Oh Pity Me By Michelle McKee

It seems Michelle McKee had a twitter fit the other night night. Lets start with screen shot #1. retrackMichelle seems to want Joey Ortega to retract what he said about her. Wonder if Michelle is going to retract everything she said about Joey Ortega, Murt, Joseph Monks, and everyone else she called a stalker, child molester, kidnapper, killer, lied about etc.

Screen shot #2

MM melt down

How many lives in Steubenville have you destroyed? How many innocent names, addresses, phone numbers etc did you and your crew post?

Screen shot #3

MM melt down 2

Did you give a flying f*** when you attacked them? Did you care about the welfare of the innocent people you posted personal information about? You guys trolled their TimeLines to find reasons to attack them. I’m sorry, what did your profile say and what did you tweet not so long ago about Steubenville??

Screen shot #4MM melt down 3

Well, shit damn, Michelle is getting a taste of her own medicine. Now maybe Michelle knows how Murt feels with the fake PM’s you posted. You even went as far as turning them over to the police department to try and have him arrested for kidnapping and possibly killing Trent Duckett. You are mean, vial, and toxic.

Screen shot #5MM melt down 4Michelle, people do not hate you for who you are, but for what you are. You lie, you seek attention by any means, you are all about me, me, me. Just a piece of advice, why don’t you put your past writing skills to good use? Who even has the energy to waste on hating others?? Oh wait…

Screen shot #6MM melt down 5

Once again this goes back to all the horrible things you said about many innocent people. As hard as they tried to stop you from slandering and libel, you would not stop. You went on for years about certain people, and to date you still continue to do so. Why do you feel your life is more valuable than others? If it’s all lies, why not prove it? You’ve never even tried to. That speaks volumes.

Screen shot #7

MM melt down 6

Again, everyone you have attacked had to endure your wrath every day. They too have to see the blog and comments written about them.  I hope this makes you see what you yourself have done to others and stop your destructive behavior.

Screen shot #8

MM melt down 7

You have spent years  ruining the reputation and lives of others. If you would not have behaved in the manner you did, nothing bad would have been said or written about you.

Screen shot #9

MM melt down 8

You are a POS in their eyes due to your actions. You need to learn to take the blame for your own actions. No one but yourself caused you to do the things you have done. Finally Michelle speaks the truth….

All these tweet were supposed to have taken place while Michelle claims to have been drinking. She is complaining about the Steubenville locals being trolls and that they hate her. Soon after she logged back on she tweets this:

WTH do you expect people to think of or say about you when you constantly send tweets like this out? Michelle you need to get a gripe.


Radio I have a question for you. Has Michelle ever really had good credibility?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Merry
    Jul 01, 2013 @ 22:21:34

    You know how the saying goes .. when you’re drunk, the truth comes out. I truly wish Michelle would step away from the computer and get the help she so obviously needs. She seems to have a fine writing style, if only she put it to good use, instead of trying to get noticed on social media. Damn shame.


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