Sam Cook’s Bullying Ways

I noticed Sam Cook now has #OpAntiBully on her profile. It’s pretty obvious whoever allowed her to sport that hashtag did not do their research.  But, who am I to judge?  I’ll let you decide for yourself (handles have been redacted to protect the innocent)


“House full of Anons”??3

Calling people nasty names:


Why are you going after a Jane Doe??


And WHY would you say this to her??



Sicking a friend on her EX boyfriends crush.


I have no words….




WOW! Just wow. And Sam is supposed to be a nurse??


Just a side note: If you search Ohio court records you will get an eye full, including Sam stealing the identity of an 85 year old patient of hers, stealing his credit card and using it.  Yes, this particular case was ‘dismissed’, but only because Sam set up a payment plan and the poor old man was nice enough to oblige.

Great Anti-Bully representative. smh

Update 8/20/13:

These screen shots were sent to me this morning. I didn’t even know these tweets existed, but bonus for us 🙂




Update Aug 21,2013

#OPAntiBully should take a serious look at whom they have as an “advocate”. Trashy mouths like this makes everyone involved with said person look bad.

whore hag

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