Proof You Really Can’t Fix Stupid

DJ how many times are you going to keep telling the same lies over and over with us here to prove you are lying?

Stupid is

Yep, I hope you do send your BS to Melissa so that she can slap your sorry ass with a defamation suit. We have told all of you over and over again there is NO Melissa involved with this blog.

Remember the blog I did about you pimping out your own daughters to a stranger? In case you forgot what was said, here is the blog: Disgusting Behavior  

The actions in the above blog is when/where you lost all your creditability on your claim.

Also, once again, Jackie AKA @VoicingMy2Cents is my sister and it not @McGreggorsBack.

UMMMMMMM How can anyone call your employer if you don’t work?


I have a file of every screen shot I have used in this blog. I can keep posting them over and over every time you come up with a new wise tail for pity. Don’t worry Donna I have a whole blog as proof of your lies and antics. So if/when you do ever get a real lawyer (if you can find one to believe you) have them read the whole blog about you; they will drop you faster than a hot potato.

While most of us were having Easter dinner and spending the day with family, DJ had to resort to her on line “family” for company. So sad.


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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Apr 02, 2013 @ 03:47:27

    A message for Melissa if she reads this blog. The State of Ohio has some interesting civil torts regarding anyone who is a defendant in a civil lawsuit. Ohio is a loser pays state. That means that if the plaintiff loses their lawsuit they have the pay ALL the expenses incurred by the Defendant in defending the case. Also, if you cannot afford a defense atty There are sources for pro bono attys that will receive funding through the Ohio Bar Association that has programs such as this in place.
    Also, under Ohio law, since DJ has made it clear in SEVERAL public announcements that she not only intends to engage specific persons in civil litigation she has also announced that litigation preparations have already commenced.
    As the named defendant in said lawsuit, you have the legal right to conduct a thorough investigation of the events cited in the lawsuit in order to prepare a challenge and defense to the lawsuit. Under these circumstances, background checks would not be subject to any stalking or harassment claims since these checks are being done as the process of preparing for a scheduled case on the Ohio court docket.
    This is one of several locations for finding out how the civil tort system works in the State of Ohio
    Also, if you contact the president’s office if the University, they will give you the contact information for the legal firm that represents the college so that you can start filing for the information you need to defend against the lawsuit.



  2. mcgreggorsback
    Apr 03, 2013 @ 14:38:00

    I didn’t know I had a second blog or a second twitter account.. Wow.. And I didn’t know that you Nikki and I were sisters? Your welcome to join my family if you wish, you and your real sister who has a blog called Voicingmy2cents. This woman, like rodeo and the executioner and many of their other followers, must be living in a very strange world.. So, I guess I need to tell the crazy woman straight to her face.. Hey Donna, your wrong.. and why do you have your husbands name attacked to your twitter username? Does he also post.. D = Donna and Jay = Hubby Jay. 🙂


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