A Big YIKES By Michelle McKee!

Yesterday Michelle tweeted that Prinnie’s father was awarded a Purple Heart, one of our Nations highest honors.

Purple Heart

Today this tweet was sent out:

Purple Heart 2

There is a website enclosed in the tweet about The Purple Heart: National Purple Heart Hall Of Honor

When you search for Kenneth W. Goddard, this is what you get:

Purple Heart 3

When is Prinnie going to tell Michelle to STFU? Michelle has outed Prinnie for not being a US Citizen and now she lies about her father.  What will be next, Prinnie’s dad ran for President??

No she tries to back track:

bronze star

Very easy to look that up too: Recipients of the Bronze Star Medal

Bronze star 2

This is the ONLY Goddard listed as ever receiving the Bronze Star:


Would you like to try again? This is fun. LOL

Could Alex Goddard/Prinnie Be Deported?

Many folks are finding out Goddard is not a US citizen.Alex

Goddard allowed people to leave comments attacking, harassing, bashing, threatening a minor and even spread lies and has the nerve to want to stand behind the US 1st Amendment to protect her ass. If she wants to the US Rights to protect her ass, why not just become a US citizen? I can answer that question. If she applies and becomes a US citizen she will lose her German status: Dual Citizenship for German Nationals in the US (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)

The question has been asked if the ACLU knew Goddard was not a US citizen when they represented her in the Cody Saltman’s case. I don’t know that answer, but I would be interested in an answer from the ACLU about this.

Goddard has also tried to bed MANY of our married  US servicemen. Wonder if she cares what will happen to the married servicemen if caught dating her or having  sexual relations with her: Legal Separation, Adultery and the UCMJ I doubt she cares.

Some have questioned if she has to pay taxes on her website sales, here is the answer: (providing she has a legal green card): Taxation of Resident Aliens

Some even questioned DOES she pay the taxes. That question I can not answer.

I wonder if Goddard notifies the USCIS every time she changes residents or goes into ‘hiding’: Grounds of Deportation

Failure to Register and Falsification of Documents:

A person is deportable if he or she either (a) commits document fraud; (b) fails to notify the USCIS in writing of address change as required by law; or (c) claim false U.S. citizenship.

While searching for more information on deportation I found this: Basic Facts About Removal (Deportation) Because of a Criminal Record

Q: What are the other common reasons for deportation due to criminal records?

A: In addition to the above situation, greencard holders could encounter deportation problems if they are convicted of the following crimes:

  1. Two or more crimes involving moral turpitude at anytime; or
  2. A drug-related crime; or
  3. A crime considered an “aggravated felony,” which includes things like murder, rape, drug trafficking, fraud (over $10,000); and crimes involving theft or violence (including drunk driving) where a judge sentenced you to one year or more of jail time (regardless of your actual time spent in jail).

Criminal convictions that fall within the last group are especially bad because many common types of legal relief, such as asylum, family petition and cancellation of removal are not available to aggravated felons.

This is why Goddard fought so hard to keep the Saltsman case from going to trial. She didn’t do it to protect the people that left comments. She did it to protect her own ass from being deported. Here is what the case would have created for Goddard: Moral turpitude.

By allowing the mean and nasty comments she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By not stopping the lies about Jane Doe being urinated and defecated on, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By not standing up for the minors who were “doxed” she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By knowing the illegal actions some did, for example hacking into Steubenville school website, and saying nothing, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By knowing emails were hacked into and said nothing, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. And the list goes on…

Now, explain to me how she ‘did it all for Jane Doe’?  I think it’s pretty obvious by now that was a lie too.


Ironic Tattoo?

So I decided to Google the meaning of the tattoo in the pic Prinnie tweeted of her wrist a couple days ago and this is what I found (please be sure not to have food or drink in your mouth before reading further)…

Semper Veritas – Latin – Meaning:  Always the Truth


Prinnies tat


I think we all know “always the truth” is far from what Prinnie is.  Just ask the people of Steubenville.

