pictures of the house in which the MINOR child lived. You sat back and watched your ‘friends’ attack innocent people and you said NOTHING! You did NOTHING to stop them and you did NOTHING to protect a MINOR child! You even encouraged and engaged in the illegal activities!

Here is an unedited interview with Jefferson Co. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin explaining how her son had nothing to do with that night, nor was he at either house, yet that didn’t stop Prinnie and company from accusing, harassing, and stalking him.  He has been threatened endlessly (death threats, trying to get his scholarship pulled, etc). Listen VERY carefully to what she says about social media hindering the investigation:  NEWS9’s unedited interview with Jefferson Co. Prosecutor Jane Hanlin

What you called the fight for “freedom of speech” was nothing more than a case of protecting your cronies from being arrested. You hid behind your bogus “freedom of speech” BS.  One day your vile lies will come back to bite you in the ass and that day can’t come soon enough.  There are enough screen shots out there proving what I am saying. Many of them have already been used in various blogs.

There are MANY other cases just like this one around the world. Including a 13 year old raped by 2 high school football players in CT. Also a 2 year old who was molested by an adult in a town very close to Steubenville. You have not said one word about either of these cases, probably because you’re still busy gloating over your so called “victory” of the Steubenville case.

Why did you pick the Steubenville case to bash so hard? We already know the answer to that question. Many others have already posted your true agenda as to why. You and your brother have gotten into a lot of trouble in Steubenville and have police records to show for it. You saw this as pay back to the Steubenville police dept. An “in your face” action to make it look like you were a ‘good person’ and the police were wrong about you. The more I read about you, the more I believe the local authorities were right about you. You have the “I do nothing wrong” attitude. You do not have kids of your own, so you have no idea what it is like to have strangers attack your child or post personal information about them.

I hope EVERY parent of every MINOR you allowed to be bashed or “doxed” sues you. You should be thankful it was not one of my children involved in your BS cause I would have chewed you up and spit you out faster than you could snap your fingers. I would not have sat by and watched you attack my kids the way you did the Steubenville children.

As far has having Rosanne Barr in your corner, that is laughable. She has moved on to other things; even announced it via her twitter. Perhaps she’s finally realizing that all you spew is hate and lies.

Others who were involved in the arrests and prosecuting of the guilty parties also have something to say about Goddard: Heroes, Not Quite By Murt

Clearing Up Misunderstandings

Alexandria Goddard blogged about the Steubenville rape case. I have no problem with that. My problem is she allowed others to post extremely threatening comments about a minor on her blog. Some of those comments were graphic and very uncalled for. Then we later find out the kid being attacked on her blog wasn’t involved with the rape. Did he know about it? I cannot answer that; I was not there.

Next comes the lawsuit by the child’s parents for the comments on the blog. Then in jumps others screaming Prinnie was being sued for her right to Freedom Of Speech, which was not even close to why she was being sued. She was being sued for allowing the comments to be posted. The kid in question was a MINOR. How would any of you parents feel if this was your child being bashed on social media? Several comments suggested that Cody have his ass kicked, among other much more nasty things I refuse to repeat here. If I would allow death threats like that on this blog I would be called a bully, among other things. But it is ok for them to talk about a minor the way they did? Because of the bully crew every piece of personal info on that child was posted, including his picture, parents names, address, phone number, even a picture of the house he lived in with his parents. Really??

The ones who went around screaming Prinnie is being sued for her right to Freedom Of Speech were the very same people who left those mean comments. No wonder they didn’t want the lawsuit to continue; their identities would have been revealed and it would have shown the world their true colors. Most of the people who left those comments have children of their own. So it is ok for them to abuse someone else’s child as long as no one knows who they are? Hell no!

