Could Alex Goddard/Prinnie Be Deported?

Many folks are finding out Goddard is not a US citizen.Alex

Goddard allowed people to leave comments attacking, harassing, bashing, threatening a minor and even spread lies and has the nerve to want to stand behind the US 1st Amendment to protect her ass. If she wants to the US Rights to protect her ass, why not just become a US citizen? I can answer that question. If she applies and becomes a US citizen she will lose her German status: Dual Citizenship for German Nationals in the US (Beibehaltungsgenehmigung)

The question has been asked if the ACLU knew Goddard was not a US citizen when they represented her in the Cody Saltman’s case. I don’t know that answer, but I would be interested in an answer from the ACLU about this.

Goddard has also tried to bed MANY of our married  US servicemen. Wonder if she cares what will happen to the married servicemen if caught dating her or having  sexual relations with her: Legal Separation, Adultery and the UCMJ I doubt she cares.

Some have questioned if she has to pay taxes on her website sales, here is the answer: (providing she has a legal green card): Taxation of Resident Aliens

Some even questioned DOES she pay the taxes. That question I can not answer.

I wonder if Goddard notifies the USCIS every time she changes residents or goes into ‘hiding’: Grounds of Deportation

Failure to Register and Falsification of Documents:

A person is deportable if he or she either (a) commits document fraud; (b) fails to notify the USCIS in writing of address change as required by law; or (c) claim false U.S. citizenship.

While searching for more information on deportation I found this: Basic Facts About Removal (Deportation) Because of a Criminal Record

Q: What are the other common reasons for deportation due to criminal records?

A: In addition to the above situation, greencard holders could encounter deportation problems if they are convicted of the following crimes:

  1. Two or more crimes involving moral turpitude at anytime; or
  2. A drug-related crime; or
  3. A crime considered an “aggravated felony,” which includes things like murder, rape, drug trafficking, fraud (over $10,000); and crimes involving theft or violence (including drunk driving) where a judge sentenced you to one year or more of jail time (regardless of your actual time spent in jail).

Criminal convictions that fall within the last group are especially bad because many common types of legal relief, such as asylum, family petition and cancellation of removal are not available to aggravated felons.

This is why Goddard fought so hard to keep the Saltsman case from going to trial. She didn’t do it to protect the people that left comments. She did it to protect her own ass from being deported. Here is what the case would have created for Goddard: Moral turpitude.

By allowing the mean and nasty comments she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By not stopping the lies about Jane Doe being urinated and defecated on, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By not standing up for the minors who were “doxed” she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By knowing the illegal actions some did, for example hacking into Steubenville school website, and saying nothing, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. By knowing emails were hacked into and said nothing, she committed ‘moral turpitude’. And the list goes on…

Now, explain to me how she ‘did it all for Jane Doe’?  I think it’s pretty obvious by now that was a lie too.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Observer
    Aug 17, 2013 @ 16:51:33

    I really don’t think this person or her buddy, holly, know how to tell the truth, so does this surprise anyone?


  2. James Quinn
    Nov 17, 2013 @ 06:42:09

    Interesting definitions you have for moral turpitude. But, for anyone to think that the govt is doing anything about criminal green card holders is just not realistic.

    My ex came in on student visa yet never went to school and worked illegally for three years (student visa fraud). Got green card by not mentioning her first arrest for theft (material misrepresentation). Failed to mention it again when conditions were removed (again material misrepresentation). Has acquired four additional theft convictions (crimes of moral turpitude). Denied citizenship 2 years ago but continues to reside in US and break our laws. Goes in and out of the country like she’s a citizen. Unfortunately I found this all out after the fact. It’s ICE that needs reform not the immigration laws. And yes, all these allegations (and the supporting documentation) have been submitted to ICE, USCIS, Homeland Security, Obama, and numerous senators and congressmen.


    • The Big Bombshell
      Jan 22, 2014 @ 01:57:48

      I am sorry you had to endure these things. What we have on our side is that we have Alexandria on national tv and many other news sources lying and promoting more lies.There are many laws she and many others have broken. The FBI and many other agencies are documenting everything she does. It is only a matter of time before she is backed into a corner that she will never be able to get out of. The more her BFF Michelle McKee runs her mouth the deeper in shit Alexandria becomes. Her day will come.


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