Deric Lostutter Still Famewhoring

This picture was taken from his Instagram account:


Wrong again, Deric. No female involved here. This is 2 gay men. Once again trying to rally people w/ false info:


Crock of shit

Image for above screen shot:


This one had half of twittering rolling with laughter..


This one has be in tears from laughing so hard..

Here’s where  Lostutter’s excess funds really go to: a fake rehab stay and the Hilton.


Yup. Definitely a throw away number. Is this the business started with the indiegogo fundraiser?


Is the rehab center in a Hilton Hotel?


Lostutter’s Hotel Room service from “when he was in rehab” for 5 days.


I set up a wepay account and asked for funds to help me pay bills. REALLY? Looks like everyone’s hard earned money went to your luxuries..


Yup he doesn’t know how to hack at all does he. Face palm!


And another Instagram pic of Lostutter, claiming to be a hacker.


And more ego fagging..


And further exploitation of the anon name.


Is this that New Truck Deric’s friends have been bitching about?


Thank you to Don Carpenter for the great commentary.

Deric aka KYAnonymous Caught In Another Lie

This blog will need few words. His actions speak for themselves.


Don Carpenter’s inquiry: BPeGe8OCEAImzYs

Don Carpenter’s blog on this issue: Deric Lostutter/ Ky anonymous lying about Steubenville Grand Jury?

Deric will never learn.

Response to Don Carpenter:


KY Has Illegal Wepay Funds?

There has been a lot of talk about Deric and his defense lawyers pulling some shady stunt. Many people have contacted the wepay site that Deric is using to collect defense funds. In an earlier blog it was stated that the wepay for Deric is illegally being used:  KY No Longer A “Star”

Some  people who have contacted wepay received this reply:

BNuk25FCEAEpind.png large

It was kindly brought to Deric’s attention that what his lawyer is doing is against wepay TOS.


Notice the date of June 25, 2013 on above screen shot.

Today it has been brought to my attention that Deric left a post regarding his wepay account on his Facebook page:


Then there’s this….

BNxRntFCIAEMdK6.png large


Updated on Nov 7, 2013

Anti-KY WePay Shutdown

KY No Longer A “Star”

When Deric/KY came back on twitter stating he was raided by the FBI many people rallied around him and donated money to his defense fund. As the days went on, many saw the true intentions of Deric when it came to the Steubenville case and he lost the support of many.

low turn out

Drop The charges against Deric Lostutter/ Ky Anonymous Rally in Columbus, Ohio Has Low Turnout

Now his wepay for his defense fund is in question:


7. Prohibited Activities

This is the amount that Deric’s defense fund is supposed to have raised to date:


A few things that have many up in arms are; 1) He asked for money for food and gas. 2 ) As shown in one of our  previous blogs Deric was showing off a new Anonymous tattoo. 3 ) Also shown in a previous blog, Deric gets rude with people once they have donated money.

Deric has sunk his boat by his own actions. People that once rallied with him in #opredrollred have now shunned him. People who once supported him via blogs etc,  now have a different view of Deric.

This just in, 200,000 people may now be at risk of being looked into by the FBI because they signed Deric’s petition: Petition To Stop Case Against Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed Rapists Garners 200,000 Signatures


Man Removes His ‘Anonymous’ Mask After Steubenville Rape Trial

What happened to all your supporters Deric?

Problems Caused By Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous

A few days ago I saw a tweet saying an Anon got raided by FBI due to connection with Deric/KY. It’s a shame that so many got sucked into the drama of a lie filled stories. Some, on the other hand, deserve what they get.


Tonight a blog about this came across my TL. Here is the blog: AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI

It is really sad Deric/KY wanted attention and fame so badly he didn’t care about anyone but himself.

If anyone knows, or has proof of another person being raided or arrested due to Deric/KY, please @ me and I will add it to this blog.


Wrong ‘Target’

We have been sent many screen shots of things KY and other have said or done. In this blog will be a collection of those things.