Enter the fake Anon accounts. They took it upon themselves to post personal information on people that had not even been charged in the case. Then all hell broke lose. The bully crew then thought they were all that and the fake Anon accounts were used to scare and try to intimidate others from voicing their opinions. Some of us refused to back down. I am sure you have read what has been done to and said about those of us who fought back. Murt suffered more wrath than others. They threatened to dox him, hack his computer, hack his emails, tried to get him listed as a pedophile, threatened to go to the police AGAIN and accuse him of kidnapping/killing the Duckett child.  Why?  To cover up the truth.

Enter the video published by KY. Was that video recording one of the dumbest things those kids could have done? ABSOLUTELY! Does making a dumb video give just cause to be harassed and stalked by supposed adults? NO!  They are still minors no matter what anyone thought of that video. The only thing that video did was show how stupid teenagers can be when in the company of their friends and possibly under the influence.

Enter the comment that Jane Doe was urinated on. I still have not figured out where that came from.

Enter the picture of Jane Doe being carried by 2 boys. As far I have know she was not carried like that from party to party. There is also speculation that is not her in that photo. Then somehow the story of her being locked in the trunk of a car and driven from party to party came into play. Later it was found to be not true. But that didn’t stop the bully crew from repeating it over and over again until they were blue in the face. Reminds me of the saying “thou doth protest too much”.

Now to the biggest thing that upset me. The entire bully crew tweeted, blogged etc about who THEY thought should be arrested, charged, fired, kicked out of school, etc. Even after the sheriff spoke at the rally saying evidence, such as the video, was already in the hands of the authorities and it was determined those kids were not involved. That still didn’t stop the bully crew, they kept going on and on about what THEY thought should be done and to whom. What gives them the right to play judge and jury to these people?

Some of you have questioned why I blamed Prinnie for the actions of the rest of the bully crew. Simple; Prinnie is the one who wrote the articles, she is the one who allowed the horrific comments to be posted. When all the accusations starting flying (i.e the video, the picture, the urine rumor) she never once said “let’s wait and see where the evidence leads”. No, she engaged and allowed the crew to keep spewing their lies regarding a situation they knew very little about. Why do I believe she did that? To gain an audience she has been so desperately seeking for many many years.

The bully crew has also attacked people on twitter that are residents of Steubenville, employed by the school, or a parent of a child who attends SHS. What gives them the right to do that? Once some of the locals started fighting back the bully crew found out who was behind certain twitter accounts and exposed personal information about them. And that is the right thing to do?

Then Holly, who was involved with posting Cody’s personal info and the name of Jane Doe, tweets a picture of Jane Doe passed out on a floor (looked like a kitchen). What gave her the right to post that picture? This girl is a MINOR and a VICTIM! Holly is the same person who blew a fit saying her GROWN kids are off limits from being talked about. Wait a minute… She can attack minors but her ADULT children are not to be talked about? Hello hypocrite! You keep saying “my kids are off limits, my kids are off limits” yet you attack other people’s MINOR children. Unreal!

Now Prinnie wants to travel to and fro to talk about Freedom Of Speech? She started all this drama for Steubenville by her actions, or lack thereof. Once again it goes back to the attention as a “writer” she has craved for many years. She does not care what problems she has caused for anyone, as long as she gets noticed. She is not the first one to write about this case, nor will she be the last. It was the lies that her and her ‘friends’ added to the story that attracted the attention, so of course she went along with it.

I still can’t fathom why people support Prinnie, especially after everything that has come to light about her lies to get attention. I too want justice for Jane Doe, but I want to see it done legally, not how others think it should be done.

I was asked what bringing up Prinnie’s background is going to prove. First of all, I am not the one looking for the information. There are several Steubenville locals who are interested in this, and have the means to acquire the info. They are fed up with the actions of the bully crew, to say the least. Since Prinnie is the one who wrote the blog that brought out the rest of the crew, and was once a local of that area, she is the one everyone is looking at. The information I have blogged about has been sent to me from people who claim to be from Steubenville. In some of the emails they have stated they wish the drama would just stop; give the local authorities a chance do their job. They have asked me to show what kind of person is behind all the drama. Some have even said Alex thinks this is her way of washing away all the horrible things she has done over the past several years, and continues to do. I feel the people of Steubenville have the right to be heard, therefore I posted the info that was sent to me by them.

