What is Radio on?

I was not going to address this issue, but since it looks more and more like Radio is on something… For some strange reason he/she is trying to drag me into a case I have, nor ever had, anything to do with.  Why would I call Kim P about a case I know nothing about? If I want to know more about the Cummings case I can google it myself. I  do not need to call anyone. I do not know Kim P, so I am sure she would tell me all about it. *eye roll*

I think it is about time that anyone having anything to do with this case suggest that Radio be investigated. Who ever is behind that twitter/blog does not want certain information to come out. It’s like Radio is trying to hide something about the Cummings case.

Radio has more than once accused Murt of abducting/killing the Duckett child. Could this be Radio’s way of saying he/she had something to do with the disappearance of the Cummings child? Could they be leaving a bread crumb trail about themselves in their involvement with the disappearance?

This is starting to sound like an old saying, “Those that are doing the accusing, are the ones doing the actions”

Here is what Radio said to me, which I am still confused as hell about:


The reason I have decided to address this is because I saw this article posted. I know Kim has had some problems with Cobra. The attacks on me happened just days before this article was posted:  Finally Some Justice For William Cobra Staubs?

Some very interesting posts in here on how Radio works. Helps us somewhat understand Radio’s actions. This is 2 years old and it seems nothing has changed. John Gohde on Wikipedia Trolls Pay close attention to screen shot #4. That seems to explain Radio’s actions very well.



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  1. murtwitnessonelive
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 09:40:14

    Radio is all about attention. She needs it, she thrives on it. It does not matter what that attention is as long as she gets it. Radio changed the format of the blog and abandoned the forum when she saw that the case was going cold and people started to drift off. She then decided on the smear format disguised as a satire parody blog and she was off to the races.
    She then started in on those who were supporting boycotts against Casey which is what grabbed my attention.

    I made the mistake of criticizing what she was saying about the Caylee warriors and found myself dragged into her drama.

    I do not know what the significance of the Cummings case is other then perhaps she simply cannot leave it alone. Haleigh is still missing and the case has some odd aspects to it. Something about that case has Radio and others concerned enough that they employ these tactics to keep people’s attention away from any rational study of it.

    Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at the case to see if there is something there worth seeing.



  2. mcgreggorsback
    Mar 25, 2013 @ 14:39:58

    I don’t think you were really the target, its an indirect ploy. The only way anyone involved with this rodeo would be frightened of rodeo, is if rodeo is now someone who has taken the helm at radionewz that is an enemy. This is all a setup, to get people into making comments and talking using real names. And bottom line, it has absolutely nothing to do with Haleigh Cummings.

    If in fact it comes at the tail end of Simon’s article and reflects toward Cobras new actions. Those “OH Shit Moments” should not have directed attacks on others, since it only compounds the issues at hand. But of course one must remember, there was a 4 year, long standing, sharing of info, and friendship between Cobra and TH, and 4 year, long standing, sharing of info, and friendship between Cobra and Simon. Not to forget the really bad time Cobra and his Attorney had on Twitter about a year ago, that stretched back 6 months prior. And there is a list of fake twitter names involved in that. So, some people out there should be having “Oh Shit Moments”..

    And those mentioned in conjunction with Cobra might well be the targets at hand.
    Also in my opinion, the common denominator shared between Cobra, Simon and TH and Doug Roberts should not be deemed Rodeo. And this lawsuit has to do with the issues with Parish and the Snodgrass which resulted in Cobra’s arrest. And yes, Cobra, Simon were friends at the time, also Cobra and Th had began a media relationship. This currently deals only with March, April and May of 2009. Rodeo at the time was on Art Harris forum and not posting vile about anyone, totally different rodeo then what exist right now.

    This has Nothing to do with rodeo or anyone of the other posters or bloggers. That would come later if Cobra so chooses.

    And yes, I sent Cobra a copy of my blog comments from yesterday.. and of what he said in response, this I can share..
    “Doug Roberts has everything well in hand!”.

    Lastly, if by chance I’m the target.. my question is, “Hows that working out for them?”



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