McKee’s F – F Games Part 3

A while back we did two blogs about how “scared and scarred” Michelle is of Murt. To our ‘surprise’ she once again went on a rant about who else? Murt.

You are so ‘afraid’ of him that you hang onto Prinnies blog about Murt like your life depends on it. Maybe it does. It gives you someone to blame for all your failures. Instead of being on the internet, go get a job, go for a walk, go do something. If you can not step away from talking about Murt, that just proves all your rants are lies.

She cries to anyone and everyone who will listen (which is very few). How many times are you going to talk about Murt until you have someone convinced you are “afraid” of him? When are going to stop the lies and get on with your so called life? Once the few you are talking to right now see the truth, they will no longer take pity on you.

afraid of MURT

Michelle, you really need to shut your pie hole. I bet Murt has 1000’s of screen shots of your abuse. This blog alone has over 100. You run your mouth about him every time something in your life isn’t going right. Are you madly in love with him and jealous because you can not have him?

Instead of blaming Murt for your misfortunes, try looking in the mirror. Your mouth over loads your ass; you create your own sorrow.

I have been on twitter just under a year and I’ve see you falsly accuse Murt of just about anything you can think of at the time. So tell me…. When have you ever ignored him??  Yea, never.


You lost the support of many Anons because they found out you are/were lying about Murt. They finally saw through your lies, just like everyone else will in time.

lost anons

Is it even possible for you to tell the truth?? Never mind… We all know the answer to that question.

In closing, a few final words to Michelle:



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Apr 24, 2013 @ 14:30:11

    The thing about all of this is that I did not know that Michelle McKee even existed until she started attacking me through In Cold Blog in 2008. Michelle then created a Facebook impersonator page of me attacking me as well. Michelle also leaves out the fact that she started calling law enforcement in 2006 accusing me of having something to do with the MURDER of Trenton Duckett.
    Michelle then, after Pat Brown complained to me about being stalked by Michelle McKee, started spinning the yarn that I somehow caused her to have some kind of breakdown and almost committing suicide.
    It was around this time that someone claiming to be Chase McKee, her oldest son, wrote to me stating that Michelle is out of control and the family seems to be unable to rein in her outrageous actions on the internet.
    Michelle McKee also was forced to leave her former employer NICB under odd circumstances. She then, on several occasions, has posted on twitter, accusations against them and demanding her job back with back pay, no less.
    This is only a small portion of McKee’s actions. There are many others. McKee seems to lash out against those who show up on her radar for one reason or another. She even went after the owner of the now defunct In Cold Blog, telling him to “bite me” in a dispute over some kind of agreement he claimed she had with him.
    Being male, I am an easy target for Michelle as she plays on the sympathy of gullible male (and some female ) anonymous, most who are young enough to be her children or grand children.
    I tend not to let her get away with her BS and it irritates her.



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