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While looking for an article on line, I came across this blog: Michelle McKee ICB

Interesting blog

By looking at it you can tell there have been no blogs written. The interesting part is, if you put your mouse over the member photo, this blog was started by a Rob McKee.

This is one of Michelle’s very own family members. Read the bio line of the blog. That bio speaks volumes of what her own family thinks of her.

This is not the first time one of Michelle’s family members have done this. Murt has also written 2 blogs containing emails he received from one of Michelle’s family members.  One of which can be read here: MURT’s Blog

To the ones who say, or have said, that Michelle is being picked on for no reason, please read the blog by Joe Monks. His article is in the blog roll section. There are many other blogs/articles written about the abuse they’ve endured from Michelle McKee. There many other blogs listed too about the harassment, stalking and lying that entire group has done.

I also stumbled on this:

petition for MURT

Notice the date is from 2009. This proves yet again that Michelle and company have been harassing Murt along, just as he has stated many times.

I don’t understand what Michelle has against Murt, but she sure has her panties in a bunch about him. She goes on rants and tweets about him almost every day.

There is no end to what Michelle will do to get attention and have others attacked. The reason for her doing so is beyond our realm of thinking.


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  1. Joseph M Monks (@josephmonks)
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 05:06:15

    After a week of having to deal with my Google alert repeatedly posting to me
    about St. Joseph’s Monks (a college team which is in the playoffs), today my
    alerts really blew up. Over a dozen results from the tools we use to crawl
    the web. Yours is the latest, so I decided to post an open reply.

    There’s claims about me floating around on the internet, like a whole lot of
    people. Most false, some true. One thing that is unquestionable and
    undeniable, however, is that Michelle McKee had her old twitter
    ( yanked twice at the request of my attorney due
    to libelous posts. The second thing one should know concerning the claims is
    that unlike McKee, I post proof of what I say about others. Tomorrow, I will
    be on a conference call with my attorney, and we’ll be discussing McKee, who
    was within 24 hours of arrest in 2009 for her accusations. Don’t believe me?
    If necessary, I’ll request the attorney who handled the issue to waive
    confidentiality as to what we discussed if Twitter didn’t immediately take
    down her account.

    Until recently, I didn’t even know McKee had a different Twitter account. I
    hadn’t paid attention to her since 2009. And I wouldn’t, had somebody not
    told me that she’d tweeted out a link to my blog post about Steubenville.
    Shortly after that tweet of hers, and people began visiting, did I get
    notified that somebody named Queen_Sleuth had been critical, and someone
    else named ImaFrenchModel on twitter brought up the 4-year-old past. If you
    want to check and the tweets haven’t been deleted, you can corroborate the
    timeline for yourself. I wrote a blog. RadioNewzBlog re-tweeted my link.
    McKee then did it, *and* brought it to my attention by using my last name in
    the tweet. Otherwise? I’d have never known.

    So, a month ago I write a blog about the hottest criminal case going on in
    the country. McKee mentioning me by name gets ImaFrenchModel to look up why
    it was something McKee felt the need to call attention to. It links her to
    the blog about McKee’s lies and libel. Now, *I’m* somehow inserting myself
    into this bizarro-world net-drama? For something *she* put into motion and
    which I had no control over. Check for yourself, the proof is all there on

    To anyone reading, including Michelle, I appreciate the link to the blog. I
    thought that meant 4 years ago was over with and done. But I don’t control
    who tweets to me about what Michelle McKee posts, or that blog–which still
    stands as 100% true and verifiable. If ImaFrenchModel found that blog
    shortly after McKee brought up my name, given how much drama was going on
    concerning the Steubenville case, anyone could have (and did.) Not my fault,
    not my doing. I wrote two blogs about Steubenville, and a third about
    bullying, which is a constant topic on my true crime lists, going back for
    over ten years. Zero to do with McKee. She found something worthwhile in my
    first blog post-enough that she didn’t just ignore it, as she could have.
    Holly Briley ran the third column I wrote, concerning bullying in general.
    Holly’s got a great blog, and that piece wrapped up my three-column
    commentary about the whole Steubenville/bullying/slut-shaming issue. I
    didn’t insert myself into the sideshow drama in any way other than to have
    been retweeted by McKee, who’s comment got others to look up the past. Now
    people continue to mention me and bring me up, not for the Steubenville
    column, the follow-up, or the one which Holly was kind enough to want to
    run. It’s because of BS that I *never* dragged up. Only one person is
    responsible for linking me to McKee over the Steubenville column I wrote,
    and that’s Michelle McKee herself.


    • The Big Bombshell
      Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:33:44

      We hope you do not mind we used your article about Michelle. She has caused so much drama and our goal was to prove it by showing articles/blogs done by others.


    • @Queen_Sleuth
      Apr 29, 2013 @ 12:32:11

      Joseph – word of advice about Holly Briley; she’s as bad as Michelle McKee. Give it time, her true colors always show. She has stalked and harassed SO many innocent people. If you’d like to speak to some of those she has endlessly stalked and harassed, follow me on twitter and I would be more than happy to put you in contact with them via DM.
      My suggestion would be to search her name in this blog. You will be shocked at all the nasty things she has been involved in, including posting the personal information of someone’s MINOR CHILDREN on her blog because she was pissed at their parents for some ridiculous reason. I’m talking pics of them, their social media accounts, etc. And let’s not forget the open threats she’s made, also via open tweet. smh
      Holly is also the one who named the Steubenville Jane Doe in a PUBLIC tweet, along with a pic of her passed out drunk on a kitchen floor.
      I urge you to do some research on that entire group and you will run fast and far from every last one of them.
      Looking forward to speaking with you soon, Joseph 🙂


  2. murtwitnessonelive
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 11:54:42

    I knew that sooner or later McKee was going to get into serious trouble over her on line antics. Now seems to be her day of reckoning.



  4. Joseph M Monks (@josephmonks)
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 16:45:09

    Hi folks,
    First, Michelle created the drama by intentionally, IMO, using my name in such a way as to make people curious. If so, she got what she was after, b/c I’ve been getting tweets and e-mails ever since she re-tweeted the link to my blog. Know how many people e-mailed me or tweeted asking questions after RadioNewzBlog tweeted the link? Zero. My guess is because RNB didn’t use my name and make it seem like they were doing something questionable.

    Queen, thanks for the tip. I try to avoid net drama at all costs. I come across different people on the web all the time and while I’ve needed an attorney to shut down McKee in the past, I try not to get involved. I don’t mind talking with anyone interested via e-mail, as I don’t often DM and I don’t follow many people back. Twitter is a nightmare if you’re blind, so what I prefer is to put somebody in my Favorites list and just read their timeline instead of having to try and follow as each individual tweet comes in. I said same to Holly re: following for same reason, and this is the only reason I don’t follow many people, hope you understand. The Batman? He tweets once, maybe twice a day, so for people like that, it works. 

    A lot of people on the web make claims about their lawyers, suing, etc. This week on my blog I will be posting some eye-openers concerning all this, as I’ve consulted my attorney about posting the actual affidavits. You don’t often see anyone posting proof like that, eh? Well, it’s coming, prob on Wednesday or Thursday. I have no fear about backing up everything I say, and any claim I make. McKee? Nearly got the bracelets slapped on last time, and I’m going to tell you how and why.


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