More Rubbish By Sam Cook

I was asked to put a blog together to show more rubbish Sam Cook spewed out. These are text messages sent between Sam and an ex friend of hers over the past day or so.





Let’s not forget the “mammabear” user name Sam used to comment under on a certain blog. You can read her comments here:

I have read several tweets that Sam Cook was telling everyone she was personal friends of the Steubenville Jane Doe and her family. She’s even texted some people and said “she was sitting in their house” right then. Apparently this is not true, as the family said they’ve never met her, or even know who she is.

I hope others are starting to see that the Steubenville case was NOT about Jane Doe, but was a personal vendetta against people of the town that were disliked for one reason or another. Including teachers, law enforcement, lawyers, locals, etc.

It’s very saddening to see there are those who had to “jump on the bandwagon” for the littlest bit of attention. Is your life that empty? Apparently so. Very, very sad.

Sam Cook’s Bullying Ways

I noticed Sam Cook now has #OpAntiBully on her profile. It’s pretty obvious whoever allowed her to sport that hashtag did not do their research.  But, who am I to judge?  I’ll let you decide for yourself (handles have been redacted to protect the innocent)


“House full of Anons”??3

Calling people nasty names:


Why are you going after a Jane Doe??


And WHY would you say this to her??



Sicking a friend on her EX boyfriends crush.


I have no words….




WOW! Just wow. And Sam is supposed to be a nurse??


Just a side note: If you search Ohio court records you will get an eye full, including Sam stealing the identity of an 85 year old patient of hers, stealing his credit card and using it.  Yes, this particular case was ‘dismissed’, but only because Sam set up a payment plan and the poor old man was nice enough to oblige.

Great Anti-Bully representative. smh

Update 8/20/13:

These screen shots were sent to me this morning. I didn’t even know these tweets existed, but bonus for us 🙂




Update Aug 21,2013

#OPAntiBully should take a serious look at whom they have as an “advocate”. Trashy mouths like this makes everyone involved with said person look bad.

whore hag

Making Fun Of Emotionally and Mentally Stressed Children?? Really??

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more disgusted with the horrible remarks the bully crew makes about others, this one pops up.  Are you serious with this crap????


HOW is it funny that these children in Steubenville, who were wrongly accused of be affiliated with the rape of Jane Doe at a party, are stressed out because they’re being harassed??  WHO is responsible for the false rumors that led to this??  Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee, Sam Cook, Holly Briley, Donna Fosnight, just to name a few.  And some of these women have children??  Dear God in heaven have mercy on them!

I have no idea who this Executioner person is, but judging by the language, I’d say it’s either a sock of one of the above people, or someone else who is involved with them.  Either way, I am completely outraged and disgusted by the disrespectful tweet mocking the children of Steubenville.

These children have been through enough abuse at the hands of Goddard and company, especially the innocent ones who were viciously attacked and their personal information plastered all over the internet. Why does this group continue to bully these children? Because they think it is funny? How is making fun of children funny? We all know damn well if it was one of YOUR children, you’d fight tooth and nail to make these bullies stop harassing them.

And to call every parent in Steubenville a bad parent is completely ridiculous!  I remember a blog about a certain parent in which their own child called them a nut case. So, before you start dissing on other parents make sure your own closet is squeaky clean.

And to the piece of crap who calls them self “Executioner”, karma is a bitch if you are, and you definitely are.  Go crawl back in the hole your ghetto ass emerged from.

List of sick minded people that RTed that trash is as follows: @Vestaswind @jimby1227 @SHERRIMAMA and of course, @misspell


Added this screen shot on May 20, 2013:



This comment was left on Radio’s blog.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.