Is Deric Lostutter’s, AKA KYAnonymous, Request For Donations A Scam?

Many believe Deric Lostutter is an egotistical fraud, among many other things I won’t list here. His latest tactic of begging for donations has gotten a lot of people fired up and pissed off!

Pro Bono

BMSAF4_CQAA1gzz.jpg large



FBI KY 002


Lawyer KY

Rape case hits civil, criminal courts at same time

Would anyone like to venture a guess who was the first in line to attack Lee for asking for donations to cover the Steubenville story?

Lee attacked

World pays


Fishy scam

I was just DMed this pastebin. Many people have liked it so far. That speaks loud and clear what people really think of KY: Pastebin

This just came across my TimeLine: Keep The Investigation Against Deric Lostutter a/k/a KY Anonymous Going

Seriously? I thought his lawyer was pro bono!

fund 2

fund 1

Pro Bono 2

Updated on June 12, 2013

KY lawyer

Shock Talk Jason Flores-Williams’ will to power

BMlGHWZCIAEZRvd.jpg large

Shame on you Deric!!


Deric don’t you mean “Don’t prosecute me for all the wrong doings I have done to innocent people”?


Well looky here:


Deric insist he had nothing to do with any hacking, but look at the following screen and notice the the word “WE”.

BMveGgVCIAAn6hI.jpg large


“Potential return”? If funds are not used and are no longer needed, then all funds should be returned.



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Jun 09, 2013 @ 21:24:27

    There is another twitter account your readers might want to look at. A lot about this donation effort and KY is coming out:
    More and more people both within and outside of Anonymous are paying close attention to the donation efforts as well as the actions of Kyanonymous and those association with him.



  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Jun 10, 2013 @ 16:32:16

    There are rumors floating around the internet that The donated amounts are being fraudulantly reported. There are accusations from Anonymous members that the total counter on the Wepay page is not the correct amount and that the administrators are able to falsify the actual donation amounts, if any.

    I do not know if these rumors are true. I would hope that the atty has some way of confirming the donation amounts in a manner that would assure everyone the information is true and accurate.



  3. Important Information
    Jun 11, 2013 @ 19:02:57

    1) Deric L/ KYAnon’s lawyer is NOT Jay Leiderman of California, it is Jason Flores Williams of New Mexico.

    2) Jason Flores Williams is not working “pro bono.” It is almost impossible for lawyers to work for free on a big case, unless they are actually being paid and supported by a giant law firm. There are also large expenses in representing any client, including filing costs, discovery costs, communications costs, travel and lodging, and on and on. So, the lawyer NEEDS to be paid. The costs of what needs to be done now most likely far exceeds the amount of money collected, though it is a nice fund that shows good support.

    3) Although Deric/KYAnon has not yet been indicted, he has been raided and his things have been seized. He needs a lawyer now.

    4) The defense fund collected for Deric/KYAnon can ONLY be spent on his defense needs. By law, it is fraud to donate it to anyone else or use for any purpose other than for his defense needs. Those needs will be decided by his lawyer.

    5) People donated specifically to KYAnon’s defense fund, because they like what he has done.

    6) There is nothing wrong that Jay Leiderman has represented other people accused of crimes, whether those crimes be sexual assault or computer crimes. That is Mr Leiderman’s profession. He is a criminal defense lawyer. There is no conflict of interest if Mr Leiderman represents one client who is accused of sexual assault in one case and then in an unrelated case represents someone with a different point of view. If Mr Leiderman has a conflict of interest with any proposed client, then he will not represent that proposed client. However, he is not representing Deric/ KYAnon, who is being represented by Jason Flores Williams.

    7) If the lady with the baby and the husband in the US prison needs help, she might consider applying for WIC (Women Infants Children), which supplies grocery help for moms and their young kids.

    8) Deric/ KYAnon has the legal right to the lawyer of his choice. He has picked Jason Flores Williams. They have set up a fund to help defray costs. There is nothing illegal or fishy or wrong about this. if you do not want to donate, simply do not donate.


    • The Big Bombshell
      Jun 11, 2013 @ 20:21:00

      1. According to Deric’s public twitter account he has a team of 25 attorneys, one being Leiderman.

      2. Deric posted on his own website that the attorney is pro bono.

      3. Agree.

      4. According to Leiderman’s public twitter account, whatever money is left over will go to the firm to be used for others who are indicted/arrested.

      5. Or because they don’t want him to rat them out. Roseanne donated a large chunk.

      6. Never said anything was wrong with Leiderman representing other clients; the man has to put food on his table. However, it is ironic he got rapists off all charges and his firm is now representing Deric. Please refer to answer 1 for the remainder of your comment.

      7. That was a low blow, especially considering who you’re defending.

      8. Yes, Deric can chose who he wants to represent him. However, the fact that he can’t keep his story straight is a clear indication the truth is not coming out of his mouth.