KY tweet

It seems Cody was main target from the very beginning:



Wasn’t it a proven fact that Jane’s son was not there that night? I guess Michelle left out that detail, nor did she apologize to Jane for this tweet.


UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM excuse me, but wasn’t it all of you that ruined the lives of many innocent people?


Another lie that was spread and never apologized for:


Proof that they went after Nodianos to have his scholarship revoked. DJ019

Anyone see a pattern here yet? Everything they accuse others of doing are the very things they themselves are doing. Talk about attention reversal.


I don’t know who Prinnie is referring to in this blog comment. But doesn’t it sound just like what Prinnie and company did to Steubenville?


Holly, since you defended Prinnie, i was wondering did you know what she really thinks of you and your husband?



I don’t know who this is or why it was in the screen shot package sent. But this person about sums up very nicely what this crew has done to people like the Steubenville locals.

Geri B

Excuse me, your blog is filled with what?



Read what poster said on right hand side. There was never apologies for this lie either:

comment on right side

From what i heard this was not a set up:


I have yet to figure out how it is Lee’s fault. KY is old enough to know better:

KY attack


Doxing of a minor and proudly RTed by KY:



MCNutt threat

Who is “WE” and what are you going to do to someone’s child? It is horrible that the 12 year old committed suicide. But you do NOT go on a rant threatening others children.


p products 4

Good question. Prinnie is the one that started the whole mess.

Prinnie rallies


Sville teacher

Admitting you posted such items that contain social security numbers? tisk tisk




Really? The boys were already arrested before Prinnie even said a word:


YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please say this isn’t so:


A Disgrace To The Mask

Let me start off with what Deric Lostutter/KY’s supporters think of the Anons who are incarcerated. This is part of a comment left on my blog I did about incarcerated Anons needing donations.  This comment is directed toward a specific Anon who was featured in that blog.


To all you woman who donated to Deric’s ‘fund’, do you like being called a bitch and sluts? Deric seems to think so:

More of Deric’s thoughts:

Deric’s thoughts about the poor and more:

Mutli-talented KYanonymous is also more talented and thug than Soulja Boy?

Now if you remember in the video posted above he said he was poor? Well lets see some of Deric’s toys:


Wonder if he thought about selling his bike to raise money for lawyer fees.


Did he think about selling these too?

Or this one (notice the type of gloves):

This is what many think of Deric:

BMcPvPUCUAA1DmS.jpg large

Mo Show

That saying about sums Deric/KYA up 🙂

Proof of egofaging?


Deric’s crimes against the mask: Crimes Against The Mask

Updated  June 12, 2013

KY feds

From the Anonpaste that announced #KnightSec #OpRollRedRoll


Notice all the threats made to people who were not there?

Keep in mind the arrests were already made before Deric/KY and Goddard got involved. The following are threats made by Deric and others to people that were  not arrested:


A copy of the search warrant Deric posted: Search And Seizure Warrant

Just a reminder, if any of your names are on any of the files, phones, logs etc that was seized, you too may be raided. All the while Deric is collecting funds for his lawyer. Where does that leave everyone else who may be compromised? Food for thought…HUH?

Hey Jay, what about all the other #Anonymous members who have actually been charged? And what about those who could be charged with the info confiscated during the raid on Derc? With the items that were seized, it’s possible other Anons could be charged. Once again, Deric only cares about saving his own ass and screw everyone else.


Last year Deric wore big boy panties:

BMl6CPJCUAASye6.png large

This year he had to resort to under ro’s:

BMl6XmACEAIMcoJ.png large

Exclusive: Leader Of Anonymous Steubenville Op On Being Raided By The FBI

Steubenville PD Chief: KYAnonymous involved in “more than just Steubenville”

KYanonymous:The Internet’s Newest Fame-whore

KY lies

KYAnonymous: Hacker, Rapper and God (barf)

BM_5j8BCUAA-NXA.jpg large

Just a FYI update: Deric either closed his woman hating YouTube videos or made them private. Don’t worry Deric 1000’s of people already know about them. 🙂

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