Could Michelle McKee Be In Serious Trouble?

Very seldom do I visit Radio’s blog, but when I saw this tweet by @Judicious1_, I had to go look.

MM in trouble 5

To my surprise, Radio wrote about the harassment of Michelle McKee against a blind producer:

MM in trouble 2

MM in trouble 3

Here is the video by Joe Monks:

Very rarely do radio and I see eye to eye, but this is one of those rare occasions Radio and a commenter hit the nail right on the head.

Here is what is in the (screen cap) from the blog:

MM in trouble

Here is a copy of a comment left on Radio’s comments, all I can say is HALLELUJAH! Someone else finally sees how nasty Michelle truly is:

MM in trouble 4

Here is the link to Radio’s blog if you would like to read it: Joe Monks, Blind Filmmaker, Overcomes Many Obstacles


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