Paranoid Much?

Radio thought she would be funny and @ me with a link to one of its blogs.. *yawn*


NEWS FLASH RADIO that tweet had NOTHING to do with you. If so many people wouldn’t have you blocked you may have been able to see the rest of the conversation. Wait you already knew what the conversation was about:


RB = Roseanne Barr. Many of the Steubenville locals are asking if RB can be charged for going on national tv, newspapers, magazines, talk shows etc and repeating the lies that Goddard and company added to the rape case to gain attention.


LMAO That is what happens when you eye fuck someones time line who is tweeting with others who have you blocked. You can not read the full conversation. Serves you right.

Looks like Radio is running low on blog hits so she has to  bring in her best 2 blog hitters, YES, I said 2. Murt and I have been ignoring Radio and she had nothing to blog about. So apparently she trolled our time lines until she found something she thought she could sink her teeth into. Jokes on you Radio! WOOT!

Updated June 2, 2013

yawn blog


hey Nikki


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mcgreggorsback
    May 31, 2013 @ 18:12:43

    Naw, rodeo is just on the edge of her own razor blade.. But, even if you had meant rbn instead of rb, what difference would it make? You have a right to Think, To Ask Questions, To have an Opinion.. And golly molly as many civil rights as anyone else who lives in the United States.. What has this become rodeo who’sville Country, mandated by rodeo itself, and if it doesn’t like what you think, or what you ask, or what you post.. that it has a right to threaten U.. My thoughts.. yes rodeo I’m thinking and your right to think I’m thinking.. I’m thinking I should suggest you take that garbage lid and shove it!!


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    May 31, 2013 @ 18:23:40

    Another thing I find interesting is that Radio seems to be all for people hiding behind anonymous names that run blogs yet it allows people to post offers of information outing someone as the owner of this blog.

    Unfortunately the person the commenter names has nothing to do with this blog which means that Radio is unconcerned about an innocent victim being targeted on its blog by having the phone number listed there. Radio, by the way has already allowed motor vehicle information to be listed on its blog that was obtained illegally.



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