Not Affiliated With This Blog!

Last night while I was logged in to @aronck2 blogtalkradio show I noticed in the chat room there was a user who calls her/himself “BigBombShell”. I understand we do not own the name, but what does seem strange is years ago in a different chat room many ID’s were copied and some really bad things were said and soon the chat room was screen shotted and posted all over the internet. The 2 main people involved with the fake chat room statements were Prinnie and Michelle.

So I clicked on the name and followed the links provided by the user:


This BlogTalkRadio chatter DOES NOT belong to ANYONE affiliated with this blog!!!!


The ONLY reason you would have a locked twitter account with no followers and no followings is to troll. BUSTED!!

You got away with it when you did it to Murt and we learned by what happened to him. We caught this one soon enough to get it out to the public that it is not us. To bad Murt didn’t have the same advantage.

Here is the information on the imposter BigBombShell:


Dear imposter, Do you think people  are really dumb enough to believe that you are me. Guess again. I DM the proper people and they  ALL know it is not me in that chat:




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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Jun 21, 2013 @ 04:11:39

    Now that this impersonation thing is starting up again, perhaps all of those who were suckered into all of the lies about me will begin to see how this was done. There are several blogs and twitter accounts out there TO THIS DAY that are impersonations of me. The vast majority of the content of these blogs, twitter accounts and other social media accounts were not written by me. The content was created by impersonators, in other words LIARS. It is these LIARS who said the things that were said and did the things that were done.

    So, if you want to find out who made the posts about trolling malls looking for children to abuse , expose the impersonator and you will know the truth of who was behind them.



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