Desperate #FameWhore

Screen shot of Michelle’s twitter profile up until April 2013.



Screen shot of Michelle’s current twitter profile.



Wow!  Desperate much??


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    May 02, 2013 @ 03:51:35

    Up until a short time ago, Michelle McKee made it a point to remind people of her investigative background and her close association with A former Deputy Director of the FBI. McKee also stated that she had an important role of some sort regarding the aftermath of the 911 Terrorist incidents.
    McKee also interviewed one of the FBI agents involved in the Oklahoma bombing. She must have had good contacts within the FBI or other fed agencies in order to be granted that interview. It is not an easy thing to get interviews from federal agents..
    McKee also made it known that she was a Fraud analyst for NICB, a national trade association of the automotive insurance industry. The primary objective of NICB is to investigate insurance fraud and combat it.

    All through the Resume of Michelle L McKee is an extensive background in investigation and the enforcement of the law and the combating of fraud based crimes.

    This is polar opposite against Anonymous who often either skirt the law or outright violate it in varying degrees to accomplish their #ops.

    To have someone who is PRO law enforcement and following the rule of law in their mist is contradictory. I would suspect that the TRUE reason for Michelle L McKee’s involvement with Anonymous is infiltration. She is out to gain their trust. She is out to learn the identity of certain Anonymous leaders and most likely turn them over to federal law enforcement.

    Think about it. Michelle Lynn McKee is a former fraud analyst seeking to return to that line of work, I understand that she is claiming to have been recently employed as a supervisor for a company similar to NICB as a supervisor.

    What better way to demonstrate her abilities to her new employer than to break the back of a major Anonymous operation?

    Think about it.



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