The Truth About The Stalking Of Murt

A few days ago a twitter account popped up and went straight after attacking Murt.

Murt has been saying for years that he has been stalked, harassed etc. This account just proved again what Murt has been saying is the truth:

troll lp

Date this account was made:

BC sicko

Now for all the disgusting tweets:

troll lp 2

troll lp 3

troll lp 4

troll lp 5

troll lp 6

troll lp 7

troll lp 8

troll lp 9troll lp 10

troll lp 11

After reading through these tweets, only one person hates Murt so much and repeats the same shit over and over again.. Right Michelle McKee?

Just a little FYI – the ‘report pedo’ accounts don’t  believe you. I wont repeat what they said about you 🙂

This one speaks for itself:


More Strange Happenings

Over the holiday week it seems a lot happened. The biggest shocker was the closing of Radio’s blog. I am sure some are happy to see it gone. No one knows why it was closed, many rumors are floating around, but I will not post those rumors.

I was informed since Radio’s blog has been closed, @ExecutionerReal has made threats to pick up where Radio left off:


What is odd about this list in the above tweet is Radio and Executioner seem to hate the same people.  Murt, McGreggor and Holmseth were all involved with the Haleigh Cummings case. I don’t know much about who Tammy is, so I do not know where she fits in. Radio hates me (Nikki) for some unknown reason. I have never had anything to do with the Haleigh Cummings case, so that one is lost on me. This leads me to believe that whom ever Radio and Executioner are/were, are very much involved with the Haleigh Cummings case.

The tweet above was sent out 3 days after Radio closed down its blog. By the sound of the above tweet whoever it is, is  going to attempt to open a new blog to go after said individuals. The only reason I can think of why I am being attacked is because of my twitter connection with Mlee and Murt, and of course our blogs defending Murt against false accusations. We would like to again thank the Anons that looked into Murt and proved he was not a pedophile, as some have claimed he was.

Apparently this is the twitter account associated with the ‘new blog’:



As far as the unleashing of anger on Deneale, I am clueless. Who ever Executioner is seems to be a very unhappy, miserable person in general.

Then I come across this:


Someone just prepared everyone to report him for violating WordPress TOS! OOPS!

Recently 2 names were given to us, which our team will be researching. One person specifically has a personal grudge against Murt. If the information given turns out to be legit, it will explain all the personal attacks on Murt and expose who is behind the nasty blogs. It is also believed that it’s possible the 2 names given could be working as a team.  If that’s true that explains things even more.

In words of Murt….

Stay tuned!

Is Levi Page @ExecutionerREAL?

Something interesting was brought to my attention this morning.  A comparison of 2 different twitter accounts, if you will.


Pudders 1

Pudders 3

Looks like the poor kid has a hard-on for Pudders/Melissa.

Radio and company keep posting personal info about this Melissa person, saying Nikki (who is a contributor of this blog) is her. Seems their sleuthing skills are as much of a failure as Levi’s BlogTalkRadio show.

phone 01

Now here it looks like Executioner is getting a tad touchy on this subject..


I was then directed to the rants in his time line:


Notice the difference in dates on the below tweets. He responds 2 days later? Uumm… stalk much lil buddy?? And why was @Blaiss included when she wasn’t even in the original tweet? Could that be because Levi had been talking to her under his @Levi_Page account? Hhmm..


Since Blaiss was tagged in the tweets I DMed her and asked about the grave stone comment.

According to Blaiss, Pudders started a FaceBook page to have Levi Page removed from his TV appearances, such as HLN. I asked why and was informed Levi Page once used to support the Caylee supporters. Apparently when Casey was top news Levi talked to all the Cayle supporters. Once Casey was no longer news, he did a massive unfollow and started bad mouthing everyone that had anything to do with that group. I find that odd.  She also said the picture he is referring to was not a real tombstone, it was just a plain grey stone with the name Levi on it that was posted on said facebook page, signifying the death of his career.  Now WHY would this ‘Executioner’ person be so upset about that, hm?

Executioner also posted a screen shot from that page saying they have proof that I am Melissa. My understanding is there were over 30 members on that page and everyone who joined had admin access. Soooo that tells me that screen shot he posted from that old page could have been any of the 30 members.

I also asked what happened to the page and it is assumed the page was closed when Melissa decided to exit twitter. So if Executioner is still harping on this issue over a year later, the only conclusion I can reach is that ExecutionerREAL is Levi Page.

I also had a conversation with Murt about the attacks on him. He stated the day he tweeted he was going to team up with the Caylee supporters to help get justice for Caylee, all hell broke loose over at Radio’s blog. This would explain how/why Executioner has access to Radio’s blog; they both have the same unhealthy hatred for the same group of people. Their hatred for the Caylee supporters is beyond the realm of comprehension.  It really is quite disturbing.

Anyway, if you look at the first tweet I posted by Levi Page, to the Blaiss, then look at the rants from Executioner….. Well, you can draw your own conclusion 🙂

Games People Play

I was out in my pool enjoying a quiet evening. I logged back into twitter and my TL was full of BS. Here is just some of it:

sams friends

sams friends 1

sams friends 2

sams friends 3

They thought they would be funny and photoshop these images of what I was suppose to have said:

You guys forgot that these will not show on my TL or anywhere else because I did not say them.

