Prinnie, Not So ‘Princess’!

I am currently bed ridden due to an injury, so I decided to  do some surfing to pass  time. I  ran across some odd stuff in the past 2 days, but this is the one that caught my attention the most.

Prinnie wants all the “newer” people following her to think she is a great person and  does what she can to help others. However, I found a blog from 2 years ago that will tell a very different story.

As you read through this blog I found, you will notice that many of the same people mentioned are the very same group of bullies from the past few months.

What has me baffled is some of the crew have bad mouthed and back stabbed each other relentlessly, yet they still stick together like super glue. Talk about thicker then thieves.

For those who have not read Radio’s comment about Murt’s son:


I added the above screen shot to this blog to show that Prinnie’s ‘friends’ are just as sick minded as she is.

As a reminder, Murt’s son tragically passed away a few years ago. You would think people would have respect for a deceased child and sympathy for the grieving parent. Not this group! They thrive off making others feel like something that is scraped off the bottom of your shoes. Makes you wonder if they have their own personal issue with some (or all) of their family members. The only kind of people who could be so callous are people who don’t have a good relationship (or one at all) with their own child/ren or family members, so they take it out on others.

So, what if the child Murt claims as his son is not his bio son? That is no ones business. You do not have to be a bio parent to love and help raise a child. As long as Murt saw him as his son, then he was Murt’s son. However, by the reaction of Murt to that monstrosity of a shitty thing to say, I believe the child was biologically his. You can see by his blogs he still grieves for his deceased son and wife.


Now onto Prinnie. She too has no respect for a deceased child, or sympathy for a grieving parent:

sbdSBD’s child was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver. How much more cruel can this gang get? Others in the bully crew have made comments like: “Murt you are probably the one that killed your own son and wife.”, as seen below.

Other Nasty Comments by Prinnie ‘friends’ About Murt’s Deceased Son and Wife

To show how far back Prinnie and her crew of bullies’ harassment goes:

tox post 2

tox post

This statement from 2009 still very much holds true about Prinnie. Most recently, Prinnie and crew have caused a lot of problems for the town of Steubenville and its residents. Obviously this is a pattern of hers.

I wish those who support Prinnie would wise up and see her for what she really is: stalker, liar, bully, cyber-bully, etc etc etc.. For those of you who supported her in the Steubenville case, and did her dirty work, you’re pretty much screwed. The damage is done, you are at fault (because it could never be her fault) and now she sits back and watches the attacks on you and says/does nothing to defend you. You are now left to defend yourself while she is free to move on to the next case. It is very obvious she does not care what people say or think about you as long as she gets the all the glory for “her work”.

Here is the blog I found with a lot of info on Prinnie: The Bitch Pill

Another sickening blog on Radio ripping apart Murt’s deceased son: Radio’s Cyberbully Rant


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Apr 04, 2013 @ 14:27:47

    I have told Radio several times after she made that comment that my son, John , is in fact, my biological son. What I cannot understand is why she made the comment in the first place.
    There was no reason for her to make that comment. It has now been 5 days and she has yet to explain why she made the comment or what “proof” she has to back up that comment.
    This is how the rumors that are on the internet get started. Someone makes a wise crack like the one Radio has and it eventually gets spread around and people believe it is fact simply because it is on the internet.
    Radio obviously has some serious mental and family issues as demonstrated by her actions.
    It is my opinion that Radio, in fact, has no family. She is a recluse, who has been outcast by her family. She either has no children or has lost custody of them either through divorce or by social services taking them away from her.

    She is a pretender.

    It is some kind of trauma along these lines that would explain her mean and cruel actions.



  2. Bombshell Reader
    Apr 05, 2013 @ 16:23:12

    Do you have anything more recent on this “Prinnie’s” actions? People change.


  3. fair is fair
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 16:16:37

    She will never change .To me Radio and her blog are so much like Princess and Beaconhell . Writing style is so much alike and also the childish cartoons and postings…Who can realy take her seriously?? She’s just wants a little attention .Guess real life for her sucks…. Just Like Prinny I am sure she had pets to fill her childless life .Bitter women I guess cause they seek what others have Love of family ,especially the love of a child ,The purest love there is… It have turned them into old sick women or in Radio’s case maybe shes a guy ,Hell who really cares who it is ? Either one of them are not anyone I would want to call “friend” lol
    Sorry Murt for them bringing up your son.We all know the truth and people who care are really the only ones that truly matter ,Haters will always be haters .Stand Tall and to hell with them.


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