Is Michelle McKee Turning Against Anonymous?

Well, Well, Well, looks like Michelle is once again ‘switching sides’.

Apparently @0fficialAce wrote a blog making fun the Anons that use the state initials of which they are from. He bashed them from hell and back. I personally don’t like to promote this kind of blog, but I think Anons should see what Ace and his friends think of Anonymous: “Hi, I’m Anonymous from (insert state name here)..”

The reason I am doing this blog is because a couple of Michelle’s “best friends” are KYAnonymous/Deric Lostutter, who claims to be anon, and @Anon_WV, who is anon.  Deric got himself in some serious hot water over the Steubenville case when he hooked up with Michelle. Now it seems she has turned her back on all #Anonymous members by RTing this blog:


This RT should prove to ALL #Anonymous that Michelle does not care about anyone but herself. She only uses them when she sees fit and this should be a warning to anyone who thinks Michelle is someone to align with.

Then there’s this…


Ace can kick and scream all he wants that RTs are not endorsements, Why would anyone in their right mind RT such a nasty blog about the very same people you are always begging help from?

I have many Anon followers, I would NEVER RT a nasty blog like that against them after spending countless hours begging them for help. Also why would you support anyone that feels that way about the people you beg for help?

Just an FYI Ace, I don’t care who you tweet, my problem is with Michelle supporting your mean blog against Anonymous when it is the Anons she begs day in and day out for help.

proof Michelle supports Aces thoughts of Anonymous:



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Aug 16, 2013 @ 16:36:41

    The only side Michelle McKee is on is her own. She has seen the writing on the wall and is backing away from those she supported. She may use some excuse when it comes to retweeting that article in order to keep whatever support she has from Anonymous. Sooner or later, however, the EXPERIENCED anonymous members will catch on to the real her. The question will then be if anonymous is going to catch on in time to avoid a visit from her FED connections. Indications is that it is likely too late for some who may see a “Fed ex” truck at their front door.



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