If you are upset with my thinking, so be it. I believe everyone has the right to be heard and I am happy to be the voice who defends the innocent.

Disgusting Crap

This is one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard of. What person in their right mind would smear fecal matter all over everything? From what I have been told, this is what Prinnie did to a place from which she was evicted. I guess this explains her @Prinniedidit twitter handle. How fitting.


fecal matter

This is the kind of person you want leading the fight for Jane Doe of Steubenville?

While I was researching, I stumbled across these screen shots posted elsewhere. At first I didn’t bother reading them because I did not know the user name. But upon further inspection, I noticed a familiar face.

Note these was posted 8/22/2009:



To add insult to injury, the low lives of Prinnie and company even dug up a copy of Murt’s mothers’ obit. What the hell is wrong with you sick people? Why is his mothers death any of your business unless you are going to accuse him of killing her like you accused him of killing his wife and son??


After they found the obit, this is what they did to it:


This is proof they have no respect for others, not even the deceased!

This group of busy bodies needs to call 1-800-Psych-Ward ASAP

#OpRollRedRoll #OccupySteubenville are you SURE this is the kind of person you want to lead the way for Jane Doe?

Truer words could not have been spoken by a member of the bully club, Thank You Michelle.

Dont trust

Speaking of hiding things, I wonder if Prinnie has a license to operate her on line business? Do I Need A License To Operate An On Line Business

It seems this is yet another blog/chat Prinnie opened to post information about Murt for the purpose of harassing and stalking him. How many of these ridiculous blogs does Prinnie and the bully crew have? And Murt is stalking them??  HA!  This is the 2nd blog like this I’ve come across that proves Prinnie and Michelle are the ones doing the stalking and harassing.

This was posted in 2009. Just proves what Murt has been saying all along is true. He is not the one stalking, he is defending himself against this bully club.

Help Put an End to Cyberbullying & Cyberharrassment

OOPS! Someone Outed Herself!

I have seen a lot of DUH moments from the bully group, but this one has to be one of the best.

Remember a few blogs ago when I said someone was using an Akron Uni IP under the @M2KFLA twitter account and leaving threatening comments on this and Murts blog? Well Donna finally admitted it was her and here’s the proof in black and white.

Donna admit1

I find the above comment from Donna rather amusing tho… It’s as if she’s talking about herself and her bully ‘friends’.  Project much?

And HOW would you know what an advocate is?  You sit behind your computer spewing nothing but hate and vileness, bullying those who don’t agree with you.

Do you volunteer in your local community to help stop bullying and violence?  Do you help spread the word about the horrible things happening in today’s society via blog or website?  Do you go to your local soup kitchen and help out where needed?  Do you donate what you can to your local shelter?

So, Donna finally admitted to making up that fake twitter account. Why would she use the name M2KFLA you ask? To mock Murt, of course. His is M2KFL; one letter off.

Also if you remember, she got mad because Akron Uni was contacted regarding someone using their IP to threaten others. Donna went on a rant saying we called and got her fired, etc.  I never called them; I only emailed the screen shot of proof of what someone was using their IP for, as I’m sure they would not want that type of activity on their network.

A few tweets later she said she does not work there and never has. Then she tweeted again later that if any of us would have “called” Akron Uni to report the abuse of their IP she would have known about it because she works in the administration office. Make up your mind, dear.

She just answered her own question as to why no one outside of the bully crew believes her.

Has anyone else noticed that with all the millions of people on twitter only 5 people have a problem with Murt? And all of them ‘flock’ together? They add a whole new meaning to the phrase “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”.

Donna lies

Donna Office


So I ask you, Donna… Which story is true?  Or is any of it true?

You just can’t make this stuff up, people.

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