Michelle’s “Woe Is Me” Bullshit

The Soap Box Rants

I came across a fun little “woe is me” blog of Michelle’s, which of course she claims is ‘the truth’ (LOL), so I am adding the REAL truth here:

Why did the Steubenville rape case need national exposure? Without it, I don’t think there would have been a snowball in Hell’s chance that all those who assaulted Jane Doe, photographed her, and stood by doing nothing to help her, would have ever been held accountable for their actions, and inaction as it were, in a court of law without the eyes of the world focused upon them and our Nation breathing down their neck.
– The boys were arrested and the investigation was underway before you got involved.
The persistent, unrelenting online harassment of Jane Doe by the bourgeois trash within what is left of Steubenville would have gone unnoticed and the bullying would have likely continued, which could very…

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