Ironic Tattoo?

So I decided to Google the meaning of the tattoo in the pic Prinnie tweeted of her wrist a couple days ago and this is what I found (please be sure not to have food or drink in your mouth before reading further)…

Semper Veritas – Latin – Meaning:  Always the Truth


Prinnies tat


I think we all know “always the truth” is far from what Prinnie is.  Just ask the people of Steubenville.

Where was her truthfulness then? To date Prinnie has not given any type of apology to all those innocent people she and others unnecessarily hurt. If she wants to be “truthful”, then let’s get on with it already!

Am I the only one who is reminded of another “infamous” tattoo that was just as sickening??

Caseys tat

Neither of them have ever owned up to their lies that destroyed innocent peoples live… Oddly enough, both act as if they did absolutely nothing wrong.


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