Information Should be Free, Right???


The following Facebook Private Messages were exchanged between Joey Ortega and Alexandria “Prinnie” Goddard on Christmas Day, December 25, 2012 between 7:05pm and 7:21pm (PST) regarding Anonymous’ involvement in what has now become known as The Steubenville Rape Case. These messages are published by permission from the recipient and respondent, Joey Ortega. It should be noted that the typos and grammatical errors made by both Goddard and Ortega are left intact to preserve the integrity of the messages with the exception of the “Anonpaste” link which has been removed to preserve the identity of, and to avoid, by this writer, the wrongful accusation of a potentially innocent party. A redacted version is provided at the end of this post:


Joey Ortega

the photo we decided to put up on your site was the blacked out one, right?


Alexandria Goddard

yes I pixelated the victim


Joey Ortega


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