Deric aka KYAnonymous Caught In Another Lie

This blog will need few words. His actions speak for themselves.


Don Carpenter’s inquiry: BPeGe8OCEAImzYs

Don Carpenter’s blog on this issue: Deric Lostutter/ Ky anonymous lying about Steubenville Grand Jury?

Deric will never learn.

Response to Don Carpenter:



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Jul 19, 2013 @ 15:51:56

    Mr. Lostutter seems to enjoy being the center of attention which may speak to his rather dumb actions when it comes to the rumor mongering that he is engaged in. Grand juries are secret proceedings. Anyone disclosing any information regarding who may or may not face indictments is subject to some rather severe prison terms.

    Witnesses are generally interviewed by individual investigators and then their interviews are given to the Grand Jury to deliberate. A Grand Jury is unique in that they can ask for the witnesses to be brought before them to be question by one or more of the members. As far as can be determined, this has not been done. The Grand Jury is in the early stages of investigation.

    As to how far the investigation will go, that will be determined by the State Atty and what is uncovered in their investigation. I highly doubt that there will be anything out of the Grand Jury before September at the earliest.

    What Lostutter and those affiliated with Anonymous need to worry about is the FEDERAL investigation that is under way. This investigation may be where all of those indictments he is talking about is coming from.

    Those indictments will most certainly contain the names of Anonymous members as well as those who had a direct role in assisting Anonymous with their actions.



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