KY No Longer A “Star”

When Deric/KY came back on twitter stating he was raided by the FBI many people rallied around him and donated money to his defense fund. As the days went on, many saw the true intentions of Deric when it came to the Steubenville case and he lost the support of many.

low turn out

Drop The charges against Deric Lostutter/ Ky Anonymous Rally in Columbus, Ohio Has Low Turnout

Now his wepay for his defense fund is in question:


7. Prohibited Activities

This is the amount that Deric’s defense fund is supposed to have raised to date:


A few things that have many up in arms are; 1) He asked for money for food and gas. 2 ) As shown in one of our  previous blogs Deric was showing off a new Anonymous tattoo. 3 ) Also shown in a previous blog, Deric gets rude with people once they have donated money.

Deric has sunk his boat by his own actions. People that once rallied with him in #opredrollred have now shunned him. People who once supported him via blogs etc,  now have a different view of Deric.

This just in, 200,000 people may now be at risk of being looked into by the FBI because they signed Deric’s petition: Petition To Stop Case Against Anonymous Hacker Who Exposed Rapists Garners 200,000 Signatures


Man Removes His ‘Anonymous’ Mask After Steubenville Rape Trial

What happened to all your supporters Deric?


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Jun 24, 2013 @ 20:16:45

    One thing that those who have signed the petition demanding the investigation against Ky may not be aware of is that they may have given law enforcement, including the FBI, a list of people they might be interested in “looking into” to see if they may become persons of interest for subsequent actions including raids.

    Remember that most of the activities by Anonymous has to do with the government spying on regular citizens. Could the signers of that petition given the government their information on a silver platter?

    BOLO for Fed Ex van look alikes.




    • The Big Bombshell
      Jun 24, 2013 @ 20:22:24

      You have raised a very good point. Could Deric have started this petition for other Anonymous members to sign so that they too will be looked in to?


      • murtwitnessonelive
        Jun 24, 2013 @ 20:31:25

        It would seem that someone did not bother to remind those that sign these petitions that their personal information may be forwarded to the group or agency being targeted.

        Since this is a government agency, the list of petition signors may be available to the general public through a foia request and since it is public record the FBI or other law enforcement would not need a search warrant to look at the list of petitioners.


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