Can’t Stop Laughing!

This is priceless:


Many hours later I am still laughing. Yes, Michelle, I’m sure thousands of people are knocking on your door asking for help. You make a bigger fool of yourself every time you send out a tweet like this.

As we have all seen, everything Michelle gets involved with is full of drama, lies, and hate. Looks like people have wised up and stay away from asking Michelle for help. The latest Anon op was cancelled due to Michelle and Prinnie posting the personal cell phone number of a sheriff: Caught Red Handed  Then Michelle tried to claim she got the number elsewhere, but was caught in that lie too: Caught Red Handed Part 2. As you can see in the screen shot provided in the blog Michelle and Prinnie are the one who authored and published the pastebin. Soon after, Anonymous withdrew the op: Anonymous Withdraws From Op Due To Interference By 3rd Party.

I find it funny Michelle thinks people spend a lot of time defaming her.

Note to Michelle:  You defame yourself every time you tweet.


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  1. mcgreggorsback
    May 28, 2013 @ 17:31:16

    That comment Zero fucks, why have I seen that posted by two other posters recently? Is it their lack of imagination and they play off each other? Or is there someone who’s borrowed mcnuts password and posting for her? Heard about those doings also.. Or maybe it has to do with this new gimmick they have just announced and boy once you read it, you know who it is, another tentacles – .. don’t forget that rbn is now listed on bloggernews network..


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