Where was her truthfulness then? To date Prinnie has not given any type of apology to all those innocent people she and others unnecessarily hurt. If she wants to be “truthful”, then let’s get on with it already!

Am I the only one who is reminded of another “infamous” tattoo that was just as sickening??

Caseys tat

Neither of them have ever owned up to their lies that destroyed innocent peoples live… Oddly enough, both act as if they did absolutely nothing wrong.

Can’t Stop Laughing!

This is priceless:


Many hours later I am still laughing. Yes, Michelle, I’m sure thousands of people are knocking on your door asking for help. You make a bigger fool of yourself every time you send out a tweet like this.

As we have all seen, everything Michelle gets involved with is full of drama, lies, and hate. Looks like people have wised up and stay away from asking Michelle for help. The latest Anon op was cancelled due to Michelle and Prinnie posting the personal cell phone number of a sheriff: Caught Red Handed  Then Michelle tried to claim she got the number elsewhere, but was caught in that lie too: Caught Red Handed Part 2. As you can see in the screen shot provided in the blog Michelle and Prinnie are the one who authored and published the pastebin. Soon after, Anonymous withdrew the op: Anonymous Withdraws From Op Due To Interference By 3rd Party.

I find it funny Michelle thinks people spend a lot of time defaming her.

Note to Michelle:  You defame yourself every time you tweet.

Making Fun Of Emotionally and Mentally Stressed Children?? Really??

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more disgusted with the horrible remarks the bully crew makes about others, this one pops up.  Are you serious with this crap????


HOW is it funny that these children in Steubenville, who were wrongly accused of be affiliated with the rape of Jane Doe at a party, are stressed out because they’re being harassed??  WHO is responsible for the false rumors that led to this??  Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee, Sam Cook, Holly Briley, Donna Fosnight, just to name a few.  And some of these women have children??  Dear God in heaven have mercy on them!

I have no idea who this Executioner person is, but judging by the language, I’d say it’s either a sock of one of the above people, or someone else who is involved with them.  Either way, I am completely outraged and disgusted by the disrespectful tweet mocking the children of Steubenville.

These children have been through enough abuse at the hands of Goddard and company, especially the innocent ones who were viciously attacked and their personal information plastered all over the internet. Why does this group continue to bully these children? Because they think it is funny? How is making fun of children funny? We all know damn well if it was one of YOUR children, you’d fight tooth and nail to make these bullies stop harassing them.

And to call every parent in Steubenville a bad parent is completely ridiculous!  I remember a blog about a certain parent in which their own child called them a nut case. So, before you start dissing on other parents make sure your own closet is squeaky clean.

And to the piece of crap who calls them self “Executioner”, karma is a bitch if you are, and you definitely are.  Go crawl back in the hole your ghetto ass emerged from.

List of sick minded people that RTed that trash is as follows: @Vestaswind @jimby1227 @SHERRIMAMA and of course, @misspell


Added this screen shot on May 20, 2013:


Asking For Truth To Be Revealed

@Judicious1_ asked some bloggers to post that the information Goddard gathered about the Steubenville rape case already in the hands of the proper authorities.  I am not sure if any of the other bloggers posted it for her or not. I, however, am more than happy to post it. If you remember, in a previous article I did, there was a statement from law enforcement stating the very same thing Judicious did here:

Asking for help

Nothing that Goddard “collected” was of any use to any of the law enforcement because they had already made the 2 arrest and had already collected copies of the ‘evidence’ Goddard had “collected”.

The only thing that Goddard and company did add to the case were all the lies to gain the attention they so desperately crave.  She did nothing but interfere in the investigation and almost hindered it.

As a reminder, Goddard was NOT the first person to write about the Steubenville case. But she got what she wanted (her 15 minutes of ‘fame’) until everyone started figuring out she lied about most of the ‘evidence’ and realized her true intentions of inserting herself into this case.

A message to Goddard and the rest of the crew who spread so many lies about innocent people in Steubenville:



This comment was left on Radio’s blog.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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