Making Fun Of Emotionally and Mentally Stressed Children?? Really??

Just when you thought you couldn’t get more disgusted with the horrible remarks the bully crew makes about others, this one pops up.  Are you serious with this crap????


HOW is it funny that these children in Steubenville, who were wrongly accused of be affiliated with the rape of Jane Doe at a party, are stressed out because they’re being harassed??  WHO is responsible for the false rumors that led to this??  Alexandria Goddard, Michelle McKee, Sam Cook, Holly Briley, Donna Fosnight, just to name a few.  And some of these women have children??  Dear God in heaven have mercy on them!

I have no idea who this Executioner person is, but judging by the language, I’d say it’s either a sock of one of the above people, or someone else who is involved with them.  Either way, I am completely outraged and disgusted by the disrespectful tweet mocking the children of Steubenville.

These children have been through enough abuse at the hands of Goddard and company, especially the innocent ones who were viciously attacked and their personal information plastered all over the internet. Why does this group continue to bully these children? Because they think it is funny? How is making fun of children funny? We all know damn well if it was one of YOUR children, you’d fight tooth and nail to make these bullies stop harassing them.

And to call every parent in Steubenville a bad parent is completely ridiculous!  I remember a blog about a certain parent in which their own child called them a nut case. So, before you start dissing on other parents make sure your own closet is squeaky clean.

And to the piece of crap who calls them self “Executioner”, karma is a bitch if you are, and you definitely are.  Go crawl back in the hole your ghetto ass emerged from.

List of sick minded people that RTed that trash is as follows: @Vestaswind @jimby1227 @SHERRIMAMA and of course, @misspell


Added this screen shot on May 20, 2013:


On Line Restraining Order

Just when you thought Donna has said every stupid thing in the book, she comes out with something even dumber.

restraining order


This is how it will go down:

Donna: I want you to serve a restraining order on someone.

Lawyer: For what?

Donna: They keep making fun of me and the lies I tweet.

Lawyer: Ok, What is the persons name?

Donna: The twitter account is @Queen_Sleuth

Lawyer: No, I mean the real name.

Donna: Oh, I don’t know.

Lawyer: What is this persons address?

Donna: I don’t know.

Lawyer: What state does this person live in?

Donna: I don’t know.

Lawyer: Let me see if I understand you correctly; You want me to file a restraining order on a person you do not know the name of, or where they live, because they are making fun of your lies?

Donna: Yes

Lawyer: Well Donna all I can say to you is this:  SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP!  Either stop tweeting bullshit lies or get off the internet!

Donna: but, but, but…..


New Recruit

Well it seems McKee and company found themselves a new recruit to go after Murt.

Jeff – before you get involved with that group, I suggest you read through this blog. They’re nothing less than complete nut cases (and that is being nice). With all the millions of people on twitter, only 6 people seem to have a problem with Murt.  And what a surprise that all 6 are in one group.

This bully crew already tried getting Anonymous to go after Murt, but they quickly caught on that it was nothing more than personal vendetta and jumped ship. I would suggest you do the same before they drag you down with them.


What makes me laugh at the above screen shots is this Jeff guy is calling Murt a dumbfuck for tweeting at 3-4am, yet he’s tweeting back to him??  Oh the irony!  That right there should tell you something about this fool.

McKee has been trying for YEARS to have Murt arrested for the disappearance of Trenton Duckett and she has FAILED every time because he is innocent as stated by the local law enforcement there.

What is wrong with being involved with looking for a missing child? Isn’t that what good people do is help others? As far as I know NONE from that group has ever been involved in looking for a missing child. They just sit behind a computer screen   bitching about others who have been involved with searches and what they did ‘wrong’.

They will tell lie upon lie just to start drama in their pitiful lives. When it comes to attacks on Murt, McKee seems to always be the leader of the pack. She is beyond obsessed with him. She is like a scorned lover going after an ex. If I didn’t know any better I would think she was madly in love with Murt and he turned her down, so that is why she lashes out at him.

So to Jeff I would like to say….. RUN, JEFF, RUN!!!!  Before it is to late!!

OOPS! Someone Outed Herself!

I have seen a lot of DUH moments from the bully group, but this one has to be one of the best.

