Role Reversal

Whoever is behind the @RadioNewzBlog is blowing up their time line because ‘how dare Murt say and/or support another person who is hinting that Radio may be the one who kidnapped and/or is hiding Haleigh Cummings somewhere’.

uumm..  Really??  How many times have you accused Murt of much worse??  Kidnapping, murder, pedophilia, stalking, and the list goes on and on.

Also, not too long ago McKee and Radio were saying Murt is the one who kidnapped and/or killed Trenton Duckett?

Here is one example:  McKee F-F Games  There are more articles about this if you’d like to search her name in this blog.

Radio – You and your bully friends thought it was funny to accuse Murt of such a hideous crime.  Now that you are the one being accused of the very same crime (in a different case) it isn’t so funny any more is it, Radio?




If you go to Levi Page time line he is also blowing a fit about what Murt and Tim H had to say about Radio and the Haleigh Cummings case.  Am I the only one who is wondering why Levi is freaking out about this?

Things that make you go HHHHHHHHMMMMMMMM….


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