  4. Important Information
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 04:39:26

    1> Have no clue what Deric has tweeted. He has one lawyer, Jason Flores Williams. That lawyer might have a back-up team to ask for advice. Most lawyers do. Deric might post such things to let the prosecutors know he has good help. I am sure Jason Flores Williams has many lawyers he can call upon for advice. Many would be glad to help.

    2> Deric might not know what “pro bono” means. Also, many lawyers in this sort of situation DO start and end out doing a lot of the work for free. What Deric might mean by this is that Mr Flores-Williams did not demand a huge retainer at the start to take the case, as most criminal defense lawyers would, but is allowing money to be raised as they go along. This means the lawyer cares, a lot.

    3> okay.

    4> If there is any left over, the money will be spent wisely to help others. That sounds good. With the amount raised so far, there won’t likely be any left over. But if there is, they have good plans for it. This is good, right? However, they cannot go and give it to a different fund or topic, etc. It sounds like if there is any money left over, it will go to helping other clients of Jason Flores Williams who have similar issues as Deric’s.

    5> Roseanne? She is a famous actress who cares about rape victims. People are donating because they care about rape culture, about the rape victim, and about Deric. Any other idea is silly or defamation.

    6> Leiderman’s firm is NOT representing Deric. // And there is nothing ironic in lawyers representing people from different points of view, it is done all the time. The lawyer is not representing their own idea, goal, or viewpoint, but that of their client.

    7> Suggesting to a woman to apply for aid that is available for herself and her children is a “low blow” in what way?? If a mother needs help, she should go get the help that is easily available to her. There is nothing wrong or bad about this.

    8> I don’t see any evidence of Deric not keeping his story straight. it just sounds like it was you who have been confused about who his lawyer is, what lawyers do, on what basis his lawyer was working, peoples’ reasons for donating, and a woman’s right to apply for benefits, etc.


    • The Big Bombshell
      Jun 12, 2013 @ 11:41:48

      1. You should probably pay more attention to what he tweets before defending him so vigorously.

      2. Deric tweeted the definition of pro bono himself. Also, please see item 1 above.

      4. Using the rest of the money on people like him is a waste. Why not donate it to women’s shelters or other rape victims?

      5. LMFAO! Obviously your definition of ‘famous actress’ is much different than anyone else’s. Try washed up former tv star who now fights with trolls on twitter. Yea, real famous. Also, you may want to look up the definition of ‘defamation’.

      6. You should tell Deric to stop tweeting that then. Also, please see item 1 above.

      7. You need to research a situation before running your mouth about it, as you obviously don’t understand her situation.

      8. Again, see item 1 above. It’s all there for everyone to see.

      Are we going to keep doing this, or are we done now? Maybe you could troll another blog 🙂


  5. behindtheyellowtape
    Jun 12, 2013 @ 14:13:32

    The evidence he published was already in police custody and used to arrest these boys months before Michelle McKee, an NCIB and media washout, conned him to get involved to help make HER famous and use his “hacker” friends to harass others she had years of feuding with. They did just that.

    All that aside the fact remains is that he bragged about having control of the website. He is being investigated for his involvement. He is not being charged with bringing attention. Not to mention this hack was to a site not involved with neither the case, school, or anyone involved in the case and practically accused the owner of being involved in a rape crew that did not exist, a pedophile and involved in the Savanna Dietrich case as well. Causing this man and many uninvolved students, and their families to have their names dragged through the mud, harassed, threatened and stalked.

    In the end he uncovered no new evidence, revealed no new suspect other than those already in custody and court months ago and who were arrested days after the crime and thus exposed NO cover up.

    All he got was information and evidence already in police custody and followed up, it was not hacked info but gained through McKee who weeks prior to his public appearance, manipulated him to terrorize the boy suing her friend Alex Goddard for her blogs comments against him who was also exonerated from the rape, who soon after dropped the suit and was writing apology to her and HIM.

    Some are refusing believe or just blind (including many journalists) to these obvious and well documented facts and some will try to spin the point that his antic….no crimes, make it worth it because of the “attention” (even though it was attention the victim did NOT want and whose name HE helped make public). Is the attention really that worth commit crimes that did not further the case and in someways almost compromised it, left a town of innocents in terror, kids traumatized and many good names ruined?

    Then there’s the fact that this hero to women and women rights has a public video blogs where he refers to women as “bitches”, “indecisive” and whose only good option for abortion is that the “bitch better swallow”.

    Sorry if not everyone else is so moved by such “heroics” and think that it has earned him a free pass as a thank you.


    • The Big Bombshell
      Jun 12, 2013 @ 16:28:08

      VERY well said, BTYT!

      I would like to add that Alex Goddard, Michelle McKee, and Derics Lostutter/KYA bitched about the fact that the judge granted some witnesses immunity. What those 3 failed to mention is it was because of THEM that the judge was forced to grant those particular witnesses immunity so they would testify.

      Anyone who supports them at this point is supporting them victimizing Jane Doe over and over and over again. It was Deric Lostutter, after all, who released Jane Doe’s full name on twitter.


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