Strange Happenings

I was provided a screen shot off of Radio’s blog. The person that sent it thought it was Radio blogging about herself. As I read thru it I knew better. Here is the screen shot provided:


I realized it was Radio writing a blog about or for someone else. At first glance it made no sense, then I remembered a blog we did in regards to a woman claiming Murt is stalking her with a drone.  Yep, you read that right…. stalking her with a drone.


Along with the screen shot of the blog came a screen shot of a comment:


I Googled the screen name mysterymom7 and found this blog: Zero Prophet Blog

What a surprise, this person has made many claims of people stalking her.  How does the bully crew find these people??  Good grief!

Another surprise, she too is banned from WebSleuths. It seems all the people that get banned from WebSleuths end up over at Radio’s blog. I wonder how Radio likes WebSleuth’s rejects….

Oh wait! Radio was banned from WebSleuths too! LMAO!

FYI Cristin, Murt only had one child and that was a son, who is deceased.


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  1. Merry
    May 05, 2013 @ 17:57:59

    Wow! Conspiracy theories abound with that one!! LOL!! Looks like somebody’s toy crashed and all of a sudden it’s a stalker! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Murt! Everybody RUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!! TAKE COVER!! THE MURT’S ARE COMING! THE MURT’S ARE COMING!! Good grief! #CuckooForCocoaPuffs


  2. mcgreggorsback
    May 05, 2013 @ 19:03:00

    I think its time to start asking the questions, who is real in the world of radio, and who isn’t.. for sometime, I really doubted that holly was real. Especially when I realized that the image of her from what appears a TV channel scene was Photoshopped, and
    during Jon briley’s interview that was taped, he never mentions his wife, and took complete credit for the discovery of the Anthony video. And it was using that Amelia sorbel and Amy brooks that holly pulled the stunt of extortion.. and shortly thereafter taken into the fold. wasn’t one of these two names suppose to be her daughter in these issues? Just as this new issue as arisen, and who’s involved again, rodeo and the hall of shame. Who’s to say, that all of this isn’t the work of who ever man’s the controls at that website. Is this a way to make it appear as if there are more people involved in the website, than there really is. Creating illusions, creating senerios, distractions. My guess, there is no rodeo.. only the illusion of one as a blogger.


  3. zero dinh
    May 05, 2013 @ 20:26:27

    Thanks for the posting my link. I wrote that back in march… but that now seems like a long time ago… here is my latest take on what is going on…
    I admit I am new to the whole radionewz and murt stuff but I am learning


    • The Big Bombshell
      May 05, 2013 @ 20:36:12

      There have been many background checks on Murt via Anonymous and law enforcement and NEITHER has found anything criminal in his background. This group has gone out of their way to have Murt arrested, stalked, harassed, and even tried to get him killed. They are a very dangerous group if you cross paths with them the wrong way.


  4. zero dinh
    May 05, 2013 @ 23:03:50

    That’s what I heard when I first started looking into MM7 and, was even told a serial killer was posting. I’ll be careful. Also, just to point out, that above is an actual posting by MM7, it is probably a repost or something.


  5. WOWZA
    May 09, 2013 @ 20:46:39

    If you haven’t figured it out yet let me enlighten you. This mysterymom7 is out there. Seriously? She believes someone thinks she’s such a threat that they would fly a drone over her house to “spy” on her? I have no idea what kind of pathology that is.

    Take a look at her blog. It’s down right bizarre. Hard to believe she believes this stuff. As far as goes….. mm7 thinks that site is involved in her conspiracy theories also. It’s beyond weird.

    And mm7. No I don’t comment on your blog so don’t slam me for being someone I’m not, as you did on Of course it was after that person commented about your extensive history.

    I sure hope you have real family that is helping you.


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