Oh, by the way Carla, if you are going to attack someone, make sure no one else knows who you are.

Everyone meet Cayla AKA @_OhHeyIts_K

AKA a friend of Sam’s, enough said!


Now onto an account that is attacked @An0nPrincess


games 2

games 1

These are the kind of people that Sam aka Anti-bully hang with.

Photoshopped BS

BOIeTO3CcAA30ov.jpg large

BOIdmTtCAAAkgpu.jpg large

Joke is on you Radio, you and your pompous ass friend  that RTed it LOL


More Trouble For McKee

She will never learn to keep her mouth shut.


In the above screen shot Michelle outed a person that was once part of #oprollredroll.

She also threatens to give out the IP of a licensed Private Investigator:


Response by Amy Burch:


Michelle also went on the attack of a Prosecutor:


One day Michelle will write a check her ass can’t cover.

Even the IRC Trout Bot agrees. LOL

trout slap 2

Interesting Blog Find

While looking for an article on line, I came across this blog: Michelle McKee ICB

Interesting blog

By looking at it you can tell there have been no blogs written. The interesting part is, if you put your mouse over the member photo, this blog was started by a Rob McKee.

This is one of Michelle’s very own family members. Read the bio line of the blog. That bio speaks volumes of what her own family thinks of her.

This is not the first time one of Michelle’s family members have done this. Murt has also written 2 blogs containing emails he received from one of Michelle’s family members.  One of which can be read here: MURT’s Blog

To the ones who say, or have said, that Michelle is being picked on for no reason, please read the blog by Joe Monks. His article is in the blog roll section. There are many other blogs/articles written about the abuse they’ve endured from Michelle McKee. There many other blogs listed too about the harassment, stalking and lying that entire group has done.

I also stumbled on this:

petition for MURT

Notice the date is from 2009. This proves yet again that Michelle and company have been harassing Murt along, just as he has stated many times.

I don’t understand what Michelle has against Murt, but she sure has her panties in a bunch about him. She goes on rants and tweets about him almost every day.

There is no end to what Michelle will do to get attention and have others attacked. The reason for her doing so is beyond our realm of thinking.

Prinnie, Not So ‘Princess’!

I am currently bed ridden due to an injury, so I decided to  do some surfing to pass  time. I  ran across some odd stuff in the past 2 days, but this is the one that caught my attention the most.

Prinnie wants all the “newer” people following her to think she is a great person and  does what she can to help others. However, I found a blog from 2 years ago that will tell a very different story.

As you read through this blog I found, you will notice that many of the same people mentioned are the very same group of bullies from the past few months.

What has me baffled is some of the crew have bad mouthed and back stabbed each other relentlessly, yet they still stick together like super glue. Talk about thicker then thieves.

For those who have not read Radio’s comment about Murt’s son:


I added the above screen shot to this blog to show that Prinnie’s ‘friends’ are just as sick minded as she is.

As a reminder, Murt’s son tragically passed away a few years ago. You would think people would have respect for a deceased child and sympathy for the grieving parent. Not this group! They thrive off making others feel like something that is scraped off the bottom of your shoes. Makes you wonder if they have their own personal issue with some (or all) of their family members. The only kind of people who could be so callous are people who don’t have a good relationship (or one at all) with their own child/ren or family members, so they take it out on others.

So, what if the child Murt claims as his son is not his bio son? That is no ones business. You do not have to be a bio parent to love and help raise a child. As long as Murt saw him as his son, then he was Murt’s son. However, by the reaction of Murt to that monstrosity of a shitty thing to say, I believe the child was biologically his. You can see by his blogs he still grieves for his deceased son and wife.


Now onto Prinnie. She too has no respect for a deceased child, or sympathy for a grieving parent:

sbdSBD’s child was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. How much more cruel can this gang get? Others in the bully crew have made comments like: “Murt you are probably the one that killed your own son and wife.”, as seen below.

Other Nasty Comments by Prinnie ‘friends’ About Murt’s Deceased Son and Wife

To show how far back Prinnie and her crew of bullies’ harassment goes:

tox post 2

tox post

This statement from 2009 still very much holds true about Prinnie. Most recently, Prinnie and crew have caused a lot of problems for the town of Steubenville and its residents. Obviously this is a pattern of hers.

I wish those who support Prinnie would wise up and see her for what she really is: stalker, liar, bully, cyber-bully, etc etc etc.. For those of you who supported her in the Steubenville case, and did her dirty work, you’re pretty much screwed. The damage is done, you are at fault (because it could never be her fault) and now she sits back and watches the attacks on you and says/does nothing to defend you. You are now left to defend yourself while she is free to move on to the next case. It is very obvious she does not care what people say or think about you as long as she gets the all the glory for “her work”.

Here is the blog I found with a lot of info on Prinnie: The Bitch Pill

Another sickening blog on Radio ripping apart Murt’s deceased son: Radio’s Cyberbully Rant

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