More Proof Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous Is A Lying, Scamming Fraud

First we would like to say we are happy to see Don Carpenter doing so well after his awful stabbing ordeal.

Since he has been back, he has been hard at work exposing Deric as the fraud many of us knew he was. Don has resources many of us do not and we would like to thank Don for his hard work and dedication.

Here is a twitlonger Don sent out yesterday:

don ky

It’s sad some people are in jail because of Deric’s selfishness. The ones who deserve to be in jail (like Deric and a few others) are still free to troll the interwebz. Maybe one day their wrong doings will catch up with them and they will soon find themselves on the inside of a jail cell looking out.

We too have been working at exposing Deric for the fraud he is, as you’ve seen in previous blogs we’ve published. We have used many screen shots of him begging for money for such things as dog food, groceries, rent, medicine, etc. Him asking for rent is rich, seeing as how in his interviews he states his girlfriend inherited that home from her family. Yet another lie.

The wepay that put many into a tail spin was the account that was supposed to be for his “lawyer” to defend Deric from Federal “charges”. As if yet, Deric has not been charged with anything. There have been many tweets about his lawyer being pro-bono, so why was there a need to set up the wepay account for his ‘attorney fees’? There has also been the question, “what will happen to that money if Deric is never charged”? According to Deric and his lawyer, the money will be returned to those who donated. We shall see if that actually happens. My guess is they’ll find some way to spend it on non-existent “legal fees”.

The twitlonger posted above should make you wonder why Deric is still out of jail with access to the internet. Many raids have been conducted and many have admitted it was because of their involvement with Deric . That has ‘snitch’ written all over it. Unfortunately anyone who donated, or signed his silly little ‘petition’, are in danger of being looked into by the FBI as well.

Don also wrote an article about the many false statements Deric has posted: Did Ky Anonymous purposely mislead the Steubenville protesters?

Dons article states many of the same things this blog has been stating for months. Because we called Deric and his minions out we have been called liars, we’ve been bashed on other blogs, trolled, harassed, etc, but it appears we were right along. We are thankful that people like Don are interested in finding the truth and have been digging to get to the bottom of all the lies that are being put out by those selfish people with personal vendetta’s.


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Aug 03, 2013 @ 22:03:23

    The kind of investigation that has targeted KY and others normally takes about 3-6 months of leg work by the feds before any indictments are handed down. The earliest that we could see anything done with KY is in September provided he is not cooperating with the feds to avoid prosecution. If we see a number of people convicted of computer crimes related to Moore and Opredroll arrested and convicted and He not charged, it will be a clear indication that he turned informant against anonymous and anyone else involved with the actions being investigated.



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