Problems Caused By Deric Lostutter/KYAnonymous

A few days ago I saw a tweet saying an Anon got raided by FBI due to connection with Deric/KY. It’s a shame that so many got sucked into the drama of a lie filled stories. Some, on the other hand, deserve what they get.


Tonight a blog about this came across my TL. Here is the blog: AnonForecast Home Raided by FBI

It is really sad Deric/KY wanted attention and fame so badly he didn’t care about anyone but himself.

If anyone knows, or has proof of another person being raided or arrested due to Deric/KY, please @ me and I will add it to this blog.



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 03:38:32

    There has also been another raid in Kentucky a couple of days ago, again related to KYanon. In this latest raid, the subject was told that Kyanonymous had named him as part of the group being investigated by the FBI.

    In a press release by the subject’s atty, the subject invoked his fifth amendment rights. The lawyer went on to say that the subject has no involvement with Kyanonymous and that the only connection they have to each other is to live in the same state of Kentucky.



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