Asking For Truth To Be Revealed

@Judicious1_ asked some bloggers to post that the information Goddard gathered about the Steubenville rape case already in the hands of the proper authorities.  I am not sure if any of the other bloggers posted it for her or not. I, however, am more than happy to post it. If you remember, in a previous article I did, there was a statement from law enforcement stating the very same thing Judicious did here:

Asking for help

Nothing that Goddard “collected” was of any use to any of the law enforcement because they had already made the 2 arrest and had already collected copies of the ‘evidence’ Goddard had “collected”.

The only thing that Goddard and company did add to the case were all the lies to gain the attention they so desperately crave.  She did nothing but interfere in the investigation and almost hindered it.

As a reminder, Goddard was NOT the first person to write about the Steubenville case. But she got what she wanted (her 15 minutes of ‘fame’) until everyone started figuring out she lied about most of the ‘evidence’ and realized her true intentions of inserting herself into this case.

A message to Goddard and the rest of the crew who spread so many lies about innocent people in Steubenville:



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