Remember a few blogs ago when I said someone was using an Akron Uni IP under the @M2KFLA twitter account and leaving threatening comments on this and Murts blog? Well Donna finally admitted it was her and here’s the proof in black and white.

Donna admit1

I find the above comment from Donna rather amusing tho… It’s as if she’s talking about herself and her bully ‘friends’.  Project much?

And HOW would you know what an advocate is?  You sit behind your computer spewing nothing but hate and vileness, bullying those who don’t agree with you.

Do you volunteer in your local community to help stop bullying and violence?  Do you help spread the word about the horrible things happening in today’s society via blog or website?  Do you go to your local soup kitchen and help out where needed?  Do you donate what you can to your local shelter?

So, Donna finally admitted to making up that fake twitter account. Why would she use the name M2KFLA you ask? To mock Murt, of course. His is M2KFL; one letter off.

Also if you remember, she got mad because Akron Uni was contacted regarding someone using their IP to threaten others. Donna went on a rant saying we called and got her fired, etc.  I never called them; I only emailed the screen shot of proof of what someone was using their IP for, as I’m sure they would not want that type of activity on their network.

A few tweets later she said she does not work there and never has. Then she tweeted again later that if any of us would have “called” Akron Uni to report the abuse of their IP she would have known about it because she works in the administration office. Make up your mind, dear.

She just answered her own question as to why no one outside of the bully crew believes her.

Has anyone else noticed that with all the millions of people on twitter only 5 people have a problem with Murt? And all of them ‘flock’ together? They add a whole new meaning to the phrase “Birds Of A Feather Flock Together”.

Donna lies

Donna Office


So I ask you, Donna… Which story is true?  Or is any of it true?

You just can’t make this stuff up, people.

Threats Made To Stuebenville OH Locals

I am going to post screen shots by the very same people who lied about the evidence in the Big Red rape case. These very same people are now threatening others in Stuebenville.

This group has even threatened to go as far as trying to have a teacher fired.



It has been brought to my attention that more and more of the Stuebenville locals are getting their information plastered all over the internet. Who is posting this personal information? The locals are outing each other. Why? Because the very same group that has brought national attention to your town are still the very same people lying to you so that you fight each other. WISE UP STUEBENVILLE and look around you.

Instead of fight amongst each other you need to rally together and tell @Prinniedidit @Hollyshere @MichelleLMcKee @Djay1031 @RadioNewzBlog to leave your town alone! They are your enemies, not your neighbors. The more you fight with each other, the more this group is going to feed the frenzy.  Do you think they care about you or your town? The answer is NO. They only care about their 15 minutes of fame.

They used the Anonymous name to make fake accounts for the purpose of attacking your town and the people who live within. The true anons have big hearts and want justice for all those that are/were wronged. This group used that big heart to get more people involved. Once the true Anons figured out what was really going on, they backed off. The bullies went and made more Anon accounts to make it look like the number of Anons involved was much more than there actually is. The true Anons who showed up at the rallies were there under false pretenses. Once they realized they were duped, they back away from the case.

This group is going to contact the school and try and have a teacher fired. What is the purpose of that? They want the coach strung by his private parts. They want people arrested for the rape that were not even there. Why? Because they chose to do/say stupid things. They want some of the police and sheriff department fired. Why? Because this group feels that the police did not do their jobs. If they weren’t doing their jobs the 2 boys would not have been arrested.

This group took it upon themselves to play judge and jury of what they feel should have been done.

The more you fight among each other, the stronger this group will get. Stand up and say enough is enough and take back your town. They will continue to pit you against each other as long as you allow it.

They have torn your town apart. STAND UP, STAND PROUD, AND SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!! LEAVE US ALONE!!!!


Disgusting Behaviour

I have read a lot of disgusting things on the internet, but this one has to be one of the worst. How or why would any sane mother send pictures of her daughters to a perfect stranger?

How do you know he is not a rapist, a molester and the list can go on. I am not saying he is, I’m just saying you don’t know who could be on the other end of that computer.

Not only were pictures sent, but also their email address. I guess some parents just don’t care.

Writing this blog is making me ill, so I will just post the screen shots and let you judge for yourself.Daughter4



And the mother of these girls claims to be a rape survivor? Well these screen shots prove that is a lie. NO rape survivor would do this to their own daughters.